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2013-11-06 @ 08:48:26

dolores (dee)

Dayton Ohio I would like to know since we already know how to take our bodies with us when we go through our death experience(transformation) why do we not do that and have to come back and reincarnate?

2013-11-05 @ 23:48:33

carmen , Barcelona, Spain

Deep Blessings,
In the kyrlian Aura reading I get Indigo, lavender and white colors but most recently I am often getting a white light long prism across my chest. Is this related to meditation of the sacret space of the heart & Mer-Ka-Ba though I don´t do them regualrly and haven´t learnt the 90º turn breath? Txs Looking forward to Feb workshop!

2013-11-05 @ 11:58:41

wendy roark

Good Day...I am wondering if you can help me at all...
I feel a little weird en even tell this to you...well I was out side my home on Nov 28 2012 taking pictures of the moon and i noticed something which scared me so much...their was two triangles one pointed up and the other facing down...Looks like the Jewish star and in the middle 5 or 4 balls

2013-11-04 @ 19:34:51

onias espinosa

Drunvalo ,

Currently there is a huge worldwide network of people who are working to raise awareness of the human race , in several places of the earth. We know that most people on earth still sedated ( overwork, debt , concerns, etc) but many people every day are waking up and are joining our Christ consciousness raising.

2013-11-04 @ 08:41:58

richard, austria

dear drunvalo,

i read somewhere about this holy sufi water. it seems that it is still not available yet. do you have any news concerning it?
will it be available? don't we have to fear the risk of the polluted waters all over the world? what about eating fishes? is it ok these days`?

with love+remembering
from innsbruck

2013-11-04 @ 08:33:21

fernando lualdi

Hola . mi nombre es Fernando. soy de montevideo Uruguay
Estoy muy interesado en el sistema de meditación que emplean. escuche el audio libro de la flor de la vida y desde entonces estoy buscando en mi pais a alguien que me pueda instruya en el tema
Me podrian informar a donde puedo encontrar a alguien certificado que pueda dar cursos?
desde ya mu

2013-11-03 @ 04:39:56

Angelika, certified tuition member, from Munich, Germany

Dear Drunvalo,
after atih with you in august, here are my questions left:
-which body should I take with me and how
-is there possibility to go outside the "experiment" immediately in/after death
-please explain difference between imagination (everything is i.) and you cannot deceive yourself in the last 90 degree turn
thank you so much, LOVE A.

2013-11-02 @ 18:12:10

Patrick Aesteii

Lake Baikal Irkutsk Russia, Hello Drunvalo, I am feeling in my bones that when the sun changes polarity near the Solstice of 2013 we all will shift in some way grand and glorious. Do you think the Beyuls will open? The Bon Shaman say they soon will! So we are waiting to enter a valley south of Irkutsk where a golden culture is being unearthed


2013-11-02 @ 05:25:30

Rami Al-Saadi

My name is Rami Al-Saadi
I was born and live in Lebanon middle east.
If you want to do anything in Lebanon or any other country I can help since I know Arabic and Lebanese Languages.
So I can translate from and to the people that you want to interact with.
So if you ever need my help in doing anything in these areas I will be glad to help you.

2013-10-30 @ 01:58:59

Noor Azzony

Hello Drunvalo,

I wanted to ask if there is a relation between the Cube shape of the Islamic Kabaa located in the city of Mecca in saudi Arabia and the Merkaba if we look at from a higher dimension point of view...

I'm Greatful


2013-10-27 @ 20:58:03

Rafael Ungson

Hi: Originally from the Philippines, living in the USA. I'm worried about the radiation coming from Fukushima, Japan, hitting our coastline and contaminating the fish and other life; can my merkaba (properly programmed) protect me from radioactivity? — Thanks!

2013-10-27 @ 00:45:41

Vali, romania

While 'they' perpetuate the mind, giving roles to people and producing psychological clones on the production line, it's reading 'living in the heart' that makes one remember the heart. Thank you, reverse engineer.

2013-10-24 @ 14:16:02


I am wanting to know more about how the platonic solids can facilitate the curing of virus' and where to find most specific information possible. Thank you.

2013-10-24 @ 10:05:21

Richard Aldrich, member

Hi Drunvalo:

While researching, some books state humans previously had 12 strands of DNA. However, in one of your videos you state that due to sacred geometry it is impossible for humans to have 12 DNA strands. So what is maximum allowable number of DNA strands for humans.

Thank you for your time and consideration

2013-10-23 @ 11:17:41


Dear Drunvalo,

Since Jesus the Christ has brought the way to ascend through the Sky by resurrecting, why do you teach us to ascend (descend) through the centre of the Earth?

Jeremy from Belgium (ATIH certified student)

2013-10-21 @ 23:44:54

Simon Hollington (sydney Aus)

Dear Drunvalo,
There are two questions. In creation of the light and dark, yin and yang, Lucifer and Michael, isn't that a deliberate system of duality in order to facilitate growth through friction. Our world was always designed thus, war and peace, wasn't this a deliberate play of Leila? What physical yoga facilitates being in the heart?

2013-10-21 @ 11:53:31


Hi, My name is Nadia Valckx and I am from Canada.
I was wondering what happens once you make the last 90 degree turn? Since you take your physical body with you, do you just go 'missing' in the 3rd dimension? What would your family/friends believe happened?

2013-10-21 @ 09:27:30


Dear Drunvalo,
how is the Kabaa connected to the Merkaba?
Thanks a lot.

2013-10-21 @ 09:08:20

Karin; Germany

Dear Drunvalo,
do people who have sucessfully done the buddhist practice of conciouss dying (phowa) stay in the 4th dimension after they had died, although they have not learned how to activate and use the merkaba? Or will they go back to the 3rd dimension? Thanks a lot. Many greetings.

2013-10-21 @ 09:02:19


Hi Drunvalo,
I'm from New York , but feel more that my spirit is from England. I have long felt deeply connected to Merlin , King Arthur and Avalon.
I feel the real Avalon is a 4th dimensional place residing right alongside England.
What are your feelings about mystical places like this?

2013-10-20 @ 11:19:18

Karin Hübner

Hi Drunvalo,
in Germany it is quite common to give the permission to take your organs after death in case you had an accident and your brain does not function any more. Is this ok, concerning the merkaba, or should I rather withdraw my permission? Thanks a lot in advance. Karin

2013-10-19 @ 04:52:07


Hey im from danmark and im not sure if this quastion belongs here but i can se that all countrys around danmark have the atih workshop exept denmark. Is it comming soon or not at all?

2013-10-15 @ 18:16:05


Hawaii. Dear Drunvalo, I have read Patricia Cori's book and found your interview very interesting. Im concerned enormously about the effect of comet Ison. In the interview you talk of earth changes and how we must "be" during these times. I fear the worst about Ison and ask what I or anyone can do to change the events I fear will take place. Please

2013-10-15 @ 15:38:03


UK. Is "Aura Transformation" activating someone else's Merkaba? The "AT" is person's Crystallation process, cannot be undone and "jump starts a key personal evolutionary process beyond the artificially made illusions of duality and hierarchy consciousness". It works as a bridge in pressing the spirit energy into the physical body.

2013-10-14 @ 13:56:09

Slobodan Rakovic

Dear Drunvalo,

thank you for the work you've been doing! I was wondering if ATIH workshops will also be healed in Serbia in the future?


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