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John Webber



Have we already entered the 4th dimension of ascension ?




Upsala Mn There aren't any workshops I would be able to attend or afford are there any ways I could get the information and teach myself?

Lukas Czynski



Q&A Session Feel free to edit the video

Sekou Bush



Dayton, OH

Meg Zuccaro



Coquitlam, BC, Canada




Hi Drunvalo! My name is Daniel and I'm from California. I have a question about the heart. I have heard that surgeons have been able to replace the heart with a blood pumping machine for health issues, since they simply see the heart as so. What happens to the person? I'm sorry that I cannot post a video. Thank you!

Isabel Suarez



I am from Chile, but now I live in Colorado. 5 years ago one iridologist in Chile diagnosed me a pituitary tumor. I have never checked it with another doctor, and right now I need to do it, because I have some headaches which I am afraid could be the same. Do you know some alternative doctor whom may check me in Colorado? or maybe you can do it?

Beverley Emans



Hi Drunvalo, I have 2 questions, is it possible that when having Aura Photographed after Merkaba activation, that it will pick up the Golden Yellow of the Merkaba & not the aura? Also is it possible that if we have a strong connection with a partner could we activate their Halo/Merkaba or isit they could pick up psychically what we have been doing

Joan Dixon- California, USA



If I am connected to Earth and Sky, activate my pineal beams, connect my heart & pineal gland & create the aura of Christ Consciousness, does that activate my own magnetic field? If so, can I hold others in my field if the field of earth goes to 0? If we are all going to make it, I don't see why 0 magnetics is even a problem? How's it work? Thx!




In 2002 or 2003, my pineal gland was activated on its own. It felt as it a thousand volts of electricity was going thru my brain. At the time, I did not know what it was. There were pillars of light shooting from my head. I've heard a lot about the ascension and was wondering if this is one of the symptoms? Thank you very much and God Bless.

Gulten Turkey



Hi Drunvalo, Great to have Q&A with, appreciated, I like to ask three questions, if I may 1) Creating from tiny space of the heart for a community? 2) Creating a natural phenomena like rain rom tiny space? 3) How to regulate thyroid gland? Thanks and love from Ankara

Ben Bailey UK



Hi Drunvalo, Just wanted to know if they are any tweeks to the Unity breath following the suggestion of the message from the Galactic Centre at solstice last year? Many Thanks, Ben Bailey

April Daylily



Hi Drunvalo, You were blessed to learn with many teachers from many spiritual paths, religions, and indigenous traditions, Sufism, Hinduism,Christianity, & Buddhism to name a few. What was your favorite teaching from second Kalu Rimpoche from the Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist lineage? Thank you! O;) Love, April

April Joines



Hi Drunvalo, I know from taking the Flower of life workshops and earth sky training and LITH trainings that you learned with many spiritual teachers from many spiritual traditions and religions : Hopi , Sufi. Hindu, and others , Could you please elaborate what it was like for you to study with the former Tibetan lama ,Kalu Rimpoche, thank you! O;)

Ara (member 3784)



A question about the heart's way of going from the 3rd to 4th

Caroline (Member of the School of Remembering / ATIH)



(Member of the School of Remembering / ATIH) Thank you for your work Drunvalo! Sending you much love from Poland :)

Clifton Gerring



Please comment on the Urantia Book, et al




-It's about the entities inside the human bodies, interupting our growth. Are the ATIH teachers doing some kind of cleaning during the workshops all over the world?Is it possible to send them back on your own (with the help of an Archangel Michael)? 2)Comet Ison-may you share your knowledge abt. it? 3)How to make better connection with Mother Earth

Danny from Mesa, AZ



Do we look the same physically in past and future lives (reincarnations)? And if we do, or do not, what are the reasons?

Turner Brummond



I am curious about links between giants and anthropomorphic animal people. I have seen and been both in dreams in different levels of wakefulness. I have heard many people will be transported off the planet while others will stay to take care of the animals. I building my career in wildlife and I am passionate about my connection to wolf. Ideas?

Donna Kleipool



Donna with question about our Merkaba

Tom Kordell



Dubuque, IA

Caliente Cosgrove, Nelson, B.C. CANADA



Q 1 RE: Boulder, Colorado rainfall. Will you explain how YOU know these details and its amazing outcome, if the US Government did NOT make its findings public? Q 2 Will Planet Earth function with humankind again, both healed, in the 3rd Dimension, while humans who have the ability to ascend move to Earth in 4th dimension?

Amber rose



Blessings and love with gratitude...Amber rose California

Marije Meerstadt - Member



Dear Drunvalo, I recently attended a ATIH workshop in my hometown of Amsterdam (Holland) which was WONDERFUL. During the Merkaba activation meditation, I received the message ''As above, so below'. I googled it and was amazed at the depth of info that came up. What else can you tell me about the meaning of this phrase? THANK YOU! XXXX much love


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