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Melissa Gerrard



Melissa,Denmark.Will experiencing uncontrollable heavy negative emotions(such as intense anger with my 3-year-old daughter)hinder the ascension process or attempts to enter the sacred and tiny space of the heart,and if so,how to release/transform them as effectively as possible?I wish so much to do good for her,myself and Earth,yet the anger flares

Yasser ayub



Hello drunvalo are you planning to release the awakening the iluminaited heart workshop in dvd set?

catharine dille



is there a difference between the melchizadek priesthood of the mormon church and the one you stem from? i grew up in a mormon family and they believe you can only be given it thru them. i would love clarification of this, thank you so much and much love!!!!!!!!!!!

catharine dille



catharine dille grass valley, ca i have been having very lucid dreams lately without even trying where i look at my hands in the dream and start chanting the hare krishna maha mantra, and as i do this i start floating in the air and glowing.i find this very interesting and was wondering if this has to with the awakening process.thank you so much!!




Hi drunvalo you been to the 4rth dimension rigth? when the time comes when we pass to the 4rth dimension what will happen to the lost souls who live in pain for 100 years in one place they cant let go on earth (when a house is haunted there is a lost soul there for many years)




Hi drunvalo in your heart/sky/heart workshop when you spoke about entities entering someones body and destroying spiritual growth what kind of meditation should i do to know if there is a entitie in my body and how can i resolve this problem by myself if i have it, what kind of meditation should i do?




Hello Drunvalo, -when we go through the shift of dimension, you said it would be as if being born here and that there are "Parents" on the other side for is the relationship to the children we have here NOW when we make that transition? - is life continuing in any way as we know it? Is Work, Money, Housing etc still relevant? Love Alexa




I wonder when the next program comes? Longing! Can you tell me how to get in contact with the higher self and lower self. When do you know you have contact?

Marleen Hofman



I've got the order from my soul to find in the dessert double pyramidal crystals. My question is, is I find, what I can do with it for myself, others? How it works? In your book I read crystals have a consciousness, (each crystal different?). In your video I've heard that you put on certain places crystals to correct the grid around the earth. Thx!

Jason Layton



Question for Drunvalo on Free Will and Predetermination.

William Yeager



Dear Mr Drunvalo; I am a student of the Flower of Life and I wanted to know your personal opinion on Paramahansa Yogananda and his teachings of yoga, breathing, and the exercises presented in his book, and did you ever read his autobiography? I would like to incorporate this into my spiritual life also, and also any thoughts on his guru's (founders

martin rueda macias



Cordial saludo. Mi pregunta. Hay alguna edad minima establecida para ser maestro certificado? Mi hijo tiene 15 años y es un estudioso del MER, KA. BA, aca en colombia asistío al taller de concepción y juan miguel, y veo que tiene una habilidad impresionante, Yo tomaré el taller con juan miguel este jueves 9 de agosto próximo gracias




What happens if there is no consciousness shift. How am I supposed to invest my time and love into something when i have no real evidence that it is going to happen. I'm not trying to refute your claims, I'm just a confused young adult trying to make sense of my consciousness.




Hi drunvalo i realy have problems with my parents i realy feel unconfortable around them they make me realy angry i realy cant take it i last year i ran away from home 2 times and this will/is affect my meditation i cant find peace with them so what will i do besides therapy becuse my parents wont let me they think its a waste of time and mony.




Hi Drunvalo, After choosing one of the ways to ascend to the 4th dimension, would children and families stay together? Do they ascent together or meet there? You mentioned that we have to wait for Mother Nature to decide when this happens. Does it mean it may happen years from now? Thank you Madina San Diego, California

Laura from California



Hello Drunvalo, I keep on seeing the numbers 11:11 all the time, what does it mean?

Laura California



Hello Drunvalo, I have been experiencing insomnia a lot more lately, why is that? It's very uncomfortable, I feel like I'm going to float away and I have to keep having to move or tossing and turning all night long, I used to be able to sleep all night and now it seems I only sleep for 2-3 hours and I am okay, not tired at all. Why is that?

Destiny Love, NY



Greetings in the name of Love & Light Master Teacher Drunvalo. I missed your class for the A.T.I.H. but I am compelled to attend class in NY. Everything in my life is pointing towards this initiation. I've been having extraordinary visions. I had a contact with a dematerializing Great White Brotherhood member as well. What is going on?

Destiny Love



Greetings Master Teacher Drunvalo. My Higher Self has led me to you. Integrity is essential in TOTALITY (Overstand). I have experienced Orbs, Planes that are holograms, Feline Off Worlders , PLEIADIANS, Galactic Federation, Motherships, Archangel Michael, SERAPHIM, Ascended Master in NY, and Black Helicopters.WHY?FOL GRADUATE I am humbly grateful.




If one achieves Krishna consciousness would one's merkaba be already activated? If so may you please explain the process of synchronization and mechanics of the merkaba's connection with the state of Krishna consciousness. Thank you for your time Drunvalo, and much thanks to the people spreading enlightenment throughout the world. Eli




Hi drunvalo :) i have a big question We cant show of our mekaba for mony... that i know and when we go in our hearts will our ego no longer be in our way for ever? and we can only use our merkaba in public if its a life and death situation rigth? and can we show the merkaba for friends for example so they mind open for new possiblities?

Mette Wuttudal



Hello and thank you for doing what you are doing!! My question is about being in the heart. You talk about the importance of actually being in the heart and not just thinking you are. Is there a way to "check" that you are really in your heart and not just imagining it? Again, thank you! Love and light! Mette Wuttudal from Norway

Jose Careaga



Jose Careaga, Reynosa Tamps. MEX I have recently connected to an entity on astral proyection that irradiates love. He said that he had to teach me. "fill you heart and mind with love, name Jesus as an ascended master but with irradiating love and thought. Be prepaired for fealing and thought comunication. Remeber to be concious, is this true ?




Sterling White Dover, OHIO I understand that you have a school of remembering. My question is for concern of thousands of people who are not able to travel, attend, or afford this school. Is there any plan for alternate ways...through video, or some other kind of media to learn this important ritual or information? Thank You

Corban Montana



I was raised a Catholic, but have recently been spiritualized by your teachings. I need to have a higher connection with myself and mother earth, along with father sky. I was born in 1993. My mind is still very young, and i would love to understand its true nature. Where should i start? how do i gain consciousness? Thank you for your guidance


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