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During 2010 many Humicin™ users called in and told us about their exciting experiences with Humicin™ products.

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Xavier Morin, Montreal, Canada I saw some of your videos on the net about the merkaba. I want to beleive what you are saying but I just have one thing stopping me. It seems you run a good business delivering your message. Why are your DVD's so expensive ? You have a very big profit margin on 13 DVD at 390$. Can you help me understand ?

Cherie Phillips



Drunvalo, As we move closer to December 21 2012, I can't help but wonder what other lightworkers plan to do on that day. I want to make the most of this day, what are your plans, and what do you think would add the most value to an individual and the planet during this ascension process. Thank You, Cherie

Maria José Pérez K.



Hi , I live in Santiago de Chile. As you can think I have thousands questions in my mind but not that many in my heart. I'm always trying to start meditation, but it doesn't work easily to me. I'm a full time mom and wife , probably that's why. I have this lovely cristal, amethyst I think. Could this cristal help me ? How? Light and love to you.

John Russ



John Russ, Florida . Please help me to understand the half step between the two hearts. Will you explain how we can get past the wall and go through the void space?

John Russ



Hello. In your book, The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life,you went over the Chromatic scale and it's alignment to the Thirteen Chakra system and you mentioned the half step in between the two heart Chakras. In the book,you said you wouldn't explain how to get past the wall but you would let us figure it out.I ask this,going beyond the half step

Michelle Taylor



Hi Drunvalo, thank you for all the information you get out there to so many, blessings. I have been guided to work with children and in particular to activate their merkaba, I have been given clear insgtructions of how to help children and the activation is part of this. I have attended FOL workshop how am I to move forward? Peace Joy & Love x




Hello Drunvalo, Thank you for all your wonderful work and information. And for your great books. You said there might be a forth solution/option next to ascension or resurrection or death. What is that forth option and what might be the reason that it is offered at this time when we have the three otions already? Thank you, Simone




Hi, Im from Mexico, want to know in there is a relationship between sagrad geometry and hebrew letters. thank you

idalia tobar



Blessings, your work is so much appreciated. Thank you. I would like to know, Are witches creating with their brain or their heart. Was Merlin creating with the heart or the brain? Oh thank you so much.

idalia tobar



Idalia Tobar, California, USA. I would like to know why prophet Muhammad, knowing the law of attraction would lead their people to war? He did recommend kill them but not enjoy the killing. Thank you so much. I love and appreciate your teachings. Blessings.

Jan, Long island, NY



Are you doing more Q&A's? I ask because you've always ended your sessions asking for more questions... except after the 6th one. Now there's no more. Are you done with it? The session before that you mentioned that there was something "new" happening-is it still happening? Not sure if I should post a question, yet need answers. Please continue.

Dolly Gentile



Just watching about giant crystal pyramid in bermuda. The top of the Giza Pyramid in Egypt is missing the top. Do ot know diminsions of the missing top. Is it possible this is what Moses took with him in the Exodus ....The Power....would it fit in the Ark of the Covenant? Just a theory. Nassiem Haramein ..sarkophagus has entrance!

Serge De Zario



In our current society the message seems to revolve around acquiring the following throughout ones lifetime: an education, a job/career, a house and car, and a family. In our quest to reaching higher levels of consciousness and dimensions...what will become our purpose once we transition to the next dimension(s)? :))

Clinton Hurst



Question regarding the Great Pyramid of Giza. Clinton Hurst Sydney, Australia

Cynthia Lynn Scott



Hello Drunvalo! My name is Cyntha from Dresden, Ontario. First, thank you so much for all that you do. I recall you mentioning something about the connection between the Mayan elders and Cirque du Soleil. Is this the movie titled "Worlds Away" coming out December 21, 2012? Will there be ceremony by the elders with this release? Thank you!

Nilufer Kadıoglu



Hello Drunvalo; İ am Nilufer from Turkey.Thank you for your work for this planet.My question is:Do you know anything about blue light?İ saw it in my deep metidation statement. Thank you




Hello Drunvalo, How come you taught the flower of life before the illumined heart? It seems now that you knew in advance the Merkaba wouldn't properly work without the illumined heart, so why did you teach it in that order? Simone, London, England

Clinton Hurst



I would like to know what part the greys in this transitional time. My experiences seem to suggest they are in fact helping on some level. I can not stop my drive for knowledge, it is all my life is about. Yet no matter what I do, I find a am with a grey. At times, it seems I AM the grey. Why can I not stop seeking? Inlakesh. Clint, Australia.




Dear Drunvalo I keep seeing the number 36 everywhere. It keeps coming back and it occurs too often to be a coincidence. I wonder what this number is trying to tell me and who or what sends it to me? Is it my own subconscious or is it an angel? Is it the universe? Does seeing it have to do with karma or ascension? Could you please help me?




Hi, my name is nitin, I am from India. I've been exploring my mind for the past 2 months. I feel like I'm a prisoner of my mind. I would like to know ur views on enlightenment. Even if the shift happens, will we be free from this prison (mind)??? Thank you :)

Noushin Adib



Hello, my question is about the indigo children, I'm 54 years old and I resonate with all the descriptions. Since childhood I had a different way of thinking and for the past 7 years my life is up side down as I knew it. I am more aware of my power and knowing, how may I get tested to this knowing so I use it in a more productive way. Thank you.




We need the merkabah active so we can ascend w/o dying. A parent can activate their child's merkabah. If the Sirians and Nephilim were our " parents" Can we ask them to activate our merkabah? OR ask our Higher Self ( spirit guide) to activate it? Im not saying we dont work on it ourselves, but if all else fails are these viable options? Florida




Greetings Drunvalo, I’ve been trying to learn the Merkabah meditation but I feel I may not learn it in time for 2012. Do you have any tips on how I can learn this in just 2 short months? I have no prior meditation experience and I feel that I may be left behind when 2012 comes around. Much love, Chase from Belmont, Michigan




Dear Drunvalo, What is your perspective of Angels and their purpose in the game of the universe? Have you ever wondered if you have been sent down for the earth's transformation? Love and blessings, Anna

Joseph Downey



I'm very interested in your "Awakening the Illuminated Heart®" teachings. I live in Edmonton Canada and there are no retreats scheduled around here at this point. Is it possible to purchase a book or DVD's? I feel this information is going to be needed soon. Thanks Joseph Downey


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