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2013-11-25 @ 16:57:45

Ara (member 3780)

Hi, I hope this question makes it through this time, not next! Thank you!

2013-11-25 @ 08:06:20

Devi Raine

Questions on Metatron, Grids and Conscious Split-offs

2013-11-25 @ 06:28:48


My name is Muriel. I live in The Netherlands and I'm a member of the school.
Thank you for this wonderfull oportunity.

2013-11-25 @ 02:49:12

Paora Te Huki

Hi My Name is Paora Te Huki from New Zealand

2013-11-23 @ 11:40:10


the Merkaba has changed in the process
Is there anything new
Anything new with the crystal skulls

2013-11-23 @ 11:34:27

Susan Frailey

South Lake Tahoe CA

2013-11-22 @ 23:05:25

Paora Te Huki

School of Remembering New Zealand.

2013-11-22 @ 21:41:56

Asha Cheval


I am located in Oregon, USA.

Thank you for considering my question.

2013-11-22 @ 12:18:24

Connie Grogan, Germany

The merkaba is aimed at the heart chakra, which in your book the 34/21 sequence. There are infinitely "higher dimensions." Does the merkaba have any meaning for a Master who is "swimming toward infinity"? Is the merkaba of such a Master the same as a less developed person or is it the same and only more powerful? Just curious.

2013-11-22 @ 09:49:55

Rosemary Brown

Are we still in the window of time for the earth's magnetic pole reversal?

2013-11-22 @ 04:47:40


Kyrgyzstan country, Bishkek city.

2013-11-22 @ 03:08:44

Tessie McCabe

I am in SP, Brazil til Dec 12th then Flagstaff, AZ

2013-11-21 @ 13:37:11

Elizabeth Hoffman

I am from Nashville, TN. Been a member since 2012.

Do we do the merkaba, beams and unity breath, then the tip of the tongue and drop down into the heart? Or do we go through the glands, etc.

I understand all the procedures after we arrive into the tiny space of the left heart and beyond.

Thank you in advance for all of your help.

2013-11-21 @ 06:27:33

Melissa Gerrard

Member. From Denmark. Thank you for considering my question. If the other one was not deemed relevant, I hope you will consider this one!
All my love, Melissa <3 <3 <3

2013-11-20 @ 19:55:30

Melissa Gerrard


Video question

2013-11-20 @ 16:42:17

Guilherme Neves Viudes

How do i know if and when i'm going to ascend? Do i have to experience illumination or cosmic consciousness and get an out of body experience, or the measure is the amount of love that i feel and emanate throughout my day to day life?

2013-11-20 @ 10:05:22

Catherine Campion

I am in Hollywood, CA, but will be in Sedona (first time!), 11/23-12/1.

2013-11-19 @ 23:07:59

Laurie Cornell Memeber/Teacher

I am emailing from B.C. Canada.

I am wondering as are many of my students, what it is that Drunvalo used as programming for his Mer Ka Ba in regards to protection when he tells the story of the Huchoil shaman and the Moldivite crystals.

2013-11-19 @ 22:16:13

Dmitry Glukhov


2013-11-19 @ 22:03:21


am I doing enough/are we doing enough of what I/we came here for. there is an inner thirst that is seeking assurance. how can we assure the ego part of us asking for this assurance?

2013-11-19 @ 21:31:13

Koby Adamson

vancouver WA

Hey Dru, I want to meditate in the best way, and grow spiritually the best way, but I feel like I don't have the best resources to accomplish that goal. So my question is, what is the best thing to do when you have to "do it on your own" so to speak?

2013-11-19 @ 21:19:42

Lori truly

I'm in Sedona at the workshop right now, but normally I live in Ajijic Mx.
Drunvalo has already answered this question in class, but I get asked all of the time and thought it may be good for a video question.
" why do we need to take our bodies with us to the 4 th dimension, if we aren't going to be using them any longer?

2013-11-19 @ 18:07:32

Andre Colbert

Byron Bay, Australia

2013-11-19 @ 18:04:06

Aldilene Marinho Antonow

School of Remembering Announcement
I would like to attend this event

2013-11-19 @ 11:26:10


Dear Drunvalo! My name is Mariana, I am from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, The Central Asia. I have only one question. There will be workshops for new teachers in your school? Thank you very much.


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