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During 2010 many Humicin™ users called in and told us about their exciting experiences with Humicin™ products.

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Andy Pedrosa



Hi Drunvalo, Sirius seems to have a center of gravity around which both A and B are centered. They call it a brown dwarf (Sirius C),but no-one actually identied it as such.They only know there is a centre of gravity, a '3rd'. Meditation,dreams,...keep telling me it is actually the SUN. What do you know about this?Is our Sun the companion of Sirius?

Ильяз Гезалов



Удивительно,поразительно и шакирующе........чем больше я узнаю,тем больше понимаю,что я не знаю ничего. Друнвало-это человек?если да,то это один человек или может Научно Исследовательский Институт??? Как можно все это знать,да еще и понимать,да еще и умудриться изложить письменно!? У меня миллионы вопросов............ с ув.Ильяз Гезалов




Would you tell me,please where is meridian of gall-blader of Earth? Thank you!

Noe Contreras



I would like to know if I'm supposed to do all the Merkaba Breaths in one session or just the first 6 first for a day or how do I do this exactly?

Susan Propst



Hello, I live in Cottonwood, Az and work in the Village of Oak Creek. I am so blessed to be in this powerful energy at this time in creation. My questions is this, if you have taken the flower of life workshop and NOT practiced the merkabah meditation, how likely are we to accend and not just die? Is our merkabah already activated from the seed?

Joseph Walden



Here I am asking another here it is. thirteen years ago I began staring into the sun at evening time during a road trip. After a few minutes a rotating sphere appeared in my vision and connected, and remained connected. It is a colorful sphere about a 1/2 inch in diameter, energy fields rotate off it. What do you think about this?

Joseph Walden



Reno,Nevada When completing the geometric circuit, is the tongue and heart the final key to this completion? Does it demonstrate the spiral and thus spherical connection, which could be used to spin the merkaba with precision? A final step to the ouroboros flow possibly? This experience I had during the solstice..

Michele Fay



North Las Vegas, Nv. What can you tell me about ascension symptoms? A few months ago my right leg from the knee down disappeared. Not tickling or vibration, just gone even though I could see it. Today it was my left arm. When I touched a plant I could feel tingling all the way up my arm but that was it. This one lasted longer. Love you.

dani h



hi drunvalo, i am dani from london uk..i would like to join a workshop but i need avisa to come in us and that process maybe be complicated because i am romanian so my question is you have a workshop booked for uk in near future?or europe anywhere? thanks




Calgary.My question/idea is since the magnetic poles of Earth are switching,our EMF will be switching as well also affecting the chakras and their placement.We percieve in a masculine way.After the switch we will then percieve in a feminine way.Our chakras are going to reverse.Masculinity is now the bottom 3,femininity the top 3.Heart stays center

Joey Lynn



I live in Yachats, Or. Thank you for blessing my life with your wisdom, I am so grateful. Q: I am trying to understand the Jews vs Martians you mentioned in last interview; if they are so advanced as you said how could they 'hate' each other? How was it that so many beings/planets was allowed to run amok so long and so badly?




Hi Drunvalo! :) Do ETs feel and understand what a real hug means to us humans? If I hug them when I see them, would they understand and feel my affection? Greetings from London!




Hello Drunvalo! You said that we cannot enter to sacred space of the heart and do mer-ka-ba meditation until emotional or psychological trauma is healed. Could you suggest please how to know whether trauma exists inside or not and what the most powerful way to heal it? Thank you Kiev, Ukraine

the superionized water



Hello! you spoke about the superionized water. and the fact of existence of the superionized water isn't world renowned and isn't used. I don't know as it to receive. whether there is a person in Russia who is engaged in the superionized water? whether you in the future plan to visit Russia? thank you very much! for me it is very important.

Mike from Chicago, IL



Hello Drunvalo, I want to ask you a couple things about your theory on our ascension. How wide of a window do you think we have? Is this supposed to hit us hard within the decade? Past this generation? My second concern is, what will happen to the structures that exist here, will everything we've worked for go to waste and disappear forever?

Monika Grüter



Hi! I am monika from Essen/Germany. I am very far away from able to attend any workshop that is further away than a few hours drive, since I have to take care of my 89 year old mother. what would you recommend to study in order to activate the pinial gland by the light tubes? Can I do it with a person suffering from dementia? Thank you! moni

Mari borghese



Your books suggest that the pineal gland is crucial in expanding our consciousness, and yet the fluoride we drink in American has clogged and poisoned our pineal glands. Is there another path, or any suggestions on de-fluoridizing ourselves

Len Michael



Teacher, I am a highly technical person who has done very impressive troubleshooting on the most complex of systems. Not only have I succeeded when all others have failed miserably, but I have a way of making it looks so easy that it has caused problems. Could I somehow be tapping into the Akashic records?

Greg Taplin



Kirksville, MO Drunvalo, If you are a spirit from another celestial civilization and are here on Earth to experience this incredible time, but you cannot seem to live in your heart with unconditional love, will this affect you when the time comes? Will your soul innately remember and save you?




Good day,1st I want 2 thank u 4 all the work u'r doing : ) I have been experiencing Light in my minds eye 4 many yrs. I've also had experiences with being hit with balls of Light. During meditation the Light seems 2 be taking me some where but I have resistance. Do u know where the Light is trying 2 take me? How can I allow It? Thanks 4 U'r time.

DiAnna Birtt



Hi Drunvalo, You say its very easy, simple, and everyone will remember what to do at the right time. You also say without the information of the flower of life/merkaba one will not be able to ascend, end of story. I'm confused about this and as to what to do with the resources I currently have.I seek ascension when the crust shifts. Much Love.USA

Nancy Padovano



Good Day,I was wondering about something you said in one of your lectures. You said that the Uterus can be used for more than just to make a baby, what can we do with it. Also, how will I know when my merkaba is fully activated? How will I know when my pineal chakra is activated? Thank you soo much for existing, you nourish our World!




Hi Drunvalo, I'm Adam and am a French/American teenager living in Shanghai with my family. For all other teenagers out there, I'd appreciate your opinion on school. If we are soon to ascend to next dimensions, should we not be focusing on activation of the pineal chakra,and merkaba through meditation? Also what else is important for us to learn?




hi Drunvalo, in my awakening process i have read at one point that the pineal gland could be an implant(esoteric implant).. ..can you comment on that from your knowledge with the ascended masters thank you

Ms Joey Lynn



Hi mentioned in Lilou's interview part 3, the last instructions that can only be obtained through the "School of Remembering". I live so rurally and without transportation, but I so would like to have these instructions you mentioned. Can I buy it from you somehow someway? I practice the heart meditation. I live in Yachats, Or


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