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Zlatka - "Z" - Lebanon, Connecticut



Hi Drunvalo, Are you planning to visit Connecticut anytime in the near future? Me and my husband would be very happy to attend one of your sessions. Thanks

Zlatka - "Z" - Lebanon, Connecticut



Hi Drunvalo, As you've mentioned in all of your Q&A videos, everybody is living their last life on Earth, and everybody should go to the fourth demention after their death. My question is: 1. What is going to happen with the "bad people" who don't obey any rules and don't have love in their hearts for anything/anyone (killers, politicions, etc.)




hi Drunvalo, i've been doing some research. By this i have learn learned that the Mayans prophecied that a 26000 years cycle will be completed on the 21 of Dec. Also i heard this will begin the new age of Aquarius and around that time there will be Great Alignment,so my questions is: Did the Great Alignment occur? Did it happened on the 12/21/12?

Belinda Barron



:D Thank You ! Please, can you share what you know about "demons" and "ghosts?" :D Thank you for helping me find a way to heal my broken heart and for the journey I have "finally" stopped denying myself. OXOX

George Cooper



Hi, I am writing to you from Cochabamba, Bolivia. I've read all your books except the last one. I was just watching your video where you say you flew down to a Library in your Mer-ka-ba . . My Question is : Can other people see you when you are in this state ? Thank you Peace, George Cooper

Victoria Howell (Ashunam)



On top of my video question, I was also wondering if you wanted to come on my Google + channel to guide a World Peace Meditation. I do these guided meditations live every day at 10:00am Central in the Hangout area. I think that we can get the 9000 people to do this meditation to change the world. This is how the physical change can happen.

sheila sipiora



Hello Dru, I was fortunate enough to view your series several times. But by the time I emailed them to friends...they are gone, off your site. am I not going into the right posts, or are they gone? Thank you, for all you are and share, Blessings in Love, Sheila

Jérémy from Belgium



1.You said that Mother Earth will take us in the 4D/5D reality when She'll feel ok to do so, but is that precise moment, the moment when we'll reach the edaquate number of humains ready to ascend? 2.The 3 days of darkness refers to a transition to come from a dimension to another,the transition in the death process, the Earth's transition,right?

Nicolas Quintero



Hola Drunvalo vivo en Uruguay, mi consulta es la siguiente; en unos videos de internet se habla de un vortice energetico que esta emergiendo en las costas de Uruguay y argentina, que puedes contarme si tienes permitido informarme? desde ya fue un placer entender toda la informacion que has aportado en tus conferencias y videos. Gracias




Dear Drunvalo, I watch one of your interview on the internet and you said that 3 people could change the world. Why don't you and 2 other people help us all out? You could move us into the 4th dimension much quicker and make all of this go away. Signes with love.

Elizabeth Gooch



Hi Drunvalo I hope it is appropriate to ask you about who looks after a soul after suicide. I have just had a dear young friend commit suicide and one of the thoughts that come to mind is who is looking after her.Hoping sending the feeling of love will help her.Thank You Much Love



01:42:48 read this and tell me what know about the name of that temple

Henrique Ferreira



I'm from Portugal. I'm confused about the relation between these 2 subjects: 1) "Merkaba activation" + "Be in the heart" + "Activation of the beams of light". 2) Eighteen breath; Are they completely independent?

Henrique Ferreira



I'm from Portugal. In your workshop "Earth Sky Heart" I saw the difference between creating from the brain and creating from the heart. I realized that creating from the brain is not good because it's polarized, but creating from the heart is much more complex. Is there any other easier alternative? Does creating just by pure intention work ?

Michael from California



What role do dreams play in soul/soul complex development?




Hello!My name-is Katy!I'm from Russia(Samara)/Рада приветствовать величайшее духовное лицо!Спасибо за все знания,которые вы даете! Недавно я стала ощущать переход, хотя просто иногда пою мантры и стараюсь не носить черное и не есть мясо.Я стала получать знания, вспоминать и мне требуется все больше информации.Помогите встать на новый путь сознания,

Michelle Smith Akron, Ohio



Hello Drunvalo, My question isn't about techniques or what to expect, instead it is about respect. My family is very religious and can't seem to comprehend what I am experiencing. I don't want to offend their beliefs but I don't want them to offend mine also. They won't believe me that it is the same either. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Zsolt from Hungary



Dear Drunvalo, I would like to ask if it is enlightenment when I get into the tiny space in the sacred space of the heart? If not, can I experience enlightenment there? With love and grace, Zsolt

John In Arizona



Hello, My name is John and I am 63 years old. I do not do any drugs or drink. I am a vegen and a life long vegetarian. I have been meditating for over 45 years and lately my meditations have become very strong. While I am meditating I feel high an I stay that way for hours afterward. Is this normal are other people feeling this also?




What is the difference between the incineration and inhumation? Thanks.

Amy DuBois



As I began to awaken spiritually, I've had a hard time conveying this to my family. I was raised in a strict Christian home. They believe that if I am not a Christian, my soul is in jeopardy. I have heard you refer to Christ frequently, can you explain his importance/role/relevance? How does he fit into the bigger picture? Blessings Amy Scranton PA




London Dear Drunvalo There is strong emotional feeling like impatience and too emotional&crying most of the time that I am dealing with science 21 dec.,it is like i can't take life on earth any more ,i am trying to stay in my heart but most of the time this feeling prevents me.could you give me some advise . many thanks




what can you tell us now,after the,big date,passed,and,we;re,in 2013 now..How,was,this transcending experience for you ,and what should we be expecting to happen next? Thank you




Pt 3 The Flowers of life, like Cells. Flowers of Creation, of (GODS ?) Light and the Mind ( your imagining)creating your chosen reality in (hard light?) Is true, is real. Look for it yourself D.M. It will make sense when you see it. Then you will laugh ! ha ha. Try the Akashic Records or hovering twixt No Mind and Choice. Good Luck. Kane.




Part 2 Flower of life. When you draw your chosen reality from the No Mind, it is fit onto F.O.L(plural) that join to become the whole, like a jigsaw likewise you can totally create a new jigsaw by painting a new scene onto the pieces with your creative mind. You see the colours and geometery re arrange themselves in the f.o.l into a new whole. Pt3


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