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During 2010 many Humicin™ users called in and told us about their exciting experiences with Humicin™ products.

In 2011 we want to share that information with everyone so we have installed a “Testimonial & Positive Story” system allowing all our users to share their positive stories and comments. We would love to hear your stories of success, so much so anyone who sends us a link to their “Video” testimonial will get 2 bottles of Humicin™ Pure absolutely free!! That’s over $100 dollars of Humicin™ absolutely free!!

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U are Great Amazing man!Drunvalo i love u!U are beatifull guy!All world love and bless u!U are Jesus!

Tasha Daldaris



Namaste Drunvalo, Q2.If I work with the feminine & set my intention to take my body with me & ascend to the 4th D. & trust this will be done will this be useful.I activated my MerKaBa in May12. If you come back to Earth & 3D if the MeKerBa isn't opened will Earth still be here as it is now for those who reincarnate to do it all again? In La'Kesh Tx

Tasha Daldaris



Sydney, Australia - Namaste Drunvalo, I attended Awakening the Illuminated Heart with you in Sedona in May 2012 where I successfully activated my Mer-Ka-Ba. My Q. is in Q&A Episode 1. you said your Mer Ka Ba must be opened & working perfectly, what do you mean by perfectly? & are there practices that must be done with the Mer Ka Ba?

Ruth Navarro



Hi Drunvalo, I live in Miami, but I am from Mexico. Q: How can I keep the beautiful feeling of love I get on my meditations during all day, when my husband is in bad mud, negative or talking about someone and I can't say nothing to him because he gets more upset. HEEEEELP!. I want to keep the balance in my home, but his energy is very strong.




I have two questions.Firstly is there anyway i can know if I have pliadian roots,secondly when you talk about the feminine ray,conciousness,age etc I've always assumed it was yin-female energy which is non gender specific that was coming to the fore but you seem to imply its a female of our species? I'm worried as gender is no panacea for good

Pam Gumbita



Latrobe,Pennsylvania I am just beginning to learn of the Mer ka ba. I just found you on the internet and have just read 2 of your books. How do you activate your personal mer ka ba? What are the octaves you talk about in the 4th dimension? Will we know our family members after we ascend? I simply want to keep learning!




What are the differences between those who go to the 12th, 11th and 10th dimension? Are their main differences in the body?

Julian Winter



Massachusetts. Drunvalo indicated in webcast #3 that some emails were lost so I'm resending. what is the scope of the anticipated Earth ascension i.e., how much of the solar system, galaxy etc. does it involve? Are other planets affected/involved? How far into space does this ascension go? Thank you.

Robyn King



Thank you for this opportunity to participate together in this new becoming!I don't have a question at the moment but would like to give you positive feedback on your broadcasts.We live remotely off grid and have satellite internet service and usually any video download is painfully slow and buffers continually-yours download perfectly!Miraculous!

Hatice (Germany)



Dear Drunvalo, My question is about the crucial role the tip of the tongue plays in aligning the tiny space of the heart with the brain. If possible, can you explain in detail the procedure, how it works with the tip of the tongue during mediation? Thank you so much for everything! Heartfully Hatice




Airdrie Ab Canada My Question is about the R2's and how we can implement them worldwide to help heal and reverse the damage we've done to the planet. Also other ways we can reverse pollution and help heal the planet

Donna Chernick



Drunvalo I start to cry just talking to you. It is morning in Tucson. I left West Hollywood and came to Tucson in 1998 because I knew the world situation was going to maybe get weird and I wanted to NOT be in the land of illusion during it. Why dont you leave your videos up longer so I can turn more friends on. Love is my religion one love DC

Krizy Shepherd



Canada,Hello I understand that children will be protected durning this shift,I have 3 chldren under 5 and I was wondering if they still need someone to get up with them in the morning to help them with the things they can't do themselves.My partner believes that we don't need to and that morning mediation is more important.Is this what U R saying?




Hi Drunvalo I have been wondering about our potential for a personal relationship with the Angels. You have spoken about Angels previously, and have related your own experiences with them, if you can explain about what are the possibilities of our bonds, please do so. Thank you very much. Sam, Australia

Steel Skhi



Hello Drunvalo! My name is Steel Skhi(sky) and I am from Denver, CO. I have had a few experiences now where I have seen and communicated with blue entities that look almost 99% exactly like the character Dr.Manhatten from the watchmen movie. Can you tell me who/what they are and why they are contacting me? Thank you.

Benjamin Mott



I live in Brisbane, Australia Hi I saw Drunvalo say that some of the videos had been lost in a glitch. I have sent this in before and know it had not been watched so I thought maybe mine was lost. I understand Drunvalo is super duper busy, I just feel in my heart that this is important and may help.

Ray Miller



Drunvalo-Oct2012 I attended ATIH in Sedona. It was awesome &has helped me in many good ways. What is puzzling me is I am seeing the 1111 or 111 on clocks,recepits,gas pumps,license plates,everywhere. I'm not sure what this all means for me? I remember you speaking of number sequences but can't find your ref. Please explain if you can,blessings! Ray

winnie huie



this is winnie from hong kong. i hv attended the workshop bj, i would like to know if .. the merkaba is successfully reactivated, it would mean i can be sure to ascend with Mother Earth? also, i cldn't see the green light when doing the 3rd eye meditation n i saw nothing in the tiny sacred space of the heart, what can i do? thks!




Would love to hear more information from You regarding crystals.

Steve Corwin



Drunvalo, First, thank you for Everything Forever. My question is in regard to the Light Chambers. We have heard you speak of them this year. How, when and where can we move forward to receive the benefits of this amazing technology? Our son has seen his health condition worsen with no hope in sight. What can any of us do Now? Asheville, NC

Andrea Forras Austria



Very dear Drunvalo, My question is; you write, that the ordinary people of Atlantis had more or less the same level of consciousness as we have today. Yet you say they have had a much higher civilisation and soon we will be also like them. Could you please explain? Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, much love to you.




Mr.Melchizedek, Where do you get your information from? While I find your teachings interesting, I have doubts. You say our science couldn't be more wrong, however, you base your beliefs around them even from the starting paragraph in your video. I have alot more Id like to go into but am restricted, so I am wondering what you base info from ty

Karl Bader



Hy, many thanks from Austria! What about Carlos Castaneda e.g. the energymovements called Tensegrity, do you recommend? The assembly point is behind the shoulders instead of the heart. They are able to travel in other worlds where they can interact or create; can control their dreams, the double; live for a very long time and do magic actions...




From Denmark. Thank you for the loving spiritual work you do <3 My question is for those, who will experience death from the body when our beloved Mother Earth will ascend. Those who are not able to ascend or to resurrect but ARE aware of whats going on. How will death come to those? Will it be painful? With love from Louise

Cargo and Jax



About Isis and Thoth: They traveled together inter-deminsionlly through their many lives (well its all just one). To stay with your partner as lovers after you leave your bodies as we know ours now. We want to learn to do the same. Love


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