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During 2010 many Humicin™ users called in and told us about their exciting experiences with Humicin™ products.

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reece young



Reece Young Victoria, Australia Hello Drunvalo My Kundalini was activated when i was 19 i am now 30 years old. i see the yellow and red flahes of light and the electric blue to white,clear prana i always see this during the day. and the spinning 3rd eye vortex. Could this activate the merkaba field. If not what is it helping to do. thankyou

Luis Medinas



Dear Drunvalo, Can you share some wisdom on the subj. of music and universal principles. What should we know to deepen our musical experience? Sacred Geometry and Music Mathematics and Music Tuning practices conducive to spiritual development Tuning practices harmonious with the universe In the end, by ear or by number? With love, Luis,Portugal

Luis Medinas



Dear Drunvalo, Can you share some wisdom on the subject of music and universal principles. What should we know to deepen our musical experience? . Sacred Geometry and Music . Mathematics and Music . Tuning practices conducive to spiritual development . Tuning practices harmonious with the universe . In the end, by ear or by number? With Love

Tyrone Coyle



Tyrone from Grand Rapids, MI 2 questions My first question is in regards of emotions and the shapes that coincide with each. I watched an interview where you touched on them and was wondering if you could point me in the direction to further my own research. 2nd, I am over whelmed but in awe with the Subject matter, looking for a good start point




Hi Drunvalo, In your second Flower of Life book you mention a sacred marriage and interdimensional conception.Even as means to assend.Is there a certain meditation for it and where would I find more info about it.(So far I've found a bunch of different tantric love books).Thank you <3

Christopher Groom (from Shree Peetha Nilaya-Frankfurt Germany)



Dear Drunvalo, Question 1 Were the high priests that were using the ark of the covenant in the great pyramid (egypt)using their merkabah fields to transmute the radiation that was emitted from the ark. If so how? Question 2 Will there ever be such a need for arks in the future for this planet if our human race collectively ascends?




Hi Drunvalo I found a information about a blackout on 23-25 Dec (NASA predicts total blackout on 23-25 Dec 2012 during alignment of Universe). So my question is: IS this information really truth, because 23 Dec is my birthday? Thank you and really appreciate your work.

María Elena Romero Murguía



Hi this is Mar from México. Sweet Drunvalo, Thank you for your Light and guidance!!! Question: If we need our body for the ascension to the 4th dimension, does it mean that cremation is not at all recomended in order to resurrect, ascend or die consciously? All my Blessings From the Sacred Space of my Heart * * * ~~~~~~~ MAR

Paul Tetreau



Is floride bad? can cod liver oil help my third eye? is molecular iodide also good? I'm a newbie any meditation secrets we should all know? I know I need to start at the beginning but like my polar self what's results now. Intuition needs sharpening Sense of humor needs boost. just want to connect with lower and higher self Love ya man




Hey Drunvalo :). I assume youre being overloaded with questions pertaining the comming events of this year and the merkaba, so i would just like to ask this: Im spreading love to everyone I know through my actions and the people close to me are beggining to see the truth. I feel good about the people I get through to, but i want to help more. How?

gabriel miranda of colorado



My question is about the name or title given to you,Melchizedek. Is it some how related to the Melchizedek from the bible? and how can i know when im realy connected to our mother earth? I know, i feel it that i love her but im not sure if im truly connected.thank u from the bottom of my heart

fausto carrasco



I see orbs everywhere. They balance, produce different shapes, spin slow/fast, and range in "all" sizes. Maybe 8 years since I noticed them. I've taught some friends and family how to see them for my sanity, some accepted, and some were scared. Can you tell me what I see?

Claudia Caroline Melchior



Hello Drunvalo, i'm Claudia, i am a brasilian girl, i have 25 years old. Right now, i live in Rome and i am trying to be a mistress by myself...and you appeared in my way. I have seen many of your videos etc.. a brasilian girl, i would like to know what you have to say about Brazil and about the brasilian people? Thank's a lot Drunvalo.




Dear Drunvalo, I posted a question a couple weeks ago and haven't heard back... My question is where is my question? :)

Dawn Young



Drunvalo, Thank God for you. While in my heart, beams out, stimulating roof of mouth with pineal gland turned 90% intending to connect pineal chakra with pituitary chakra I experience strong muscle contractions especially if I relax my body and let it happen. Then lights show up in my inner vision. Please discuss. With great reverence. Dawn




I'm Micheal from Indiana. If we're only going to be in 4th dimension for equivalent 2years, how will those of us who want to enjoy that level of life and making love and children for longer than that be able to experience that longer than 2yrs? And evolve into the 5th and higher dimensions at the pace that brings joy to our heart? Peace and Love

Rambod Tabari



Hello Dear Drunvalo, Please tell me what happens if by 12 12 12 our Mer-Ka-Ba is not activated yet? Will our memories be erased? Respectfully Rambod

paul massey



paul massey, london, uk. just watched 'through the eyes of a child' for first time - was deeply touched by the possibilities it presented, particularly the water as my best friends parents are old and ill - maybe 6 months to live - is there any way or where i may access or buy this water in 2012? or is it not accessible to the public yet? inshalla

angelo villella



hello i have been praying for knowledge for the past couple of years and it seems that my praying has led me to you. I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. but i am very excited to learn but i dont know where to begin. could you please help me get started and get me going in the right direction. thank you angelo




Hi Drunvalo, My name is Eric and I am from Staten Island N.Y. My Question is about the Urantia Book. Have you read it? and if you have, what are your feelings about the information contained in it? Thanks.

liu shuang



2ed. I was wondering if I can host another workshop in Beijing in November, cause I have lots of friends who also interested in this lecture. I can provide large ceremoney rooms(for at least 100 persons ), or other stuff u need,like money,just tell me how to cooperate with you. like details.

liu shuang



I am a student from China,my friend introduced your Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop to me ,which make me fascinated! I have 2 questions, thank u for ur time: first,I wanna make sure if there is one workshop from 12 ~16 Dec in Beijing,China? i wanna sign in ,could u plz give me some info?




hi drunvalo first i must say thank you for your contribution to our awakening process i am from jamaica living in boston iv bin searching for my own being for a while now i have had a spontaneous OBE and a few lucid best to prepare myself and family for the coming events and if there is any advice on how to better connect with myself

Ray Rankin



Drunvalo, I have watched several videos from you now referring to the "the tongue and the roof of the mouth", can you please tell me the EXACT position of the tongue on the roof of the mouth which activates the green light within the head ?




Hi Drunvalo, Thank you for being with us and for doing what you do! After meditating the heart meditation and feeling the spiritual love for all, I try praying & feeling as if my prayers have already been answered and then send God gratitude, but the Isaiah Effect either doesn't happen or doesn't last long. Please guide me Gratitude and Love, Tina


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