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Mary Back



Do you have to remember yourself or be awaken before we try to assend? I am trying to learn how to operate the Mar Ka Ba but not complete sure how to do it, would love a clear video that just shows that? I hear that one of the stargates which we must use to ascend is located in Sarasota, Florida. Must we drive there and if so where is location?

Kamalla Garnier, Oregon



Hello, I was wondering if Nibiru/Planet X is arriving & will that trigger the pole shift & if that has any effect on the ascension process to the 4th dimension? Or is that not even a real thing that is occurring? Should we not make any future plans for this lifetime? Is there anything else we can do to prepare, or would it not matter? Thank you

Jerry Linn



It is very clear to me that i am a member of the family of light from the pleiadians and i have been fortunate to remember much of who i am. i know i'm here to hold a higher vibration and serve as an example of alternate methods of existence. i'm curious as to why i resist meditation so much and have no clear grasp of the merkaba. Any ideas? Love




Daniel, California Q1. Can staring at the sun bring blindness or is it a myth? Does that include ones belief in that action as well? Q2. When you talked about transitioning from the 3rd Dimension to the 4th and soon after to the 5th, is it a literal transition, a metaphysical or both?

Tom, Palm Beaches, FL



Dear Drunvalo, I'm your grateful and thankful student! Q: You mentioned once that you will start teaching the 18 breath...may I ask where are you in relation to this teaching... Q2: I feel I have permanent Mer-ka-ba; do I still need to practice breathing (I feel rotation every day, but I do not practice breathing technique) Love and light, Tom

Tiago Ostrovski



Hello Drunvalo, I´m a big fan of the message that you are passing to us. But something are really bothering me. The prices of your store. I can´t agree whith it, and I really don´t understand How can you charge this abusive pricing. I know that we are part of this monetary system, but,my opinion, you're cashing in on something that u shouldn´t




Hi Drunvalo, Thank you for all you do! I have a question about creating from the heart space. When you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and start to see green, my girlfriend Katherine says it turns green, but if she does it hard enough the color turns to purple. Is this ok? Why is this happening? Many blessings, Josh North Carolina

Chris Augustyn



Chris Augustyn Glendale,AZ questions in video.




Billy USA I have been practicing the meditation for about a month now and now when I start the second merkaba step I feel like I,m wobbling. What does this mean? Good or bad. Plus I have been using the elements to clean my energy body. Should I stop?




Jimmy, Miami FL. Hi Drunvalo, I was curious as to whether animals and plants have a merkaba? and if so, will they also change in appearance once entering the 4th dimension? Also approximately 3 years ago I had an experience (while not in meditation) where In my minds eye I could see a pink and gold light in the center of my chest, any clue ?




Jonathan Tromp Houston Texas My question is when i do the merkabah Meditation's while i can see and sense it, when i bring it into myself, it fades into a torus bubble I've had around me instinctively for years. Am I doing anything wrong? Also When ever i do a walking meditation, instead of a Merhabah, I create an ankh that spins at the same speed

Chris Augustyn



Dear Dru, First I would like to thank you for your service. I have 2 questions. (1)If it took the ancients 12 years in The Mystery Schools to learn how to ascend how am I going to do it without that training? (2) Do you have to be a 7th level Old Soul to ascend or can any level soul ascend? Thank you so much, Chris Augustyn




Dutch Hernando, MS Hey Drunvalo - Peace Be With You! This question pertains to my step-daughter, Tonya: she had a heart transplant over 10 years ago. Considering factors such as muscle memory, the "brain" of the heart, etc., how will this affect her spiritually such as "going into your heart" to find one's inner Self, elevate Consciousness, etc.?

Beatrice Boctor



Can the Merkaba and Heart Meditation have effects on stopping the war/wars in the Middle East. Can we get together and do a meditation for Syria please. And then for Israel to halt its belligerent behaviour toward its neighbours and the world both overt and covert! Please Drunvalo answer me, this is so important.

patrick schwartz



When are you going to put up Q&A 7?????????????? We want to hear from you; especially regarding Feb 19, 2013 and whether we are still on schedule to transition before the end of 2013




You say we need to conciously die and take our physical body with us, can you elaborate? and does it mean we cant allow ourselves to die during the polar shift or through any way that might destroy our bodies? for example, if I drown in a tsunami or my body is burned. Thankyou so much for your guidance.

Maria Angela



Hi D. I am colombian, living in Germany. 1987 I lived a shift.It took me outside almost a month. Since 3 years ago I see how time and space flows eternally around ourselfs. While we are approaching our own gravity center and leaving experiencies, we are rising in an other level, where time is too slowly. How to manage these whithout conflict in 3?

dr.nadahalli ravi



Dear drunvalo greetings. Thanks a lot for all the knowledge I recieved through ancient secrets of flower of life & through Q & A. Its said that Lord Krishna recollects memory back from Curse of Gandhari on 18/09/12.something to do with the grid activation ?

Elly Guerrero



I would like to go to the workshop in Clear water at the end of sept. I actually don't see the money even though it is around, any sugestion how to atract it to get my training? I know some healers and master do exhoneration of paymnet to some interest person that are intrested in changing fast and going up in the ascencion leader.

arun ramachandran



I would like to understand how the nature of these 3 over tones will be,with respect to our state of minds,what is the geographical relation to the shift? and when will it be time to come out with the 18th breath? with regards Arun,

Tod Fiscus



Drunvalo, Namaste. Thank you. I have been watching and waiting for you. When will be the next opportunity to attend an ATIH class that you will be leading? Kindest regards, Tod Fiscus Monroe WA 206.226.4311

Michel Caromil



Hi, I watched a very good video that led me to you, and I just wondered what you thought about the three following things : - The work on the ego - The sexual energy retaining - The sacrifice to Humanity None of it was mentionned in this video as useful to achieve one's ascension, so I wanted to know your opinion about these 3 things. Regards

Kevin Joseph.



Kevin Joseph.Costa Rica. I heard on 1 video that does not matter if people are good or bad or are aware of the truth, they will go to the next dimension by dying, it is hard to me to understand it entirely, I saw 1 video that those that are not prepared to the vibrational changes probably will not resist. So what about the bad heart people.

Hentie, East London, South Africa



Hi Drunvalo One's you mentioned your home,home and you also said that there are only four other beings on earth that is from there. I will love to hear about your home.Pleas tell me?

ljhbghj kljlj



Differrent holy texts say to be in the heart when dying... Where is it going to be save earthwise in Switzerland during the turning of the earth? Do You know?


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