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During 2010 many Humicin™ users called in and told us about their exciting experiences with Humicin™ products.

In 2011 we want to share that information with everyone so we have installed a “Testimonial & Positive Story” system allowing all our users to share their positive stories and comments. We would love to hear your stories of success, so much so anyone who sends us a link to their “Video” testimonial will get 2 bottles of Humicin™ Pure absolutely free!! That’s over $100 dollars of Humicin™ absolutely free!!

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Todd Hathaway



To what extent can humanity minimize the catastrophic impact of looming Earth changes during the transition to a sustainable civilization?




Dear Drunvelo, My name is Elizabeth, I live in Colorado I have been re-awakening for about 6 months. I have learned a lot but am feeling overwhelmed, all the reading to do. Time seems short, what is the best advice to get a crash course for a student in earnest. I really appreciate your previous Q/A videos, namaste E

nathan jones



aloha drunvalo, there are many of us who have found our path through the door of sacred plants. do you have any experience with the commonly contacted "self transforming machine-elf" like entities that terence mckenna speaks of so eloquently? Mahalo, Nathan Jones Tennessee

Tony B Ly



Hi Drunvalo! Does actions that happen in dreams Affect 3d reality? I met Archangel Metaron in a dream and I also met Chinese Ancients, Obama, secret societies,and also did the Single eye of the heart, with beams coming out of my head connecting to my heart, sacred heart meditation and saw Sailor moon Characters. Are some Animes based on history?

Paula Forster, Australia



It seems to be agreed that we do our real work while we are asleep... What sort of work do we actually do? I know lightworkers do this work while asleep but what about all the people who are 'unaware'? Are they really aware of 2012/ star beings etc while they are asleep? Thank you!!

Anna Gardner



What happens if the Ascension happens when one is sleeping? Thank you for being you!

Randy, Phoenix, AZ



If we exist in an infinite number of parallel realities, who is "manning the ship" for the "me" in the other realities? If I were to suddenly switch to an alternate reality, and I am now surrounded by alternate versions of my friends & family, does their consciousness still occupy the old reality, the new reality, neither or both?

Brooke Bennett



I have been very concerned about the levels of assault on our physical bodies from GMOs, radiation from Fukishima, EFTs, pesticides, microwave energy from Smart Meters, etc. This has caused me distress, but I also have a sense that we can possibly transcend being vulnerable by raising our vibrations or programming our Merkaba to protect us.

Paul McMahon



How does consciousness create light?




drunvalo, thanks, i can´t writh in english, but .... whatever (sorry my terrible english)i need more information of meditacion trascendental, and why see number "3" in all lands? parts? (sorry again) i am artist,(paint, esculpture) thanks for all.




Ok...I would like to know why are there so few sacret heart classes available? Since we are suppose to be at the end of this world plane.there should Be more info available. Also why aren't they free ? I mean if I had information On how humanity could be saved from impending disaster...I would shout as loud as I Could...and for sure not charge.




Drunvalo, you have spoken about homosexuality very briefly in books and other sources. I am interested in how homosexuality is intertwined in what you teach. Some points of interest, Why are people homosexual? Is homosexuality something that continues throughout the existence of a soul? Is homosexuality part of the ascension process?




Could you kindly explain the female way to establishing a merkaba? Since you said that it is permanent and has other very positive and a less complex processes involved because it is heart centred, I would really like to know that route. Thank you so much. diana from newmarket, ontario, canada

wolters gert



hey Drunvalo, I'm from Belgium and I have a question. What will happen with the people who die before the pole shift or transition has occured (counting from this moment till anywhere before jan 2015). Will they reincarnate and again become human or will they be spirits and eventually also follow into the 4th dimension? thanks Gert




Dear Sirs, What do the prophecies say, what will happen to human memory during the polar shift or before when the magnetic field of earth will be absent? If our memory is dependant on the collective subconcious, which is dependant on the earths magnetic field, and we lose our memeories, will it be back after we moved through the void. Elma Greyling




I had watched one of your old workshops from the 90's and you mentioned 3/4's of the way through it about some miracle water that had a white hue to it. Can you tell me what is happening with it and is it available is so how does one find it or can one make it? Thank you.

Monika from Los Angeles



Hi Drunvalo, Thank you for taking this question. Will those that ascend or don't ascend remember how life was prior?

Laszlo from Toronto



After many months of daily practice I asked my merkaba to continue permanently which it has.My reading is that it is natural and not synthetic.There have also been other energy requests that have maintained their continuity,something which was unusual prior to this.Are you able to shed some light on this change in the order of things.Many blessings




Are there any side effects once your Mer Ka Ba is functional.

Laszlo from Toronto



After many months of daily practice I asked my merkaba to continue permanently which it has.My reading is that it is natural and not synthetic.There have also been other energy requests that have maintained their continuity,something which was unusual prior to this.Are you able to shed some light on this change in the order of things.Many blessings




will families be torn apart if not all family members are ready for Transition? what does the test below mean? The Transition will not affect private property Unification of mankind consciousness for the Transition in the next cycle of life will not affect nobody's private property.

Sheryl Firkuss



Need clarification on the phyical pole shift - when this happens will everyone on the planet be taken off? And what will happen to Mother Earth? Sheryl Firkus Houston Tx




Estimados señores. ¿Cómo el mensajero que está trayendo el conocimiento primogenio a esta tierra está patrocinado por Humicin? ¿si el es caspaz de activar la mercaba ¿cómo es que todavía siguen en este plano? Podría mostrar que realmente es capaz de activar tal vehículo? ¿por qué no hacer accesible tal enseñanza en vez de lucrarse? Gracias.

Philip Aswind van der Zee



Hi Drunvalo, thanks, My question is: How can you be sure/ save that you are well prepared for the ascension? Should I activate my Merkaba everyday? In deep meditation I experience so much movement inside of me. I mean I'm really calm then, my breathing slow and I feel safe and powerful in a healing way. In meditation I feel deeply connected.

Richard Capac



Greetings, Would you know if hallucinogenic mushrooms or marijuana assist the brain to become more conscience and aware of ones spiritual self? May light and love be with you. Richard


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