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During 2010 many Humicin™ users called in and told us about their exciting experiences with Humicin™ products.

In 2011 we want to share that information with everyone so we have installed a “Testimonial & Positive Story” system allowing all our users to share their positive stories and comments. We would love to hear your stories of success, so much so anyone who sends us a link to their “Video” testimonial will get 2 bottles of Humicin™ Pure absolutely free!! That’s over $100 dollars of Humicin™ absolutely free!!

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Dear Drunvalo,My name is Walt and I live in UK but Im originally from Poland. I would just like to thank you for everything that you have done and I just cannot wait for the acension which I am aware of mainly because of you. My question is: What are people like yourself are going to do when the acension happens, can you be specific? Thank you

Mariko Kamimura



1.About the illuminated heart meditation, you said that it is usually dark when entering the sacred space. I often have some sort of light. Is that ok? Am I in the scared space? 2. In your book the Merkaba meditation is explained with mudras and in your online workshop you didn't mention it. So we no longer follow the method mentioned in your book?

Kylie De Lauren



DM,I Love you! if we do not achieve resurection or ascension in this life can we use our merkaba as the body in order to stay in the 4th? Is it pre-determined which life you get achieve ascension or resurection out of the 3rd? If we do not achieve ascension or resurection do we just go back to where we came from? or reincarnate into earth 3D again




What I'd like to know is what your opinion on 3/14/15 is. Do you think this upcoming date will have any significance? Or do the calendar dates we use on this planet not link up with anything in the universe? Or are they connected in some type of way? Video link attached explains better why I think this date could be meaningful. Thank you.

kevin dalling



Drunvalo, I have read your books, grazie! What reason do the Dolphins and Whales-the most intelligent beings on the planet- allow themselves to be mistreated by humans?




Dear Drunvalo Melchizedek After attending the ATIH live event online, and watching your explanation on the SchoolofRemembering site about the tip of the tongue I would like you to hear about an combination of your information: After placing the tip of the tongue behind the teeth (what you showed, on the maxilla), relaxing the tongue so it fills

Raman from Ottawa



What happens to the soul of a person who commits suicide. will they have to be born again on Earth at this time? or they can ascend/resurrect/take birth in new Earth? What is the Karmic debt in this case? How does it impact the people who they had a soul agreement for their natural life?




Good Evening Drunvalo! I'm just looking for direct guidance to connecting with the animals around me. I have a small dwarf frog personally, however, the people in my life have dogs. Everything on-line is requesting that I need to pay for their teachings... Is there a special type of mediation to connect with inter-species?




Canada, I know we should meet, if not, I know we will meet. I am a very old soul.

Christian Veit



You described many times how all of humanity will make it to the 4th dimension, yet I know that in that dimension every thought and wish becomes instant reality, so souls who are not able to control their thoughts would create a world of pain unintentionally and die fairly soon after, is this true? Are we destined for the 4th dimension only to die?

Robert Fink



I would like to know more about our central channel. What are the benefits of strengthening or reinforcing this channel and what can it help us achieve? How can we keep it clear? Thank You




Montana usa on this question I don't necessarily need you to ask this question on air, I wanted to know if what toby alexander is doing is legit with his dna activation and the codes of ah. is that real stuff or is it just a ploy to make money? I would really love an opinion from you on that.

Anders Karlsson



Hi Drunvalo! When we make the "Ascension," and the next step in consciousness, will we need money there? and why is money so important here where we are now? Can you explain why homosexuality has become so common in our time? And what does it depend on, that people are attracted to the same sex? Hope you can give me answers. Love Anders from Sweden

Dawn Young



Salt Spring Island, BC Canada I just did the ATIH technique with the beams of light etc. and when all the beams of light were up I realized that they make up a Metatron's Cube surrounding my head. (The angled beam at the back of my head ignites automatically). Could you comment on this? Has anyone left doing the last 90% turn? All Love Dawn

Genora Woodruff



Aloha Drunvalo, I live on the island of Kauai. I have been doing your Merkabah 17 breath meditation on and off for years now. My question is how do I know it is working? Do I need to keep doing this meditation or at some point will my Merkabah continue on its own?

Peter Jones



Hi, I was just looking at your website for the first time and i saw you mentioned about learning to see 4th dimensional beings. Isn't the 4th dimension 'time'? in which case we are all 4th dimensional beings aren't we? Please can you clarify this? Thanks Peter Jones

Berto Pugliese



Hi, Drunvalo! My question is: once somebody has gone through the steps that you lay out in your workshop, can they, from their Tiny Heart Space, experience the full list of Siddhi abilities? Of course, these abilities will be useful from time to time during our Holy Mission, and I was just wondering if they could be experienced? Berto - Oregon

Karin, Germany



Hi I am a tuition member from Germany. I would very much like to know more about the 4th path to ascencion that you recently mentioned. Thank you very much, for everything! Love Karin

Franziska, Switzerland



Hi I want to aska Drunvalo if he can recommand me a healer who can heal via distance. I have deep depression with suicidial thoughts and a magline tumor since 19 years that is not good for my health. Can you help me? Thank you very much. Love & Blessings Franziska

pablo dolz



animals and ascension erased memories Barcelona, Spain

Matthew Findlay



Hello Drunvalo, I'm from Manitoba Canada. My question is about White chakra's. What do you know about this? I have had the overwhelming intuition to turn my basic chakra set pure white. I also have connections with the upper realm of beings and I've been told by my team that Im being groomed to be an avatar. I will continue via another post.atmylmt

Lili Hillis



Hello from Florence Oregon i'm preparing for viola rose in April I was breathing with the master Sri Yukeswar and some others masters I know...started to meditate at 11pm woke up at 1:05am,struggled to get down to my bedroom and for 1 hour had to keep making the conscious decision to stay in my body,later went to ER with heart tightness. Any ideas?

Infinity Humi



Location: Philippines Hi. I don't have a video but I'd just like to ask if you have ever encountered eight circles overlapping each other? It looks a lot like the Flower of Life but it has eight instead of six overlapping circles. What is it called? What does it mean, if you see one inside your mind? What are its known uses?

Margie Elmore



SOR Member




Hello, I'm from Texas. Thank You Drunvalo for all you've done. My inquiry is about Mental Illness. Anything you can say on it would be a starting point for me. I want to think about it & perceive it in the right way.I'm struggling as well as heartbroken & feeling helpless.I thank you for anything you could say on the matter. Thank You


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