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wayne henningsgaard



Considering nasa released a photo showing an image of a galactic wave in our galaxy in march and there seem to be other photos that appear to show that its expanding wave front has reached the ribbons coming into our solar system discovered by the Ibex project, is it possible, or has someone determined, when it will arrive to earth?




We DID hear you invite us to ask questions! I want you to know I'm working on it. It's SO amazing to be able to ask you anything, after so many years of wanting just that - at the moment I'm just acclimating to the fact! Letting it slowly sink in. Allowing any question to rise into clarity and words, which I hope to send. Much Love & Gratitude

Hale Sebnem Kaptan



Hi!I have been watching your Q&A sessions and it caught my attention that you might tell us about the 18th breath of Merkaba exercise in the future.The thing is,the ATIH lesson I took does not involve breath sequences.So,do you think it would be a good idea to also practice the Merkaba exercises you explained in your book.Deepest gratitues.Turkey.

Randy Bish / Kalispell, MT



As we know the Flower of Life pattern is the fundamental operating format of the our 3rd dimensional Universe, where did it originate from? Was it God who gave the information to Metatron, who intern, laid the format onto the 3rd dimension and the Big Bang exploded into it from the 4th? What creation patterns do the 4th, 5th and beyond use.




hi drunvalo.Thank You so much for doing what You do, and that You exist. my name is Kate, I have so many questions, it will take hole conversation, but I am limited in this format, and in english(I am from Georgia, now living in USA), I hope you'll have discussion about atlantis, but before: do we have a real home and real boby waiting of us?

Kristin Antarra



Hi Drunvalo, many thanks for your service. I'm very moved by your Earth /Sky /Heart DVD. Sadly I missed the recent Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops in New Zealand. Would so love to go. Are any more planned for NZ? Will you be creating a DVD for this also?. What's the "best" way to embody this knowledge at distance if we can't attend?

Jon Michael



Hi, Thank you for your service! I remember dying in past lives, or at least the last time around. There was much karma and pain associated with letting go of loved ones. Do you believe there will be this painful process off having to "let go" again when we transition to the next dimension? Jon

sandra stocco



Hi Dear Friend Drunvalo: If it is for highest good and good of all, describe with more details about Tantra and the relationship to became immortality ? How AY and Tya or the parent's of Thoth used this process to become immortal???? Which 5 channel that exist in human body they used????? and why God said NO for this in Lemurian???? love sandra




2. Since doing ATIH I have been processing issues more intensely, more readily & quickly (emotional,family, relationships, past stuff etc). I see friends doing this who have not done ATIH. Does activating the merkaba initiate this in us? Will this process be complete by the time of the shift? Are we all being pushed to cleanse in readiness? Thankyo




1. How will we know when to ascend, resurrect or die? Will it be initiated through a normal death, Mother Earth changes or what else? Many thanks & with love.

Peter Weiss



Dear Drunvalo! I am interested in conscious creation: 2 questions: • If I want to create actively, consciously and with a self defined goal (eg. healing), how I can do this by not using the brain (visualizations, affirmations, etc.) at the beginning. • How does creation technically take place? How can I imagine this whole process? Many thanks

Rosani cascaes



Dear mr. Drunvalo how is it possible that we were created by the Nephilin?how about our soul and purpose on this planet? Thank you Rosani

Martin Markov



Dear Drunvalo, My name is Martin. I am 30 years old and I am from Bulgaria. I am 30 years old. I am different from the other people. I have physical disability. I was born with that disability. At the right side of the brain three neurons are demaged and are not functioning correctly. Thanks the sport I am now much much much better. Actually I am good looking. ;))) The thing is that the finest movements of the fingers of my left hand are not there. Just that. I studied informatics in Munich and actually I am still living there. I won from the lottary and now I have US green card. ;) I can ride bicycle, I can swimm very well, I even can drive a car. I am telling you this because you have to know that I am filling very well and I love my life, but still I am a man with a dissability and if I could I would change something in my life. That is why, I read the first three books : The Flower of Life I and II, Living in the Heart. I find that kind of information very interesting. I am still not practicing the meditation, may be soon. I also would like to visit some ot the workshops in Arizona. :))) I have three questions: 1. Are there such people on the workshops like me. Is that kind of meditation safe for us the people with disability? I am asking because all the people like me are very very sensitive!!! My opinion is that meditation is not for every one, some people do not the necessary energy. That is why they do not get it! What do you think? 2. Are all the people who are visiting the workshops, activating thair merkabas or some of them or the most of them are having difficulties with that? 3. If I would like to take a part of your workshops how long before is a registration posible? I am asking because I saw that all your courses in the next six mounths are full. Thank you! I wish you and your team all the Best! Best Regards Martin Markov

Susanne P



You speak how important the Merkaba is for ascension and now the workshop 'Living in the space of the Heart' is booked up until 2013...How will we make it without this opportunity? Is there any advantage to ascending? You say we will all end up in the same place? And yet you say it is very important to take our body with us for true ascension?

Naumenko Nikolya from Russia



Hello, Please tell something about Could you tell about the information located in this website are being given by Zetas and Nancy? About Planet X ? Thank you very much! And it would be perfect to be able watch video on with subtitles because many people have poor english. Best Regards!




