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During 2010 many Humicin™ users called in and told us about their exciting experiences with Humicin™ products.

In 2011 we want to share that information with everyone so we have installed a “Testimonial & Positive Story” system allowing all our users to share their positive stories and comments. We would love to hear your stories of success, so much so anyone who sends us a link to their “Video” testimonial will get 2 bottles of Humicin™ Pure absolutely free!! That’s over $100 dollars of Humicin™ absolutely free!!

Additionally, anyone who sends in a text testimonial will receive 1 bottle of Humicin™ Pure absolutely free!!

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Jim Mayhew



Tempe, AZ. I am an old friend of Drunvalo's and would like to meet up. We haven't talked for about 16 years. If you can please forward this message to him for me, I would so very much appreciate it.

Shawn shoker



Hello, I am trying to see if i am able to figure out how i can stay with the tribe that drunvalo stayed eith mentioned in his book the serpent of light. Specifically the maoru he stayed with in new zealand.Please let me know how i can go about contacting these tribes around the world and perhaps go for a stay with them and learn.7789196901

Patricia Amarouche



Dear Drunvalo, I am reading Serpent of Light which I got from I am dyslexic and rarely read a book unless it is audio. I would like to read all of your books. Could you please put them all on video? Best regards Patricia

Suzanne Ross



Hello Drunvalo, I have read all of your books several times over and have now moved to Sedona. I host a weekly television series called Lighten Up! and have moved my studio here. I would be very honored and delighted if you would consider being interviewed for my show. It's very spiritually inspired and I would like to talk about your books.




I work with a elite veteran , he asked me to reach out specifically to you to ask you about the God box .He said it's a box that you put anything you wish for a medicine to food And it transfers it to the human body . He wants to make hundred of thousand and give them out for free to people I would love a response on the blue print to start đŸ˜‡

jose renzo diaz



good afternoon Mr. Drunvalo, i ben listened your videos in youtube for a year and i suscrib tu your web and also saw all the videos as: See the newest formulation from humicin complete flower of life aspen rain: a conversation with Dronvalo Melchizedek and Adam Trombly video birth of a new humanity the prophecies from the heart introdution convers

echo the gecko



Hey I am echo. I wish to meet drunvalo. As a child my mother worked as a pyschic at the center for the new age and as a child I spent much time meditating and interacting with healers at center for the new age in sedona. I am clairvoyant and a certified hypnotherapist. I am considering visiting sedona and wish to attend a class or interact with him

Gaiam Ollyvel



Beloved Drunvalo, I AM aware of an Ascended Master that goes by the title of Grandmaster Melchizedek that I became aware of this lifetime through Mother Akasha's Radiant Rose Dispensation. May I ask how you are involved with this being? I have a very strong resonance with G.M. Melchizedek and I would love if you could shed some light on the topic.

Joana André Santos



I started reading the 1st vol of the ancient secret of the flower of life, and a little while after I started, I felt what I know think is my Mer-Ka-Ba come to life, even though I didn't yet know the meditation. I also feel spots of energy on my head, in the places I now know, are the beams of light. How do I know the Mer-Ka-Ba is right (Portugal)

Joana André Santos



Hi, I started reading the first volume of the ancient secret of the flower of life, and a little while after I started, I felt what I know think is my Mer-Ka-Ba come to life, even though I didn't yet know the meditation. I also feel spots of energy on my head, in the places I now know, are the beams of light. How do I know the Mer-Ka-Ba is right?




My location is Rocklin, California. I ask permission to use a photograph in my short (4 minute) music-video (Environmental Music Film) titled, Sing for Life.... The photograph I wish to use is called, Awakening the Illuminated Heart, which you will receive full credit. I just called and left a message at this telephone number. Thank you.

Mona Taher



Hello , I have rerun this video many many times , because I simply believe that the day of judgment as mentioned in the Quran is approaching ( end of this frequency) , is there anyway you could compare your knowledge to what was mentioned there ?!




Ogden, UT Flower Of Life Vol. 1, creating space within the void. You stated the shape it creates is a Octahedron, however, it looks like a Icosahedron. Making a square & 2 pyramids, no matter how I look at it, I cannot see how it makes a Octahedron. Except, when you stated the 3 axis, front, back, left, right, up & down.

Jaime Mora



Hello I am from Chile, my name is jaime, I followed her videos, I wonder if at some point you will travel to chile / santiago for guided courses and conversation. Very grateful, I say goodbye carefully. Jaime Mora.

Edouard from France



Dear Drunvalo, We have much to exchange. I help rise the Vital Energy of people, including for Masters which increases their Light, and I do the same for Places of Power. I just had a meditation with St Germain, who suggested to write to you immediately. Please ask your Angels about the importance of this. With all my heart, Edouard France

Sylvie Shanthala



Hello Mr. Drunvalo, Even if I am a little embarrassed to contact you now, after viewing some of your videos on youtube and according to my innerguidance and Tot's guidance, I am to contact you in regard to the teachings of the "black pyramid"... Thanks in advance for replying to me, Grateful that all peaces are coming together... Sylvie Shantha

Alex Jardim



Hi , my name is Alex. I've been really intrigued in your books and videos for a while now. In mediation it's told me to contact you. I see you don't have many workshops in South Africa , and I was wondering if there was some way of your joining your mission in this world. I've got a this passionate desire to learn as much as can Be as much as I can

Barbara Galbraith



Hermitage, TN I am Barbara Galbraith & my late husband, Jim Davis & I studied & played (dolphin trip) w/Dru years ago. He helped during Jim's brain tumor journey. Is Dru OK? Nothing posted for ages. Would love to know if Cosmic Grace workshops are planned. Mostly, I'm worried about Dru! PLEASE answer if you can!

Stephan Johnson



Hello Drunvalo, Recently I had an experience whilst stretching in a spiral form of something pulling me further into the stretch. Upon this happening all muscles locked into a screw formation and I suddenly became aware of another dimension where there were 3 possibly medical staff that were attempting to calm me and bring me through. Thoughts?

Nuh Erdem Can



Hi,I really curious about one think about the woman that you mentioned in your book.(Marry Ann Schinfield) however i didn't find any information about her,is she really exist?

Carolina Wachtendorff



Hello Drunvalo, I'm writing from Santiago of Chile. Can you help me to heal my mother? She doesn't want help. She has always had mood changes, without explanation. Psychologists have not helped. This situation gets worse every day. I do not know what to do for her and I need your help, because she affects negatively everyone. Warm regards

luca ferrante



italy,treviso,crocceta del montello,31035. hi my name is luca ferrante,i must talk with drunvalo,i dont know why,but i need hes help,something told me that




Holland. You teach to keep your sex energy through the ankh practice(Egyptians). Do you do it this way yourself? 2. Is it also possible by just feeling the energy flowing up your spine and just intenting that you keep the sexual energy, allowing it to flow through you whole body, revitalizing every cell. And are you aware of the Michael Teachings?

James Davidson



I humbly invite you to perform a healing ceremony here in South Australia. Much has shifted here and I believe it may be of benefit for many including Gaia herself. May I please ask that you tune into my soul to confirm my sincere intentions. May I also ask that you confirm with your own guidance if this is needed or not. Thankyou! Namaste James

Zachary Clark



Hello, my name is Zachary Clark. I am 19 years old and have discovered The ancient secret of the flower of life books and am almost done with the second volume. I have a question about the meditation given. I know it is recomended to acquire a physical star tetrahedron but if i cannot then would i be able to begin the meditation anyways? Namaste.


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