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Ronald Giles



Oak Run CA. Some of the transmissions received by person of intuition have stated that there are some earthlibngs who can be approved to go on board a ship with healing chambers. I hereby request permission to come aboard the healing ships for healing this body. Thank you in advance

Brigitta / thanks and love from Germany :-)



I feel a tingly energy which is connected with my breath,consciousness and heart. It is my intuition and multiplier while praying,it brings power and joy. It has become stronger since last Friday! What is this energy in the Mayan culture called and how can it help us now? Maybe interesting for many of us because it is allready well-known(prana,chi)

andrea jasencukova, czech republic postupice



dear drunvalo, thank you so much for guiding us through 21/12 point in time.I have questions: 1/in the FOL II i read ankh "activation"(?) can be destructive from in front of body and has to be done from back of the body, can you please give some detail on the topic 2/human sucrifice in maya culture? are they aware and is there impact till today.tha

Seth Glover (Washington State)



Hello Drunvalo. In a previous Q&A you mentioned using Tourmaline crystals for telepathy. Does the color matter? What is meant by "cut at both ends?" And how do you tell which end is the receiving end? Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. You are a true inspiration and a source of light that has cleared much debris from my being.




Dear Drunvalo, Even if our world is loaded with problems, I love our earth, my life and the people around me. What a pitty, that this will all be away after 2016 ??! QUESTION: will I meet my lovely friends again after the transformation !!?? Thank you !! Love from Erika Berlin, Germany




Hello Drunvalo! I've read that we can get our loved ones like family members, inside of our Merkaba field by expanding it and change dimension as we bring them with us.As in going from 3rd to 4th dimension.If this is true, can this be done to the whole world when the right time comes? thank you!:) Tuğçe (too-che) from Turkey love&light

Andrei from Romania



This is the second question, rewritten as requested. What happens to karma when we go to the 4-th dimension ? Do we move on with it and resolve it there, does it get erased, or will it already be resolved by the time we move to the 4-th dimension, thanks to the faster speed at which we get the effects? Andrei from Romania (you can read it Andrew)

Andrei from Romania



As requested in the video, i will rewrite my questions. Due to the character limit, they will be written separately. First question: Since all of us will enter the 4-th dimension in a pretty short time-frame, who will be our parents ? Andrei from Romania (you can read it Andrew)

Anand-Sara Rodda



Drunvalo, thank you for today's presentation. A few questions. 1. When is it likely for Gaia to make the Shift by 2015? 2. What kind of changes 3rd dimensionally might we see between now and the Shift? 3. Will we literally become infants in the 4th dimension? Please explain why we can't be educated while in our adult bodies?

elise weller



dearest Drunvalo, y do all so wonderfull, that y also laugh is so good to take it easy..when y have left what happens with the conciousness of y neightbours and y house etc..that the phone is ringing but we cannot answer..healing light from my soul to all...thank y greatly, gods light for y and all..elise

Annie Gedye



Hello Drunvalo I am in the UK.Thanks for the support over the 3 days solstice/alignment.Was in Avebury and had your meditation in our ears for 11.11am window here.So wonderful to share that with you. My question is from the 20th talk - after a 1st event, we have 2-3 weeks when we MUST make a transformation. What do you mean we need to do?love Annie

Patti Ann



You spoke about a kind of death experience in your 12/20 program after which we will know a new reality,a beautiful new world from our transformed consciousness. Can you explain how that death will appear? Will it be like people who have "near death" experiences and come back to their bodies with a new awareness or will there be mass funerals?




hi Drunvalo thank you so mach for your broadcast. I was wondering what will happened to pregnant women as the transformation takes place? as my wife is pregnant at the moment and about to give birth on July... will the baby be born on the next dimension, if the mother is pregnant? thanks again love and light Tal from Israel

Donna Bell



Hello I'm from Chicago Il. I've listened to a vid from Cliff High and also Courtney Brown the remote viewer. They both say that there is a strong possibility that there will be a solar global event that will end communication and cause earthquakes and great tsusamis. They say that it might happen before June of 2013. What do you think???




Hi Drunvalo, this is Sylvie from Paris France. During your yesterday's live video, you mentioned the fact that we could use a crystal and place it on the third eye in order to connect to people, and maybe more. Could you please clarify how to precisely do that? Thank you for everything and especially for the beautiful meditation on Friday 21st!

Serena Athena



Hi I have another question. During my ATIH seminar, when it came to activate the Merkabah for the first time, I had someone from the group present within my Merkabah. Why did this happen? I asked this person to leave my Merkabah and he didn't really. What does this means? thanks Dru with Love Serena Athena




Hi Drunvalo, How does one know for certain that one has entered the sacred and/or tiny space in the heart rather than thinking one has?. How do we know it is not imagination? for all I know, I could be going insane. Big thanks to you! Love, Andreina (UK)

Serena Athena



Hello, I am from Belgium, but live in Austria. If my Merkabah was hacked or manipulated by extraterrestial beings who are operating with a dark group here on earth. How can I restore or reset my Merkabah. Even if I agreed this at some point, how can I step away from it? I am fed up with their psychotronics and remote viewing. Thanks Dru love

Nicola (male)



from Canterbury England:When u talk about being in the brain do u mean focusing on pineal gland .Please specify that, I meditate focusing on third eye-pineal gland,this mean that I'm in the wrong place, or being in the brain and focusing on the Pineal gland is a different thing? thanks and infinite blessing for your work

Nathan Presta of Waterloo, Canada



Hey Druny, You're so fun to listen to and watch! I figure I can call you "Druny" since In'Lakesh and I wouldn't mind that nickname :P Anyways, I'm 18 years into this life and I'm concerned with this question; Where is that certain spot on the roof of a mouth that, if rubbed with the tip of my tongue, fires off alpha waves in the brain? Thank You



amsterdam holland

elise weller



dearest Drunvalo, how grateful i am y are here, to feel y truth..i love y dearly..Our 4 dogs run in excitement to the computer at the time y were talking about the dogs and their transition, they do not leave the computer anymore..I live here in Spain with my two daughters 14&12 we ascend together at the same time? GOD BLESS Y..ELISE

Nathan Presta



Hello Drunvalo, First, I want to start with, I Love You.../Me/Us! Next I have to ask; how do I know I'm in the tiny space of the heart? Furthermore, How can I "turn on the lights" in the sacred space to actually "see" the records, I know you have said before just ask and it doesn't matter if they come on or not. But I REALLY want to see them! THNKU

Matthew from London



I used to feel a figure eight movement where my heart was during meditation that caused the feeling of motion when I was actually still. On the 21st I felt a physical change of energy and now have 2 figure of eight motions next to eachother in my chest which I think is because I now have 2 hearts? Can u confirm? What else can I expect if ascended?




What questions should we be asking? of ourselves? of humanity? Or do we love, accept and trust that the way will be shown? Is this ascension one that requires action in reponse to our hearts or more to sit and wait? I am not sure if i need to DO something. I feel the vibrations & love but still feel stuck in a pattern that has felt old for a while


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