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Kathy of Mexico City



Dear Drunvalo: I have read from a website about the following event to take place soon and am hoping you could shed some light on it: 1. Will there be 3 days of darkness when a Stasis Event occurs to remove the Calbal and another one before major Earth changes? Thank you for the time you are taking to help us!

Marc Broatch-Stevens



Why are we in the West following Astrology which is out of alignment with Nature and Astronomy. Why in Vedic Astrology do they not include the outer planets? (Astronomy - Left Brain + Astrology - Right Brain) Why do a Birth Chart when our Blue Print is closer to when we are Conceived. (How deep do we want to understand ourselves)

sarah manning



You seem to be talking about two different things. firstly the coming of a new age on earth, the age of the feminine. And secondly going to a new (fourth) dimension. Are these both the same thing? Or do we live for a while in the age of the femine before ascending? Im puzzled. Thanks for answering

John, Melbourne, Australia



Hi Drunvalo. In your "Conversation" with Cal Garrison you mention that the Earth is presently the 'centre' of the Universe right now - yet didn't elaborate on why. Would you possibly explain why this is so. Thanks, John.

Daniela Scalla



Dear Drunvalo,mi name is Daniela, i live in Quito Ecuador. My question is:How kids are going to connetc to their hart to shift to the fourth dimension?I have 2 boys, one is 9 years old nad the other is 2. How can we help each other?




John from Melbourne,Australia. With so much violence,mindless shootings, civil wars, needless mass starvation etc on the planet right now .. how is it that our races' consciousness is capable & ready to 'ascend' in the near future? I do not understand how the darkness of our group soul can be ready to transform. PS Thank you for everything you do




Hi Drunvalo, 1)As some countries have no certified ATIH teacher and travelling abroad may not be an option, have you considered videoing an ATIH workshop and making it available to purchase? 2)Where do you see religion eg catholicism fitting in with your teaching, or do we need a formal religion to ascend? 3)Does the Violet Flame help us evolve?




hi i'm gert from belgium, i wander what happens with the people who die before the transition. i mean from this moment till the moment of transition when the poles shift. do they reincarnated and be born again as humans or do they become spirits and make the transition as a spirit? hoping for your answer and thanking you already for responding.

ronald bartholomew



in the verius overtones of the forth dimension do we still resenate as a choice on earth to have gay or lezbian lives




Dear Drunvalo, All computer datas will be erased. How about books? Ist there a way to use the knowledge I gained in this live? Or won't we need any knowlegde as well? If I make it through resurrection can I use what I have already learned in this dimension? How can I prepare best to reach the highest spirituell goal? Thanks for answering, Bredja,Ge




Dear Drunvalo, thank you so much for broadcasting! Looking forward to the birth of the new age. Can't wait for it :) Bredja, Germany, Sister of Gareth (which you may know as one of your Merkaba-teachers)




Nameste Drunvalo. My name is Majella O'Brien, I'm Irish but living in Dubai, UAE which is unfortunately a long distance to any of your courses. I have listened to your video on the important info on Ascension and the Merkaba and am now wondering if it's better to do the Awakening the Illuminated Hesrt course rather than the Flower of Life course.




Gabriela from Florida If this universe is going to stop existing by Jan 1st 2016, then does this mean, that the new Age of Aquarius with the Female domination, that starts on Dec 22nd 2012 is only going to last 3 years at the most, or will it continue existing on the 4th dimension?

Seth Nunes



Does the use of ethnobotanicals(cannibas,psilocybe cubensis,San pedro cactus, etc.) affect your markaba.




Drunvalo Hi, My name is Nicoleta and I'm from Romania    For three years I sing songs whose words do not understand is supposed to be healing mantras and songs that I feel bad when I sing and I quickly balance, I would like to make heard these songs but still not sure currently no song that will be good for others, Please advise me what to do.

Sheryl Firkus



Drunvalo have you had any experiences with the Ascended Masters where they precipatate a meal for you straight from the Universal Substance. Godfre experienced it alot once he came into contact with them. And did they give you any information on eating Raw Foods.???

Sheryl Firkus



The Food info. earlier was for your FYI and if you want to share it. Sheryl Houston Tx

Sheryl Firkus



Food: The Ascended Masters say - the reason not to eat flesh foods - the Animals, Birds, Fish etc all have emotional bodies & at the moment of death these feelings of fear, hate, & animal qualities are absorbed into the flesh. When a person eats it they absorb those qualities into their flesh & must experience those feelings & desires. Hstn Tx.

Nathaniel O. Wise



This question is a frequently asked question that i knwo you get a lot. Now you have eazed my mind with what all is happening past Dec. 21. 2012 but, what about the people who do not accend. I fear for my friends and family who live in this closed reality controled by fear and greed. In general, what happens to the people who die before accention.

Yasser ayub



Hi i want to know your opinion about the a gruop of 13 families call the iluminati if they are real or not?

Karolina Bojadżijew



Karolina Poland, Hello Drunvalo, first I would like to thank you for everything!!! Q1:Can you tell us more about the crystal starseeds or crystal children?Where they're from? What is the difference between indigo and crystal people? Q2:Please, If you can tell us more about the ways to protect ourselves from negative ETs?(implants-etheric, physical)

Mary Beth Stange



What can you tell us about the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas that James Tyberonn writes about? My husband and I recently moved to this lovely state and I can feel that the energy is very high here. However, I am not certain of the information that James is passing on to us. Your online conversations are fantastic. Mary Beth Stange Cotter, AR

Michael Kalahan



Hi Drunvalo / Team, I had emailed a link of my video questions to Drunvalo's YouTube account, but I don't know if that was the right place. Video is a little long, but the most relevant questions are asked first. If there's time, I'd love to get the rest answered. Thank you, Michael

Rick Pace



Is there going to be any disclosure to Mr. & Mrs. Joe public about anything in the near future. You want to believe what your saying.. it is just difficult because no one seems to be discussing these types of things openly. Will that change or is all of this made up anyway? Because the dates seem to keep getting pushed more and more in the future..




hello Drunvalo! in the past you have mentioned Thoth and his wife Seshat have left this universe to experiance life in an entirely different way. i'm curious if you have had any emails ;) or communication with them since they have left? i wonder what they would think of everything happening now compared to when they left. thanks for everything!


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