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Hira Hosen



Member of the SOR, France. If the video question does not show up, you can find it also on this link: With all my Heart, Hira




I'm Bianca from Romania. Thank you for all the information you give to us, and for you comming to Earth to help us. I know that humanity is not in the 4th dimension, it depends on each and everyone's will and effort to reach the next dimesion....but is Mother Earth in the 4th dimesion? did God decided who will stay and who will go in another 3D?




Thank you Drunvalo Melchizedek for all the information you shared. I had watch the Youtube videos and read some interviews.I am from Puerto Rico. My questions are: 1. How to create from the heart? or What are the steps to create from the heart? 2. How to distinguish a creation of the mind from a creation of the heart? Thank you.

Joana Brasileiro



Hello I'm from Brazil, São paulo. I started reading the books last semester. But anyway my question is kinda simple. I believe that women in the last 13,000 years or so have betrayed each other. I feel it as one of my memories redeemed, and I imagine it to be another problem for network Christed unit of land in the new millennium. Is it true? thx




I am a tuition member from Germany, have completed the ATIH workshop the end of october and have a question concerning the heart chakras and the last 90 degree turn. Thanks a lot, I am so grateful for this workshop. Lots of love. Karin




Minnesota This video is posted at this link:

Ben Ay



i believe that the world is run under the gregoriancalender which was established by modern religions as a spell to keep humanity awayfrom transformation, the origional ethiopian calender has 13 months which 13 is transformation in the 13fruit of life in sacred geometry, accordingto this calender its 2006, could the 2012prohpecy be2020, from nz

Ben Ay



when you speak about dates and alignments i always wondered if your aware of the gregorian calender we run underthat was established by modern religions as a spell to keep humanity away from 13 and out of transformation, where in the origonal ethiopan calender which has 13 monthsjust likethe 13fruit oftransformation in ancientgeometry, 2012 = 2020?




I want to know what TIME magazine ( year - month - volume ) publishes the article about the spermcells that saturate the ovule's membrane , so that the twelfth spermcell can get into the ovule and then conception occurs ( Vol.1 of "the ancient secrets of flower of life" pg243- brazilian edition). Thank you

William Daley



Vidor Texas USA

Noel E.



Hello Drunvalo. I am from southern California and this is my first time posting on your website. I have been trying to enter the heart. I feel that during this life there is knowledge being slowly "debriefed" to me, by my higher self. I am very passionate and curious to learn as much as I can and I feel that this works as a manner to not overwhelm me. Is there any advice you could share with me to enter the heart space and REMEMBER when ending the meditation? Sometimes I don't know if I have entered and then when coming out of meditation I cant hold on to the experience. Am I not allowed to know/remember yet? Another question is, I have been drawing these symbols which I cannot explain for a few years now. They are lines and circles mostly, and I wish to share them with you to see if you could offer some much needed insight. Thank you.

lili hillis



USA Florence,Oregon... Thank you for your help with the ascension process.... How much time each day to start is helpful for the heart chakra/tounge rubbing needed for an "A" sexual being?

julian richard from Manchester, England



I've been studying vedic astrology form sometime now, trying to get to know myself more as well as meditating. I just wanted to know what your opinions on astrology and what are the benefits of learning it and how it can assist the coming ascension

vali, romania



how do i stop thinking? how do i stop the doing? getting out of the trance of thinking is painfull as i slip into obsesive thinking tensing my belly. i do it so unconsciously that i cannot relax it. i want some practices.




Russia, Moscow. Hello Drunvalo. I read your book "The Serpent of Light". We in Russia too have Kitezh city (Lake Svetloyar - 56.818800, 45.093217) which, as well as Anasazi, became invisible approximately during the same time - 1242 (1238) year. Whether it is necessary to worry about it? Whether the help is necessary to them?

Marlys Bueber



Hi, Drunvalo! I am writing from Shanghai, China. I truly appreciate those who send you questions and your answers.I am so grateful to you for your way of being and for all your training.My question may not be suitable for the online format, but it is something that has come up based on your first question answer broadcast. You mentioned the field of Human Design (HD). I had not heard of it before, so I have spent the past two weeks learning much about it and applying it to my life. ( What question arises from my study is regarding your meditation instruction where when in the tiny space of the heart we are to "feel" the emotion. According to HD, only 51% of people on earth now are "solar plexus" types, that is their authority is based in their solar plexus and they make decisions based upon their emotions. I am not one of them. In meditations I have struggled to "feel" the effects and was unsure if what I was seeing was the green light, I have spent far too much effort trying to feel and force! According to my HD chart, I my inner authority is in my sacrum, so I am encouraged to respond from my gut reaction rather than from my feelings. So recently I have used the sacral response suggested for my HD type in my meditation when I am in the tiny space, (gut response "Uh-huh" to the energy), and I could easily see the green light.According to HD solar plexus authority is still the most common, but there are several other types of inner authority and some people who have no inner authority at all! It makes good sense to me that we are not alike in our responses and decision making. All of this makes me wonder if our differences would not also affect our meditation process; do we all follow the same exact steps (here I am especially referring to the need to "feel" the emotion)? Could it be possible to have the same outcome but just different ways to arrive there? Once I saw the green light, I could follow the rest of the meditation as I had been trained. I am so glad you mentioned Human Design and look forward to your guidance, though this question is perhaps way too complicated for an online response.




Hello I have studied and practiced many things (chakra meditation kundalini yoga release) I have many vivid visions the most recent: I am standing at the very top of a golden pyramid looking down. At the base is a Lion who is calm near the top is a tiger who claws at me but I and the tiger know he will not be successful. Please provide insight.

Mabel Alicia Giorla



Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina




Kokila, from Long Island, NY




Netherlands. How can I test if my Merkaba is activated.Perhaps with pendulum? Or are there some tests that I can do? Thank you.

Nova Lee



What is earth school designed to teach us or accomplish? What are the other schools like? What does making it MEAN? Why did we fail before? How do I prepare now for the what comes next? Why doesn't the unity breath include breathing instructions? Why do I sometimes dissolve into particles & has this happened to anyone else? Aloha, Nova (Member)

sharon schnupp



What time is the event for Dec 21 2013? I do not see any information in the upcoming events on the web page. Thanks




Hi Drunvalo, after having completed the ATIH training 6 weeks ago, how can I use my merkaba to improve my health. I did not really understand the idea of programming the merkaba, also I saw the video where you explained, it is better not to create anything. I would be very happy to improve my health. Thanks a lot. Karin (Tuition member)




Dear Drunvalo, I have completed the ATIH training in Germany the end of October. It was easy for my to go into the tiny space of my heart and I exercised the last 90 degree turn a few times now. After a while something happended. I have the feeling that my upper and my lower heart chakra, as well as my left (3D) and my right (4D) heart have melted




Hi Drunvalo I,m Dana from Romania What are the implications of being conected to the mother Earth with our conciousnes, fully? And I want to know more about the spaces particles, the bleumarin ones, if they are the suport of all universes. Thank you very much :)


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