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Mannar Rakesh



Can you pls tell us contribution of Hinduism & Ancient Indian's towards humanity & oneness. And other question Why all this,what for & when we will get this conciseness.




Hi my name is April and I'm in San Diego and my question is: A couple of years ago I was recieving an energy healing session and during this, in my mind's eye, I saw a blue/purple slowly spinning wheel as if it were in front of my forehead. It was fan-like with 3 curved arms, just spinning slowly. What was this? Thank you for any insight about it




Melinda from Thornhill, Ontario Hi Drunvalo, The shift from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, is that a metaphor for a shift in human consciousness that is 4th dimension like, but we will still be in the 3rd dimension, or will we physically move from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, as well as consciously? Thanks so much! :)

Benjamin Mott



Hi guys!! I realised the first time I sent this video in it was set to private so you probably couldnt watch it :P oops.. First time Ive done anything like this. So just thought I'd send it again in case it didn't work the first time. Thanks :) Benjamin

Wanda Oldham



Surprise,Arizona When you said we needed these Earthly bodies in our next level of existence, does that mean we should NOT choose cremation?




I just sent you two questions but am hearing inpaired, so I wont be able to hear clearly and wonder if you can email me the answers if you have time...thank you for enlighting us all... Your book: The Mayan Ouroboros was the first book I read writing by you and was very impressed with your work...plan to order more of your books.




What is the correct way to dispose of our bodies after death? Cremation vs ground burial, my husband says that it don't matter but, I need to know..Also regarding Dec. has been suggested that Jesus birth date was several years miss-calculated, how is this going to effect Dec. 21/2012? Just read Mayan Ouroboros looking foreard to next book.

Ryan, California



I heard Melchizedek mention the galactic alignment of 12.21.12 as taking place at 11:11 "pm" local time in Chichen Itza. I thought he mispoke, but the same is in the book. I have for years read elsewhere that the alignment occurs at 11:11 UTC. Can this point be clarified? Can a source be provided for the 11:11 PM as opposed to UTC? Many thanks!

Tyler Pearson



Dear Drunvalo, Do you agree with what you said on Coast to Coast about the Mayan theory of everyone jumping to the next dimension right before a cataclysm? I absolutely believe this theory exactly, due to personal experiences with psilocybin. I would love to be able to share them with you a little more in depth.

Tammi Wells, US



Drunvalo, if not able to attend an ATIH workshop, would the Earth/Sky DVD set be appropriate to assist one with the activation of the merkaba and joining the sacred place of the heart, if never experienced before? Also, once the ascension process begins and mother earth has her major shift, will children and animals ascend first? ~Thank you




Hi Drunvalo, I would like some information on the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek . I was informed that you had trained there in Vancouver, where I am currently situated, and I strongly feel this is a path I need to pursue further. Thank you. Chardelle

John Keel



John Keel, Washington state my question is : how does the Maya remember what occurred at the time of the last pole shift and their Atlantean heritage if during this cataclysm the earth's magnetic field reversed/dropped, thus erasing all human memory? if the polar shift/reversal indeed causes all memory to be lost, then there should be no memory.




Hello. I've been watching several of your videos and in each one there seems to be something different said regarding whether or not your merkaba needs to be fully operational before you can ascend. Can you please clarify this? Is this something we must study and perfect first or will it naturally happen if we're meant to ascend? Thanks




Hello from NY. I have a question regarding the building of the Great Pyramid in Giza. In your film I recently watched you said that the pyramid was actually built from top down and in a matter of hours in the 4th Dimension. If the pyramid was built in hours, why are the top stones older than the bottom stones? Thank you for the clarification




Neither shalt thou try to exalt His name by adding thereunto any name in the shape and figure of man, nor by any one of woman born.

Paul Berg



Hi Drunvalo! Is the torroidial field in the "Living in the Heart" meditation the same as, or similar to a torsion field? Thx.! -Paul

jessica wood



Hi Drunzalo, my question is, does monoatomic gold aka ormus have any effect upon sycronization of left and right brain hemispheres to help with meditation? It is said that the Melchizedek priests of the Essene used this ormus derived from sea salt. Thankyou for your time and help. Jessica

Lisa A. Schad, LMT



Lisa Schad, Mentone, AL, USA. Mt Pico, Pico Island, the Azores, Portugal, 10/28/11, saw jet stream-like sky code-DNA code. Asked many--only one other person has seen something similar near me in n. GA. Mtn guide, co-witness said with all sincerity, "Love note...or message from aliens". Both I believe. Is my fb cover photo. Opinion? Assist?

Bridget Jeffery - South Africa



Hi Drunvalo, I bought a octahedron florid crystal late 1996. 2 things are very notable about this crystal: 1 – the 1 point is flat thus allowing the crystal to 'stand.' 2 – on the 1 side of the crystal is an inverted pyramid. About 2 months ago a lady told me the inverted pyramid is a “Key.” Can you give any furthur insight as she didn't? Thanks




Drunvalo" I was reading your book Live in the Heart and wondering about your statement that most heart surgons know of an area of the heart that if touched a person would die. Where did u get this info. I have found no source that agrees with this statement including asking a staff/doctor at a cradiac hospital? Thanks, David from Loves Park, IL

Victoria Howell



My name is Victoria from Texas, now residing in Oklahoma. I have three questions on video below. Thanks for all the work you are doing. With much love Victoria




The Montauk chair experiments described an impenetrable bump at the December 21 point where time travel did not work. The 'I Ching' Flat-lines at this date also. The Pleiadian's have apparently projected back in time to assure us that the shift has already happened and it was a success Is it possible to know what is going to happen?

Amy S. Nelson



Amy Nelson, Pennsylvania, USA -Member of Lemurian Choir What is your opinion of:1.Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll?2.Dr. Todd Ovokaitys who intuited 24 pineal tones,the effects are said to be deeply transforming personally while also uplifting the planetary vibrational field.3.Dr. Todd's Lemurian Choir performing in Hawaii 12/21/12. Thank you!

Lucas Farmer



Greetings Drunvalo, my name is Lucas Farmer and I am 16 years old currently living in Kansas. I am very interested in the work that you do and have recently began meditation. How should beginners like me meditate? Also, is it possible to see like Mary Ann Schinfield through meditation? Thank you for all the incredible work you are doing. -Lucas

Maria Alejandra Cabello



Ma. Alejandra Cabello Venezuela You make reference to the center of the Earth and an inner sun (meditating and Serpent of Light) Is there any relation to theories regarding a hollow Earth holding a more advanced world, and how does it relate with the Unity Grid? What change is supposed to be covering? Does it mean there's a universe within Earth?


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