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Gary Beer



Wauconda Washington. My Question concerns The Original Duailty...Before the Earth was Formed..The 3RD Conscuisness and the Combining of The Duality...Christ Conscouisness of 3 3 3 = 9 to a 4.5 4.5 == 9 Reality

Travis Burns



Hi, Mr. Melchizedek! - In your book, you suggest that ancient Egyptians utilized their third-eye to project a sensory beam to see things not typically seen. Would this not include being able to see in the darkened passages of the pyramids? I recall seeing a documentary not too long ago seeking to answer this. Peace and love, Travis

Travis Burns



Hi, Mr. Melchizedek! - In your book, you suggest that ancient Egyptians utilized their third-eye to project a sensory beam to see things not typically seen. Would this not include being able to see in the darkened passages of the pyramids? I recall seeing a documentary not too long ago seeking to answer this. Peace and love, Travis




Drunvalo, please do a webcast for those of us who cannot make it to Sedona. i know you have many certified teachers but i would love to receive my teachings from the Master himself. please consider as there are many people who are not very mobile due to health reason. Love, Linda from Singapore




Hello Drunvalov :); if the lemurian's lived ih the fourth dimension, that means, we where created in the fourth dimension by the nefelim??? how was it posible for the human race to surpass the nefelim in consciousness?? thxs Joel Nantucket, ma.

Julieta Colzani



florida USA

Mauro Pereira



From New Jersey. I had my first reiki session yesterday and one of the most clear things I saw was a man. The man was in a white room, wearing a white suit and sitting in a white throne-like looking chair. He was holding something in his right hand and looking at it. Who could this be? It seemed like a very peaceful being. thanks for your time!!

Mauro Pereira



From New Jersey, United States. I had my first reiki session yesterday and during it I saw a couple things. One of the clearest images was of me resting under a rock in a forest and a grey wolf standing on top of that rock howling, it felt like it was protecting me. What are your thoughts in this? I'm very new at this so I'm just very curious.

Miguel Quiroz



Leon,Guanajuato,Mexico hi Drunvalo,I saw a video of you and in that video you talk about the higher self you sad that before we can conect with the higher self we must first conect with the lower self or the inner child, and that is only possible if we have contact with the nature, my question is, if the most of us live in cities how we can make it




Can you share the difference between the Celtic/Druidic way of ascension and the new 90 degree turn way of ascension? They both seem to me to be 'down', yet you had said in the England story that the Celtic way was down, and the new way was up. That was why the Druids helped Christianity get established in England, to establish the ‘up’ way. Thks




I heard you say that your new assignment is to study suicide. I was shocked to hear that it is an unusual phenomena. I have never seriously attempted suicide, but life is often so painful that in a way it seems like a viable option. I try very hard and seem to get nowhere. I would like to hear more about this from you. Please accept the assignm




I am not clear on whether I have successfully activated my MerKaBa yet, but regularly visualize it in the ways you teach in your DVD's at least. My question is: when laying down, does the MerKaBa field stay aligned with the earth? Or, does it stay aligned with my body (now horizontal)? Thanks for any clarifications (and all your good work).

Tom NZ



I would like to know if there is more required to the Kogis way into the heart of 9 days/nights of immersion in darkness than what is written in 'Living in the Heart' I am one who is prepared to do it. Thank You for all your work I am very much appreciative.




Hello i am from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have one simple question. Is this school a Mystery School such as the ones in Atlantis and Egypt. I only recently have began studying these subjects but if it is a Mystery School i wish to come and study their. I wish to ascend with LOVE not logic. Thank you for your time. with love, Jack

Bridgette cartridge



I cannot find a workshop in England ,I heard there would be one in Glastonbury uk nr to the summer solstice this is nr my home and I would be interested in any details




Greetings from Singapore, dear Drunvalo, how about doing a webcast for us people who cannot make it to the other end of the world to meet you. i know you have many certified teachers but i wish to learn from the Master himself. hehehe Love n Namaste Linda

Benjamin Mott



Brisbane, Australia Hi I'm a little confused. I'd just like to state my golden merkaba is activated I saw the green light and did all that a while ago. Now when I go to do the last 90 degree turn must I do the green light again before I move and do the tongue thing the whole time im moving through the stars and the void? Thanks love Benjamin

Jason Jones



I was just wondering if Drunvalo can give any credit to Binaural sounds, or Isochronic tones. If so, what is the best way to use these?




Hello Drunvalo, I truly hope you personally will be addressing this as it's directly for you. For about 6 years before discovering your work through divine providence, I was a serious student of Hermetics and the Franz Bardon series. Why have you never mentioned hermetics and what does Thoth have to say about it? Yours is first-hand knowledge!

Barbara Loffredo



Dear Drunvalo, In "The Flower of Life" Pt 1, that instructions for learning the Merkaba meditation can be found online at I went there and the site seems to have nothing to do with you at all. Would you explain where to find simple direction for learning the meditation now, for those who cannot afford travel or workshops?

liliana viana



hi with all respect, i just watch some videos. and i´d like to tell you that around 20 years back all the information that you know came to me the same way it did to you, all the stories and knowledge about us. so i write to ask of you if there´s a possibility to have a meeting to chat and understand more about what happenend to me thanks. lilian

Imelda Pearce



A friend of mine, Richard, went to one of your lectures once. He heard you say Jews had come from another planet and had their left-brains overly developed. I am Jewish, and rather than reject that outright, which I normally would, I've been reflecting on it, and it has a lot of sense to it. Where can I get more, accurate, information? San Diego




hi Drunvalo, Thank you for sharing some great information about the upcoming dimensional shift.I have a question on the same: Q:What happens to our souls if we enter the 4th dimension but are not able to ascend and die there?Is that better than dying in 3rd dimension from a soul perspective? thanks a lot..god bless everybody..

Carlos Daniel Alvarez



Drunvalo I need your help, i think i'm going crazy angels try to comunicate with me and I can talk to them, I need your help to understand whats happening, i know im not mad it's a gift.




Thank you for your work and sharing your knowledge. I watched Earth Sky Heart Workshop and i am truly inspired.On day 3 you mention the U.N. and their efforts to depopulate Earth.One of their ways is AIDS and besides them having the cure, you have a light that cures all.My question is would you share this knowledge,how to make it,share it globally.


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