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2013-11-19 @ 11:20:30


Can the merkaba be destroyed by powerfull electromagnetic forces?I am working at a power plant with 3 generators,6 MW each.I put my hands on one generator and felt nothing but after the first step walking away i felt i was going to collpase,and cold energy escaping from my head.i felt drained and intense stinging in my hands all day long after that

2013-11-18 @ 16:14:35

Alex Casey

Hello Drunvalo!
My name is Alex and I write to you from Republic of Belarus. I want to know if Legends of Russion Tampliers (http://beauseant.ru/lit/1/templars0.htm) is allegorical interpretation of our Universe's Circles of Worlds (I think that Toth saw them). Thank for your answer.

2013-11-13 @ 20:39:16

Jason Michael

Hi Drunvalo!

1-Is Metatron related to Shiva? If yes, can you provide some insight into this?

2-Any progress in your research into suicide? Anything interesting to share?

2013-11-13 @ 09:37:13

Alex Chen

Hello Drunvalo, I am Alex from Taiwan. I am very appreciate everything you did for this world. Thank you so much. I had joined an international event of Awakening the Illuminated Heart in Taiwan. It's beautiful. and I have three questions in my video. I hope that you could help me that, and love you all , you are our hope. Thank you! -AlexChen-

2013-11-13 @ 09:30:11


last november,before your studio was to open by december .....i recall you said you'd be offering a very comprehensive freebie for all to super practice "going into the tiny place in the heart", i think i remember you saying that spirit guided you to offer this essential i missed it, plz mention where it is. thank u drunvalo!

2013-11-13 @ 05:59:25

Mariko Yamanashi

I think you have told us that you do the kriya or kundalini yoga in the morning for one hour or so. I have started a little but what is the ones that you do ? As there are so many poses and meditation methods, I wanted to know what is most effective in your opinion.

Thank you. Hope you can reply to my question!

2013-11-12 @ 14:07:07

Daniel Vegas

Toronto, Canada. Dear Drunvalo, often when I close my eyes to start the whole process with the Unity Breath meditation, the green light is already there spiraling. If I follow the spiral from that point I go nowhere, but if I drop it and start from the beginning it's also hard to get to the spiral point again. Please advice. Thank you very much.

2013-11-12 @ 08:48:49


Dear Drunvalo,
How could I help my child create her Merkaba? How can I assist her ascension process? She is only 5? How do we help children through this process?
In love and gratitude,
Virginia, USA

2013-11-12 @ 05:16:50


since we all have bodies in all the existing dimensions,
why would we ascend to another?
what happen to our body in the 3D when ascending into the 4D?
Is ascending the process to bring each body with us, to the next level of existance?
And at the end, will there be no body at all? just one final destination for all?

from Belgium

2013-11-11 @ 23:42:19


Hi Guys, I have a question. I have had a brief rememberance (I have now forgotten again) and was able to activate my lbdy MKBH and chakras but then after a series of horrific events had something done to me and now they dont work anymore. I was wondering if there is any way of restoring them? Thanks

2013-11-11 @ 13:46:30

louis arevalo

fort collins, co usa i had a question about conception of children such as jesus where no physical father is involved? where can i get more information on this subject and how can i contact drumvalo or anyone very particularly knowledgeable about it. Please contact me through my email at christofhaze@aol.com thanks louis

2013-11-11 @ 07:20:27

Jennie Anstey

I would like to know why Vitruvian- DaVinci's Man is drawn with the left leg in external rotation, both with the legs closed and open on the circle. I feel this is important. Could it be related to the spiraling energies in cross-vectors up and down the spine and a key in re-activating the right hemisphere of the brain in these times?

2013-11-10 @ 18:45:25

carlos lester

I have been told that I may be an ascended master. But i have lost my memory and though i have many gifts that are not in full use. I am surveillanced, almost murdered, poisoned many times and my school is assaulted daily etherically. So my fight is full time.
if this is true about being an ascended master with amnesia. how do i find out?

2013-11-10 @ 12:04:29

Andrew bower casper Wyoming

SOR and Drunvalo, I was curious as to the lower self connection affecting your ability to enter the heart spaces? It's needed as said in your higher self connection video. So the best way to make the lower self connection is having fun and loving the earth in nature? I feel like I understand this maybe it will help others to ask.

2013-11-09 @ 13:17:04

Marina (Member) School of Remembering

Member School of Remembering

2013-11-09 @ 13:05:41


:Member School of Remembering:

What is fear?

Is ascension going to happen? What is your feeling about it?

2013-11-08 @ 02:01:37

Daniela ( Belgium)

20 years ago I did yoga and I had a scared experience. My spirit went out of the body an it was hard to return. I started the Jesus hart prayer and I went back. Is it possible to experience this again using the techniques of entering in the hart? Is any difference to go out of the body with the spirit versus using imagination through consciousness?

2013-11-08 @ 01:54:10

Daniela ( Belgium)

When trying to open the third eye, I had difficulties to see any light. I saw a black- grey vortex and finally I imagined the colour and I continued the meditation and had the impression that it was working. However after two weeks of practices I do not see any light. What should I do? Is it possible to open the third eye without seeing the light?

2013-11-07 @ 20:06:14

Koby A

Vancouver WA,

Hello dru, i was wondering, can it be spiritually beneficial to travel to spiritual places of the world (ex. Tibet, India, Andes mountains) and become a devotee of paths such as Buddhism and Hinduism in these times? It is my life dream to live as one with nature, and i am curious if this can still be a peaceful road.

2013-11-07 @ 16:56:23

Jason Layton

I am a Member of the School of Remembering. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_KQxJQh7UQ

2013-11-07 @ 10:05:15

Devi Raine

Dear Drunvalo, Did our consciousness split off into many do to the Duality of 3D? Clarity please.I believe parts of us may be in other locations on the planet or in spirit in the Planetary system or Galaxy or Local Universal. Our personal Masters of the Light or Counsel are myself - yes? Is that correct? Hope that made sense. Love and More Love

2013-11-07 @ 09:56:50

Devi Raine

The Dodecahedron has a pentagonal shape within it. Pentagonal shape suggests Pentagon & Control, thus the inability to access Universal Knowledge up until this time.The Dodeca is not coherent with the Hexagonal shape; the current Earth grid that came in. Why would we want to use Dodeca or anything related to 5? Onwith 3,6,9,12 geometric coherency:)

2013-11-07 @ 09:41:43

Devi Raine

Dear Drunvalo, 1. My understanding is that Metatron created this local Universe. Does that mean he created the "separation" from Oneness/God and Duality? I guess we agreed to experience the separation-or our free-will was imposed upon-I think its both. Please clarify Metatron and Metatron's cube and why anyone would want to use Metatron's cube.

2013-11-06 @ 17:11:30

Benjamin Mott

Hey guys Im a member of SOR, if the embedding doesn't work this is the link to the video question. http://youtu.be/Dc4S5tcYrs0

2013-11-06 @ 11:12:42

dolores (Dee)

Dayton Ohio. What planet are you from? since this is only your 2nd lifetime here will you come back for more lifetimes after earth goes through the ascension?

I am really enjoying all these video and the information that is being shared.


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