Hi Drunvalo! I'm Esra, from Istanbul, Turkey... My question is "how will we survive in 4th dimension?". We will create our thoughts instantly over there... But minds of most people (includes mine) are full of fears... And as soon as we go to the 4th dimension, at first we will create our fears... I afraid i can survive over there only a few seconds:) Then i will die... After then what will happen? Where will we go after die? go back to 3rd dimension again? or reencarnate in 4rt dimension? or elsewhere? And is there a way to keep alive in 4th dimension even if we still have fears in our minds?... How can we keep alive over there? There should be a way! Otherwise only a very few people can survive (how do we called in 4th dimension? still as people?) And whole this process seem like failed... Because it doesn't mean "we went to higher level of consciousness" if it takes only a few seconds:) Thank you! I love you sooooo much... Esra P.S I attended Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop with Daniel Mitel... it was wonderful.. Hope to meet with you too:)

alana kapell



Drunvalo, thankyou for your illuminating sharing. I have listened to you talk about ascension and moving into the next dimension with our bodies which we can change once in that dimension to whatever we want? I have read in many books on past lives that these present physical bodies harbour only a small percentage of our whole spirit/soul. One explanation given is that these physical bodies could not contain that much energy if the whole spirit were to reside. Is this theory compatible with your beliefs? and if so, in the next dimension do we have the opportunity to rejoin wholely with our spirit or is it still going to be like another finger of our soul out there exploring and creating? I am unclear as to the difference then of ascension and dying and being joined again with our whole soul. What exactly is the advantage of ascending with this body which we can then change if we want to? Can we not always create whatever reality we want, even or especially as solely spirit? I hear you say that with ascension we will be able to remember all our lives; isn't that also a gift as spirit. If we (alot of energy forms now) are agreeing that the wheel of life (reincarnation) has fulfilled its purpose and on to the next thing…does it really matter whether we go forward through death or ascension? thank you drunvalo from my heart to yours, alana kapell in Kingston, Ontario Canada

Jared Corkran



Hi Drunvalo. Not long ago I had a dream. You were there. We were in nature. You said to me, "would you like to know what it's like to truly live in the heart?". I said, "yes". Straight away everything I saw became bright and luminous, filled with vibrant life. I felt energetically connected with everything I perceived, in an intimate way. It was amazing. It was so ecstatic. Words seem inadequate to describe this dream experience. I've never experienced anything like it. Since then, whilst I've been within the sacred space of my heart, you have also appeared to me and offered me your encouragement and words of wisdom. So, my first question is, is this you, or is it a part of me using the image of you to guide me, or is it something else? How should I understand this in your opinion? Another question is, what is the connection between dreams, the sacred space of the heart, and this "objective" reality we call life? And lastly, I have met a number of people in the sacred space of my heart who later came to merge with me, and who are subsequently no longer found there. There are four who haven't merged with me. There is yourself, a person named Serapis, and the Hindu Avatars Krishna and Shiva. I don't even know if I can articulate a question about this yet, but if you can offer any insight into these things then I would appreciate it. Thanks Drunvalo. You're my hero.

Davi Costa



Hi, I'm from Brazil. Thanks for all the answers that you have been provided for us. My questions are about Ayahuasca and Sungazing. Is the use of Ayahuasca really good for spiritual development and even ascension? There is movies and a lot of information on internet, I'd like to know what you think about and what you know about. Is Sungazing an alternative to feed our body? Does help us to "turn on" our merkaba ? Thanks!

Elly-anne Gazzard



Hello drunvalo, thank you for being awesome! I am from calgary canada. Question: How much longer are you sticking around in this 3rd dimension? As well, are you waiting for a specific moment in reality to acsend? Ill see you in the next new reality!! Elly-anne

MariaTeresa (from Brazil)



Hi, Drunvalo! I honor and thank you for all you've done for us and for your love and care for us. I have three questions, in fact: 1. You said children would go directly to the 4th D, no worries about that. What about their parents? Do they have "free passport" too? 2. Concerning to ressurrection, we can "ressurrect" our bodies, but it has to happen shortly after we die? Do this apply only for the ones who are going to die in the transition? What about those who opted for cremation? There would be no bodie - they would have to be reborn? 3. I wrote you before and told you we're working on a crystaline structure body within Frequencies of Brilliance Pleiadian work. Even though activating the Merkaba would be a need? Thanks a lot for your patience, love and care.

Richard Lee Sintery



if this is drunvalo reading this, can we have lunch together? i love your material. i was introduced by bob frissell, in his nothing book. i have two of ur books. I live in phoenix. id love to have lunch with you, and talk oneness, life, nature, and higher dimensional realms. i could meet u at a restaurant of ur choice, ill buy. if ur interested u would make my month. im sure ur a busy guy though. whenever is fine.

Swapnil Nimbalkar



Namaste Drunvalo, I am originally from India but now based in California, USA. I have following 3 questions: 1) What exactly shall happen on 21/Dec/2012? Meaning to the Outer world, our lifestyle, economic, social and physical systems like governments, financial institutions, security systems of all countries? 2) How would we know when the change starts happening? Polar-shift, Passing through the void or something else - any noticeable signs? 3) Can you please show us the photos of BELOVED THOTH and 2 ANGELS you came across, Emerald tablets, Mayan Codecs etc just so that we can imagine and have a feel about these LIGHT BEINGS/THINGS. Thank you, Lots of Love, GOD BLESS YOU! SWAPNIL.




Hello Drunvalo, could you talk about the kind of duality in the 4th dimension Thank you very much Aguamar Spain




I wondered about the biological connection to ascenion, in my alchemical tantric practice (as in all oringal yoga) we work with the oil (soul) alchohol (spirit) and salts (siddhis or fixatives) to expand consciousness and create a vajra body which takes to soul out of the body in conscious death or astral travel, it is this that eventually opens the chakras leading to the pineal body,any other way seems to be unclear or without chemical basis, I wondered why this is not a part of the sacred geometry flower of life teachings, surely ascenion requires change at a bilogical level, as in the Tumo practice of removing ancesterol patterns in the kidney fat or the mater gene of the DNA, maybe there is a relationship between the biology and geometry which I am missing.


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