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Hello Drunvalo, i am a student and memeber of the SOR. My queastion is ,since we have activated our lightbody/merkaba, how do we feed it, in order to keep it alive, and how often?Is it through the unity breath meditation? Could you please give us a simple description of the procedure we have to do through? Thank you for your being here In love,Hara

Benjamin Mott



SOR Member:

Kathy Gould



My daughter is 26 with a learning disability so functions about 2nd grade level. She is fully functional but comes completely from pure love and light. She is one of our most beautiful teachers :-). I assume she will move to the 4th dimension without any problem, is this correct?

Kathy Gould



PHOENIX, AZ My mother and brother died in 1999 & 2000 and had no knowledge of the mer-ka-ba. Does that mean they went to the 4th dimension and had to come back here to the 3rd dimension and take on a new body so are now reincarnated again in his reality?

Shahalee Guerrero



Shahalee- Desert Plains of Burns, Oregon Hello Drunvalo, I had a question about the MerKaBa regarding the size of ones MerKaBa. I have begun the MerKaBa meditiation and when I do, I notice that it after I bring the sphere outwards, it expands for about 100+ miles and spins but rather like a Torus type shape over a large region of land. I was wonde




Please talk about the "arrival of Superconsciousness", a global "event", and the implications of this manifestation.




Tuition Member Thanks for all you do!

Austin Shelton



Austin from California (707) Due the constructed christ grid and mother's progress, it led me to think that life is right there with earth on her blossoming into the full effect of christ conscious. Is this so? If it is, what is the science behind it?

Sharon Schnupp



Does the 432 hrz vibration help facilitate entering or staying in the energy of the heart, sacred or tiny space?

Mie Athearn



Hi, I live in Japan. Reading your book, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of life a question occurred me and it makes me stop from positive feeling. We human being was created by E.T for they needed someone who work for golden miner for them as their slave? If so, do we have a value being loved? It makes me so sad.




I live in Montreal, Québec, Canada

Liz Glasgow



Austin Tx Hi Dru, I love you, thank you for doing what you do. I took the ATIh course twice with you last year and Claudette's Blue School workshop as well. You both refer to detoxing the body. I eat a pretty clean vegetarian diet and use the Vitalzym you told me about, but I'm wondering if there is a detox you and Claudette recommend?In Lakesh,Liz

Silvia Torres Teixeira



After I completed the last stage of the "Awakening The Illuminated Heart" pratice I had a half an hour headache and I felt different. What went on? Now I have the feeling that reality is just an image on a thin screen on the outter layer of my eyes. I'm having trouble to accept the present situation on Earth. I'm crying a lot and need support.

Adrian Read my Mind



WHy doe it more and more seem like you are lying? WHAT am if I? I can make a 90% degrees turn? inside me? Where are the other beings you have been talking about for sooo long (I think you even wanted to show some videos ((from Geordi Laforge...))) SOmuch youre talkig about is sooo paradox: Am I creating my own universe (leonardo bub.ore cocreati

Ros Paul



Hi, I am located in the East Bay Area in Northern CA. I have been a long time student of your teachings and am thankful for all that you share. My question pertains to the high levels of radiation recently noticed on our shorelines... XOXO, Ros




Hello, I am from the DC Metro Area, USA. Question.. for those of us that have not participated in your classes but have been working on the accession process, do you believe that if one has not balanced their bodies that physical dis-ease can occur because of the change in vibration on the planet in 2013? will 2014 be more gentle? 2015?

esther klement



i am esther from germany and i would like to ask about our mother side "the nefilims ".the sirians our father side drunvalo did talked many times about and what all they did for us. what is the mother doing? so far i couldn't find anything,people are not asking what is suprising me and now i do it and may be iam lucky and somthing comes up. thank




Hi Drunvalo, My question is, as we are in stepping forward finally realizing the truth of who we really are, is our (Dosha) Physical body constantly re-calibrating our DNA as we are in the process of ascension into heaven? Joy,Light,Love Dennis Cocoa Beach,Florida




I want to ask on your opinion on some "IMPLANT REMOVAL" DISTANT HEALING that a person called ALEXANDRA MEADORS (and Reverend Pamela Plauche) refers to. What she explains, in a very short story, is that ARCHONS (dark enteties) have implanted in every human being incarnating in this planet, and without this implant we cant ascend

Jea n-Paul Lambert



I was wondering weather or not jesus was crucified on the cross? Amorah QUan yins book Affinity mentions he was,The Galactic Historian video series episode 10 mentions that he was not, I really vibe with both works,i'm am torn as too who to trust, Pleiadian Workbook Awakening the divine KA was very powerful for me!,I-want to trust? WHo to trust?

Tom Price



Salem OR: Little Grandmother says to bless quartz crystals with Mother Earth Love & place them in wild waters. I do this via ceremony (rocks arranged as Sacred Geometry)& bless the cleansed quartz. Q: Do these “little things” count; do they substitute for the Merkaba & Heart (better than doing nothing)? Signed: The Rest of Us.

Tom Price



Salem,Oregon: I'm 62. Male. I've meditated (TM) intermittently. No yoga. I just received Vol 1 & 2. Am practicing the Merkaba & likewise the Illuminated Heart. I feel I need to play “catch up”. My question is: For people like me, what are my realistic expectations? Am I trying to do too much? Am I doing the right thing? Signed: The Rest of Us

Jonathan Bickford



Murfreesboro Tennessee the cuneiform script has always fascinated Why use only one essential shape? 2 days ago I picked up your book vol. 1 ancient secret of the flower of life As I read page 78. History of the world.I read puzzle ? In a short search found nothing. Is there a connection between the script and the flower. could it be a decoder

Ronald Harrison, San Jose, Ca.



My question is not relevant for the Q&A episode. I am a tuition student and do the ATIH med 2x per day. I have tried the 90-degree turn med over 50 times & have not ascended yet, so I feel that I am not ready for this method or that I am doing the technique incorrectly. My ATIH teacher (Phil Laing) said to contact your staff for help. Thank you

Kaya Apieros



Eastern Oregon Drunvalo, I have recently been practicing the MerKaBa meditation and I have noticed that everytime my MerKaBa star tetrahedron doesn't just fit around me but spans out for a few hundred miles. I was wondering if this was a natural occuring thing. Love & Light Kaya Apieros


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