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Linda Allen



Hi Drunvalo, I would like to know what foods are good to eat together for my best health? I eat fruit, vegetables, fish, grains. I appreciate your wisdom and time. Blessings, Linda Tempe, AZ.

David & Sally Simpkins



Hi Drunvalo, Mutual friends of ours, Mela & Doug Gnton in NM suggested we connect regarding an atmospheric cleansing machine. We have recently moved to AZ and are extremely eager to connect with you on this subject since you've had a similar experience. We are getting a loving SHOVE from Above to implement our modifications asap. Possible to chat?

Oraine Lattibeauder



Hi i am from Jamaica

Christopher V Comstock



Drunvalo, I run a Keylontic Science group called 'KS Reality' and do interviews with KSers. I am digging deeper into the roots of Ashayana Deanne and the core of this study and I see that it is leading back to you, as she was once your student. Could I pick your brain on a few things regarding her group? Thank you for your time. Chris

Jean Carlo



Hi I'm JC from Dorado, Puerto Rico Yo said that there are 3 or 4 ways to make the transition. My question is: When someone make the transition to the four dimension taking the 18 breath meditation, It will be able to come back? Thanks you, love from P.R. Shalom, Namasté

Matthew Doolittle



Hey there, I have read Part 1 of your Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life a few years back, but never got to finish the Part 2. I'm starting a blog on frequencies and would like to study up on some great content. Would you have any recommendations to point me in the right direction or should I just stick with those two books?

michaela, germany



what on earth is going on? the window closed on december 31, 2015 or did it? I never heard anything about the red star katchina showing up. and for a very long time not a word from you. there must be a very good reason for this. sometimes it drives me crazy not to know anything. thank you Drunvalo from my heart does anyone read these questions?




Hi Drunvalo, I am Anbu from South india. Last 1 year i am feeling someting innervoice that i am here in this world to do something very big for human evaluation towards next step. Last 6 months i am feeling extraordinary pressure on forehead and top and back of the head. passing electric in my spinal.Pls explain what i am in singapore




I was just reaching out thinking maybe you might know...I have researched and fouond nothing...but had a distinct image of a large circle with two squares in the middle ..both squares rotating in opposite directions while the circle that encased them also rotated...Does this mean anything? It's been over a year and I can't lose the image...

Chris Reineck



Hi, I have practiced meditation for years now. I've come across with your books and got a meditation CD; however, I am Deaf and unable to hear the CD. I want to know if there is any way to benefit from it? For instance, script or other way(s). Also, I want to meet you and learn more - i.e. Training/workshops. Many thanks - Chris, NY

Bill Sniffin



Reston, VA Is there such a thing as a Council of Soul Families?

Glenn Maxwell Lincoln - Colorado



Am I seeing a contradiction to what you said between 31:25 & 33:25 of "The Flower of life" Season 1, Episode 17? After re-viewing it, I seemed to see this: After the kayak-shaped object stopped and went clockwise, you said "then, it won't do it" (go counterclockwise). Then, while you were drawing, it did it and also reversed direction again.

Henk Nieuwenweg



Dear Drunvalo, I live in The Netherlands and I learned a lot from your books and your website. I have a question, and your answer is very important to me. I met a man, who claimes to be a real Melchizedek on Earth and can give teachings at a very high level. My question is: Who are the real Melchizedeks that are on Earth at this moment? Namaste

Alya Adhara



Dear Drunvalo. When I started The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life I have dreams and visions with a being that I never saw in my life and a Blue Lotus. After that I decided to search in google for pictures of this flower. To my surprise I saw it was related to Egypt. Do you have any information beyond google's? Thanks from Brazil. Alya Adhara

Leslie Nunn



Hello, I've only been practicing Merkaba meditation for a few months. I do not know the 18th breath yet but I've actually felt the Merkaba and Sphere around me, usually when I'm half asleep. When it actually activates and you "travel", are you in a dream state or do you travel physically to another place?

sean toltec



hello :) My name is sean. I have recently come in contact with your work and I can't help but be fascinated with everything around me.. I'm currently intrigued by something that happened. I keep seeing atoms and particles in my field of view and am finding it hard to even concentrate on other things. How do i control it? and find focus? thank you.

Larry Elkins



Hello, I would Love to have you as my mentor and help out where ever you'd need me. My name is Larry Elkins. I teach public speaking and debate in the Bay Area in California. And I'm the motivational and Insirational speaker for EGA Marketing. I have came to the same conclusions you have. Do you have locations in Northern California?

Mary Archin (bishop)



Drunvalo, In February of 2008, i found myself at the center of a group healing. My kundalini erupted like a volcano! I had a vision of standing in a crater in white, with white light shining to the hearts in streams to every human. Wow! Now 9 years later I see that this lined up with the earth. What's next now that I know this?

George Bobo



I just finished reading your "Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" books. On page 36 you show images of the Flower of Life etched into the stone wall. Typically with stone carvings you don't arbitrarily repeat a pattern. This suggests a stereoscopic image, a rather ingenious way to show something in 3D on a 2D surface that lasts. (no vid)

Plecat Aureliana



Hello , i want to speak with someone about paranormal. In the past i was having some experiences with this.




Drunvalo, hi my friend. If you are in Arizona, the month of October, 21st - 23rd, I'm producing & hosting my first, full scale conference: 2016 Transformational Shift Conference. 16 Speakers. Further, [& I know your schedule is always very full] - know that you are welcome to join us in our 2 Speaker panels, Saturday or Sunday. kindly, Tolec

David Goulet



Hello, I have had visions which it took me going to a psychic to tell me I was connected to Melchisadec. I have been told that the Merkaba will be changing from a triangular base to a square base. The male will incorporate a new facet to represent the 4th dimension and the female a facet representing the 5th dimensions. Do you have info on this?




Hi, my name is Jesse, and I am interested in Mathematics, and Philosophy. I am wondering what you went to school for, and your profession is. I am curious because I am wondering what I should go into given my interest in spirituality and higher truths, as well as, astral projection. Thank you, Jesse

Quinn Rivet



Vancouver B.C. Canada Dearest Melchizedec. Thank you. Can I use my MerKabah to "jump" time in this 3rd dimension? Love Quinn

Ruth Diaz



Hello, I am a clinical psychology doctoral intern working in SE Idaho at state hospital. I loved watching your video on the flower of life! To increase my awareness on how to support true healing, I developed a model of relationship polarities and returning to compassion. Would be honored if you would check it out! Gratefully,-Ruth 503-319-1095


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