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Drunvalo Melchizedek Q&A Participation

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2013-12-13 @ 13:06:08


Hi Drunvalo I'm Dana from Romania,

Sometimes I feel that I'm the Earth, really her, and I allso feel an ombilical cord conected to her each time I want to, specialy when I go to sleep.
I want to know if the Melchizedek counciousnes can see a lot of people, arownd the world, like me.

Thank you very much for your existence!

2013-12-12 @ 20:37:03

Phylippe Grondin

Drunvalo, do you think it's possible to activate the merkaba throughout hypnosis? Also, can the m-state gold, (so call: ormus or mono atomic gold) should help in the ascension process? Finally, is there any updates about those earth sounds you have talk about fews months ago?

Truly yours


2013-12-12 @ 09:09:33


Dallas, TX

How does the Merkaba relate to the web of creation? Are they the same thing at some level?

2013-12-11 @ 17:55:39

Saleema (member... U.S.A.)

Hi Drunvalo,
PLEASE talk more about the "Neutral Way" of programming the Merkaba mentioned in the ATIH Workshop. I feel deeply drawn to this way, more than the others, and in the ATIH Workshop it was briefly mentioned but not discussed. I would really appreciate it if you would go into more depth about this.
Much Gratitude, Love & Peace, Saleema

2013-12-11 @ 17:55:09

Ciene Costa

I've watched on YouTube an interview with you and Lotus Guide made on April 16, 2013, where he mentions the use of drugs and achieving higher states of consciousness. It was my understanding that this level of enlightenment must be achieved in a natural way. And using drugs would be like cheating in a school test. Am I wrong?

2013-12-11 @ 15:49:42

Kirsty Colquhoun

Hello my name is Kirsty, I am from Vancouver. British Columbia in Canada. I have attached a video question for your review. :)

2013-12-11 @ 15:38:37

Leadi Dlrow (Staf Willems)

I'm a Duality Bringer of the Dawn from Belgium.

What "shocked" me the most, and what's still "bugging"
me, is that notion of our reality being protected from
the expansion/"explosion" of our Sun by the holographic
copy created by the Sirian race. (Q&A 6)

Are we still in the Sun, or are we allready traversing
the wormhole created between Jupiter..

2013-12-11 @ 11:19:46

Kevin Corkan

Hey Drunlavo, before i ask anything, i want to say...you're awesome and inspiring =). My question relates to living in the heart, I read your book on that subject, and followed your suggestions, but they have not worked for me!! I'm still stuck in my head =/ I have no money to pursue your school of remembering at the moment, so any advice??

2013-12-11 @ 10:01:13

Gary Flores

Hi from Arizona.
I recently start reading a lot of documentation on the Anunnaki. What is your take on it Drunvalo. Sitchin says somethings, other groups like: esophoria dot org are claiming links with the Great White Brotherhood. They are even talking about Thoth still giving them guidance.
Nephilims and Anunnaki are the same?

2013-12-11 @ 09:38:05



2013-12-11 @ 08:32:09

Niclas Danielsson (Sweden)

Thank you for being, Dru! This has been a most interesting End of Times, and I am eager to see what is still ahead. As you say this is akin to a birth, and I see a lot of suffering in the world. Would you speak a little about what each of us can do to assist our mother in labour? Much love

2013-12-11 @ 07:56:38

Donna Stonebrink

What happens to the souls in the afterlife when ascension happens? Donna, Goodyear, AZ

2013-12-11 @ 07:55:40

Paul from Philadelphia

A question for Drunvalo!
Overcoming polarity seems to be the learning game we are all playing on this Earth, with dark and light both playing their different yet equal parts like brothers. How does overcoming polarity relate to connection with the higher self, and what are some steps we could take towards the connection and overcoming polarity?

2013-12-11 @ 07:51:22

Susan McLoughlin Ireland

Hi Drunvalo
First of all many thanks from my heart for your teachings and guidence over the years. The question I have is.... What are your thoughts on the Galactic Federation of Light. Commander Ashtar. The starship Pegasus and Commander Hatton

2013-12-11 @ 02:57:58

Karen Gonzalez

I can't record videos. My questions:
- Remembering our past lives can be useful for our spiritual ascension? If so, how can we remember past lives?
- How often should we practice Merkaba meditation to have long-lasting benefits?
- Is eating animals and their products (meat/fish/eggs/milk/honey) slowing down our ascentional process?

2013-12-11 @ 01:22:02

Michaela, Czech Republic, Europe

Hello Drunvalo, my 4years old son comes from Pleaides. How to bring him up to help him fulfil his role and on the other hand to adapt on this world. Thank you.

2013-12-11 @ 01:17:46


during my sacred space of the heart on the first space I rea;ized I could sse images on the wall of the space which where predicting my day ahead. I foresaw that a man was going to dye during the protests happening at that time and it happened the same afternoon. I stopped for months meditating, Can we predict the future, we create ot choose it?

2013-12-10 @ 21:59:16

Sakti in Taiwan


How long u stay & relax in forest then u see the Angles and Thot ?

I can feel God, Angles and Thot, but i have some money problems so
Now i couldn’t go to USA to study more.

I’ve already help this earth for couple years, then finally read ur books in Taiwan
2013 , Many situations are really match, u also help female energy problems etc…

2013-12-10 @ 21:11:57

Russell Pearson

When are we going to show people how to transform themselves. I mean come on, if people how important it is to maintain the upmost positive emotional state I think that people would put it into high gear. We are all goal oriented. Why can't we just come out with it? Will people just start choking on the truth? I don't get it, why are we waiting?

2013-12-10 @ 19:53:29


Hallandale beach, FL
As spirits awakening w/in matter intending to express love in a world of duality, are we not also generating loves opposite? How can we have more beauty, love, and well being without also having war, poverty, and destruction? Can we ascend beyond polarity? In love and blessing, your sister Giselle.

2013-12-10 @ 16:44:10

Hernan Sandoval

Hello Drunvalo melchizedek!! my name is Hernan Sandova have a question for you please answer me!!How to do the prana breathing? which is the key to doing?

2013-12-10 @ 15:39:14


NYC & TLV, Planet Earth
Q: You keep telling us about the up coming changes that the Mayan predict with a great confidence. Aren't these changes subject to the collective consciousness on our planet? and. don't you think we have today enough good spirits on our planet that are moving these changes in the positive direction?
Love & Light

2013-12-10 @ 15:35:14

susan mcloughlin

hi drunvalo what is your thoughts on the information coming through from commander ashtar and the starship pegasus and commander hatton

2013-12-10 @ 15:31:16


NYC & TLV Planet Earth

2013-12-10 @ 15:11:59


Hi Drunvalo.Thanks for this opportunity to ask you. I´ve done the ATIH and other workshops. After 2 years of meditation routine and some marvellous experiences I´m having some "side effects" like headaches and neck pains. I learnt how to deal with them, but not very successfully and I don´t want to quit meditating . What´s your opinion?


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