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2013-10-11 @ 16:36:32


UK. There is a movement that started in Scandinavia and has spread around the world called "Aura Transformation". In basic means this is a crystallation process, where the higher self/energy body is pressed into the person to bring the spirit on earth to be as ONE super human. This is a strong transformation and cannot be undone. How do you feel?

2013-10-11 @ 16:24:09


Finland. When I was 12, I was desperate in Knowing that ET life exists, and I called them. They came in approx 5-10m pure striking white light ball that had no illumination around it, while we drove surrounded by countryside forrest in the middle of the night. They stopped the time, stayed a moment and shot to the space. Who are they?

2013-10-11 @ 03:21:32


Kundalini Awakening or Spiritual Rape? 20 years old, early summer morning in my room, "Something" went through my body 5 or 6 times as Ravishing Orgasm Energy, levitating me from toes upwards passing through my whole body. My body was then levitated through the ceiling. Unable to move/speak I panicked and tried to scream and got dropped back on bed

2013-10-05 @ 07:21:10

Heather Witmer Kares (Maine, USA)

Re: Ascension process, you've stated that babies know instinctively how it's done, as do children, until "1st orgasm & puberty, after which they forget" & I assume, experience the same blocks as adults. Do pre-puberty orgasms affect this remembering also, or only the ones occurring post-puberty? My 8yr old innocently discovered self-pleasure @ 4yrs

2013-10-04 @ 18:58:18

Ladybug_Brighteyes (Ojai,CA)

Would you ever consider writing a spiritual curriculum for adults and children? Also, is there any mysticism surrounding the Ulam's Spiral if it is implemented as a 3-Dimensional cube with our consciousness centered as an central element within it's utmost core; i.e.: 6 Sides of the cube pieces with a human being as the 7th essential piece?

2013-10-02 @ 06:30:48

Adam Mathieu

Hi Drunvalo,
I saw a video of one of your workshops many years ago where u were explaining the topics in the the Flower of Life volumes. In that workshop you mentioned to the participants that they were from "some place". I'm curious of the name of that place you mentioned as I too am enthralled with your work. Are they in the Melchizedek order?

2013-09-26 @ 18:26:42

Isibor Omwanghe

Does achieved enlightenment able a person to be more center in the person heart because the intense emotional feeling the person felt, seen, and known that the person had achieve enlightenment at a particular time in the person. Fresno, California

2013-09-24 @ 17:47:04

Mark Holmes

Hi Mr. Melchizedek,

I am a 44 yr old African American presently living in Baton Rouge. There are so many things I need to ask you, so much I desire to know. My Question today is "Have you made any attempts since the one you spoke about in an earlier interview on you tube, to film the alien contacts that you have?" this is very important.

2013-09-15 @ 15:41:35

Asja from London

How I can getting help to learn and get to the School of Remembering? And its possibel to get the school in russian language? I read you books. And thanks that you are and give for as so much love and help to understand what we are.

2013-09-14 @ 22:56:19


Hey there!
During my curiosity quest for the truth and who we are, currently it led me to checking into what you have to say. Before you, it was David Icke. I assume you may have heard of him. Would you ever consider having a filmed conversation with him? Not like a debate, but just some very interesting dialogue.

2013-09-14 @ 02:03:16

Sheri UK

Hello Drunvalo

I would like to know what your thoughts are on the high pitched "shriek" heard from NASA's Voyager upon entering interstellar space?

2013-09-13 @ 16:25:53

Claudia Cristal

Mr. Drunvalo, I have already sent my question in a video. Thank you for everything.

2013-09-11 @ 20:22:09

Claudia Cristal

Dear Sir Drunvalo,I´ve been passing through a very difficult moment concerning to a health situation in which my uterus has been removed.Is it different for me,now that my matrix has been altered,to access the Merkaba? Do I have to organize my energy differently or make exercises to improve the possibility to access the Merkaba?I´m from Colombia.

2013-09-11 @ 18:32:15

stephanie, wisconsin

For those who can see auras, can you see auras through the TV or other media or does it have to be someone who is physically present? Thank you.

2013-09-11 @ 12:30:10

stephanie, wisconsin

Hi drunvalo,
you said when we die we go over to the 4th dimension and then come back and get a new body. What is the light that people report seeing who have died and come back? Also, if time doesn't exist the same way there as it does here, cant we stay there for an "eternity" and then come back? Thankyou

2013-09-10 @ 23:26:28



Drunvalo: I was wondering what your take is on the statue of Osiris in the Manchester Museum in England that has started to turn in a complete circle; this was just noticed a few months ago although the statue has been there for 80 years.... Are the dead rising?
Thanks...I love you!

2013-09-08 @ 12:55:49

Stephen Norberg, Sweden

You did an interview with Lotus Guide, where you talk about healing, and you said that during one year you did not want to give healing on your workshops, you said, working with energies that are usually not so pleasent, what exact did you mean? Can anyone learn to heal other people? or is it predetermined that some should have experience being ill

2013-09-07 @ 15:25:48

umbelina preciosa





2013-09-06 @ 12:31:03

Oscar Gonzalez

Hello Drunvalo,

Do you feel it is necessary to be a vegetarian in order to reach the higher spiritual levels. If not, why?

Las Vegas, NV

2013-08-26 @ 13:06:47

natalie dessau

Hello Dear drunvelo

I saw your last update on youtube -you saying- that it is illegal now to teach the flower of life
I would like to ask -
illegal by who ?
and is it because we need to know the heart connection between
the earth >our heart>galaxy heart before we can get to our merkaba ?
isn't our heart in the center of the merkaba?

2013-08-26 @ 09:53:27

Margaret Thompson

Hi Drunvalo, last night I got to my heart space for the second time. One of the happenings during the meditation was an encounter with a witch that looked to me like a bruja. She proved difficult to remove and brought up a lot of fear. I wanted to ask if anything like this has ever happened to you, and should I be concerned?

Margaret, Boulder CO

2013-08-24 @ 03:22:21


Hello Drunvalo,

My question is how do you know what level of councisness you are on? And how do we know we're prepared.

2013-08-22 @ 22:02:53


uruguay, montevideo. I NEED TO TALK WITH YOUUUUU !!!!!!! 777

2013-08-21 @ 18:57:47

Justin King, Kingsland, Tx.

My question is about the geometry of the Merkaba, the 2d pictures Ive seen of it display the triangles on the sides being smaller than the top and bottom ones...
wouldn't the tetrahedrons align in an equidistant fashion to create a perfect dodecahedron where they intersect?
my question is simply, why would they be displayed off-center?

2013-08-19 @ 12:16:37

Julian Todirash, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, Eastern Europe

Hello Drunvalo,
When spirit started focusing it issued six rays to form a star tetrahedron. The same proces might occur to human beings by focusing on pieneal gland and meditate in a specific way. Can I use these principals and shapes to create a business structure,business network, logo, and is it able to bring succes or something?


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