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2013-07-07 @ 17:20:52


Hello Drunvalo! how can we be under the reptilian control if the planets has a defense mechanism that wont let any other race interferer?? :S.


2013-07-07 @ 10:11:05

Shane Dellaperute

Drunvalo, i'm from south New Jersey and 17 years young, i had an experience while I was meditating for 20 minutes and slowly it felt like my entire mid section was spinning around as if there was an enormous ball of energy inside of me, this continued for about 15 minutes while i'm feeling interconnected with my surroundings. What happened to me?

2013-07-05 @ 23:43:01


Hi Drunvalo
I am from Australia. I have attended both your "Flower of Life" and "Earth/Sky/Heart" workshops. You mentioned recently that your current "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" workshop is quite similar to "Earth/Sky/Heart" except that the steps are now reversed. So,is it advisable or necessary that I attend your latest ATIH workshop? Thanks

2013-07-05 @ 00:47:55


Thank you for everything you do for us!
why our children don t learn in school such things that you teach us?
is anybody trying to do somthing to cheange something (in spiritual way )
in our schools?
Thank you!

2013-07-04 @ 00:59:27

Jennifer Doscher

Regarding interdimensional and emmaculate conceptions: a man and woman could 'dream' the same dream from their sacred spaces of the heart and conceive a child. So then can a woman, alone, do the same? Instead of physically breaking the surface of an egg in a doctor's office, could she instead conceive from the tiny space within (a "clone?")

2013-07-02 @ 15:55:31


Very interested in the forgiveness machine! Please let us know when, how, etc.,. To sign up? TY!

2013-07-02 @ 14:36:12

Po Bird

I just learn the synthetic Merkaba you mentioned would take 2 years to stabilize until I've the money to attend ATIH workshop. If earth changes to take place 4 weeks from now. Will I be able to ascend w/ my 4 weeks old synthetic Merkaba? Or I'll have to hope to survive the shift and wait 2 years to take the 90 degrees turn?

Much Love, Philadelphia

2013-07-02 @ 10:28:37


Dear Drunvalo,
you mentioned that there exist races in universe who have lost there merkaba-seed because of the complete denial of their feminine aspects. What happens to that races/individuals as a result? Will/can they ever return to love and divinity? How?
I would love to learn more about this matter!
Thanks a lot!!!

2013-07-01 @ 23:02:00

Jennifer Doscher

Washington (state,) USA: Do some people experience physical symptoms as they begin to study and remember? Or perhaps they are more sensitive to the changes occuring/that have occured to our sun and our home?

Since early this year I've experienced frequent bouts of tingling all over my body.

Love and Light and Gratitude. Namaste.

2013-07-01 @ 11:54:23

john c

Location: WA state.

I have a question about the emerald tablets of thoth. The claim is that these tablets were written on something that cannot decay. If this is true, they would still be around. Is there any proof like pictures of where they are at, is it all based on speculation and faith?

2013-07-01 @ 06:53:32


Hi there!
I have a question about the astral travel. The Russians made a lot of progress in this field - now you can ‘astral project’ in 3 days! Is the astral projection the mean of 'travel' into the 4th dimension, and if it is, can it replace the makaba?
Thanks for clarification.

2013-07-01 @ 06:26:38


I have AB Rhesus negative blood, which is one of the rarest on the Earth (about 1% of population). What does it mean? Which kind of ancestors does it belongs to? Apparently, Christ had the same blood type. Does it mean that we share the same ancestors?

2013-07-01 @ 06:15:47


I have a question regarding our loved ones which have recently died and passed into 4th dimension. Will they join us in our ascension? Are they going to re-incarnate? My husband has committed a suicide the 20.10.2012, and I'd like to know how and when I'll meet him again.
Do the 'crystal' children have already merkaba?
Thank you!

2013-06-30 @ 16:20:43

Maureen Kellar-Kirby

Hello and Peace,

I wear around my neck a silver pendant that I had made copied from a diagram received through automatic handwriting 40 years ago. It is a cross within a circle and this is enclosed within a diamond shape. Nine positive and nine negative invisible planes, above and below. Can you explain? Calgary, Alberta.

2013-06-29 @ 15:41:25

Jennifer Doscher

Washington (state,) USA: I think I might have an alien implant but I'm unsure if it's safe to remove it (myself.) I only remember dreams close to waking...I have no conscious idea if I've been abducted, contacted etc. Your thoughts/advice? Thank you.

2013-06-28 @ 20:04:56

Jennifer Doscher

Washington (state,) USA: are the crystal skulls {13 alleged to be found by end times} related, or perhaps synonymous, with the thirteen souls connected to ascenion and the pyramids, whom you mention in 'The Flower of Life?' Have all 13 skulls if this legend been found/made known their presence?

2013-06-27 @ 22:36:43


Washington (state,) USA: Drunvalo, when two beings mate interdimensionally and this union yields a child, dies this child then carry DNA of both parents, just as with a physically derived child?

2013-06-27 @ 18:14:08


Drunvalo, I was able to send an orange light to a person. I forgot about the experience until one day about three years down the road when this person came back into my life. he told me an orange light appeared in his room. I did the heart meditation before I sent him this holographic orange light. What does this mean for me?

2013-06-26 @ 22:38:35

Ricardo Parra

Hi, here in Chile I've been looking for your workshops, but when I've finally found one, I must to say No cause you require an expensive amount of money. I'm just a simply estudent, i have really wanted to participate, but your prices are too much :/

2013-06-26 @ 19:35:33

Ksenia Amar

Hello dear Drunovalo,first of all i'd like to thank u for your work,and thank you for all answers which i got from your books!i like to know do u plan any event in Egypt?& how i can contact with teachers in Egypt.
originally Russian,living many years in Egypt

2013-06-26 @ 09:22:09

Armando Moncada in San Diego

Hi Drunvalo,
I am an inventor and this is my blog: blogaranium.blogspot.com; In the case of magnetic energy devices, if the magnets are placed such that the N-S axis of the magnet is located on the plane of spin, will this pose a hazard to the bio-electric field of consciousness on the planet? Will I create a bermuda-like time warp? Thank you.

2013-06-26 @ 07:20:59

willie stewart

hi im willie currently a 19 yr old marine and im wondering if our light body looks like a flying saucer when our merkaba is spinning can it be that the alien ships we see are other parts of us?

2013-06-26 @ 04:19:48


When will the next Q&A come?

2013-06-25 @ 22:53:43

Adrian tampa florida

Hi drunvalo! Ty for all the information, i am very appreciative. My question is on the relationship between a son or daughter and their father or mother. I know all souls are ultimately one but is their a significance of the relationship of the two parties besides genetics? As in are they the same parts of your higher self or family? thank you :)

2013-06-22 @ 02:10:21

Tyler Joiner

Hello Drunvalo,
I was wondering if you have ever heard of a "drug" called Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). It is a psychedelic and from my experience with it, as well as many others, i think your spirit leaves your body and enters another dimension. I wanted to know if you have any information that you can share with us about this.

Demopolis, Alabama


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