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2013-05-29 @ 21:25:24

Noe Contreras

When you spoke of the Merkaba Meditation in the books you said that most people if they are of this Earth then their Merkaba has been dormant for nearly 13,000 years. My question is what about the Indigo's? is their dormant & should they proceed with the same meditation?
Thank You for your time :)

Sincerely, Noe Contreras
Fullerton, Ca, U.S.

2013-05-29 @ 20:38:36


Hola he tenido experiencias a partir de hace un mes, parte de mis sueños ha sido ver triángulos y cuadrados como en una pantalla donde las imágenes viajan muy rápido, veo universos distintos y coloridos, es normal, es hermoso. He visto varios vídeos tuyos te bendiga dios por tu sabiduría y agradezco el bien recibido.

2013-05-29 @ 15:39:33


Drunvalo, After doing the heart meditation, it opened up a new found inner child a few years ago. In own way I sent someone an orange light filled with love. Just recently he received it, when he told me it took a while and I remembered what I did! and it actually came back to me with a memory I put inside. What does this mean? I feel it just is.

2013-05-29 @ 15:10:56


Drunvalo, I was able to get into my sacred space of the heart a few of years ago. Then I was furthering finding out I can do absolutely anything, so I sent a person an orange light filled with all the love in the world! This person told me an orange light came into his room recently and I didn't even remeber! What does this mean? I feel it just is.

2013-05-29 @ 11:25:45


Hello, Drunvalo,

What is the difference between Christ Consciousness and Melchizedek Consciousness?

Thank you.
With Love and Light,

2013-05-28 @ 07:22:15

Ann Bellefroid

1. Some people suggest 4D is the same as the astral plane. Is that true and if not what's the difference?
2. If the earth is changing frequencie and evolving into another dimension, then why do we have to 'leave' earth when we go to 4th dimension.

I'm from Belgium and I have more questions, but thanks for this possibility anyway!

2013-05-27 @ 14:46:18

Carmen from Romania

Hi Drunvalo,pls help me understand what happened during my childhood- many times day-night while awake,my body,whole universe,bed,room,house,etc suddenly diminished,shrinked until became a small dot in a corner,me inside..then took time,concentration,maybe child prayer to slowly reverse whole process,felt fear,never shared it,stopped when was 12yrs

2013-05-25 @ 22:29:01


I have heard of your work through a youtube video called " our history is not what we think". I have heard of you talking to toth and I actually think it makes sense that you did. could you teach me an effective meditation method on how to be transdimensional, or show me the answer to sacred geometries. I am not understanding them

2013-05-25 @ 20:17:34

Brandon Cook

Namaste Drunvalo,
could u share the breathing meditation you gave to Thoth
-Brandon Cook

2013-05-24 @ 15:49:19



I love your books "The Secret of the Ancient Flower of Life (parts I & II)" and have done quite a bit of writting myself on the spirit!
I live in Olympia, WA and am seeking a workshop on the Mer-ka-ba. I'm in the Army and have limited time to travel to many of your classes in Sedona, AZ. Are there any classes in my area?

God bless

2013-05-22 @ 07:02:43

Wendy Glazewski

Harrisburg, PA
As a child I was more connected with source than I am now. I used to freely lucid dream. At that time I became aware of "something." I call it the "skinny heavy." I wondered if you may have an idea of what this was? It used to frighten me. It was a sensation to me, but it was more that. It was black or dark and expansive.

2013-05-22 @ 06:16:56

Inge Glas

How can it be that the voice can tell me things in my head, which I (still) do not know anything?
How can it be that this voice is just warnings, announcements and other information on to me?
Where this voice come from?
I wonder how that works with the observation!

sorry my bad engisch (I'm German)

2013-05-21 @ 15:19:03


I have been looking for a healing class using sacred geometry. Do you happen to offer something like that? I work with energy and I started to see sacred geometry, so I want to learn how to use it for healing.
Love and light

2013-05-20 @ 18:29:10


I am from the Netherlands. One year ago, I had a divine experience which took about an hour, showed me a scheme similar to the Kundalini metaphysics. I am currently writing my own theory about this in Dutch. I think your work will be a lot of inspiration! Hope we can enlighten as many people as we can, get rid of God,people understand the real Love

2013-05-20 @ 05:39:08



In Serpent of Light, you were obliged to rescue a lady from a dark spirit. Any advice on how to shield or deliver today's psychic children from malevolent influence when parents feel, Help! My kid is possessed? Thank you for your teachings.

Oregon, USA

2013-05-20 @ 05:33:33

Glyn (UK)

Hi Drunvalo. Sorry if this question has been asked before and I have missed it. I was wondering; what is the best frequency to tune our instruments to? The standard is currently A=440. I have read about other frequencies, but I wondered what you thought on this subject. Much love and keep up the good work.

2013-05-20 @ 03:34:13

Marc Oliver Esser

Marc Oliver from Germany

Dear Drunvalo,

you said in the begining of this year that you want to produce
differnt videos, including the 18th breath video, in your new
studios. I am curious how fare it has gone and when you want to
start showing this videos.
Thank you so much for your wonderful work and your journey, coming
here to help humanity !

2013-05-18 @ 02:57:34

utamesh o

when i get calm, focus on my breath, get balanced and feel in the moment i start feeling the vibrations coming from the heart, it reveals a lot of incredible things. but all that is gone as i open my eyes, stop being still and lose my balance, how do i maintain it? also i dont know what to do once i am balanced and being my spirit.. please guide :)

2013-05-18 @ 02:41:10

utamesh o

hey Drunvalo, i am an Indian currently studying in Singapore. Are there any workshops being planned for India in the future? And are there any instructors in Singapore?

2013-05-18 @ 02:08:00

Patrizia, Italy

This is a message of GRATITUDE to you and Universe that made you able to learn and teach people about the wonder of life.I bought your book'The ancient secret of Flower of Life'second part,4 or 5 years ago, but only now i'm reading it,and it's really amazing.I would ask you a question,do animals have Mer-ka-ba and we can activate it?
Love and Peace

2013-05-17 @ 01:20:08

stephanie, wisconsin

Hi drunvalo, I was wondering, what was the purpose for leaving the heart and going into the brain, for the fall, ect. from the very beggining? I wouldn't mind the pain so much if I knew what it was for. Thankyou so much for everything. I love you!

2013-05-16 @ 12:28:32


What is a virus? (Toronto Ontario Canada, Daniil)

2013-05-16 @ 08:49:07


Toronto Canada. What is up with David Icke and his reptilian theories, if they are just that, can you explain them and how/if they tie into what you are saying, mainly i just need credible links or people to listen to I.E. good beginner meditation videos, alternate history of earth, annunaki? nibiru? and should i listen to Credo Mutwa???

2013-05-15 @ 22:41:00

Nova Lee

What does ascension feel like? Recently I had some experiences like being on the holodeck of Star Trek. I am hearing this sound or frequency, sometimes it gets very loud and makes me fuzzy/not all here, sometimes I turn into golden light or see shapes/colors, I feel like I am going to disappear but Im afraid so I hold my breath, if I go can I retur

2013-05-15 @ 12:53:16

Jeffrey F Smith

Hi Drunvalo,
My name is jeffrey I am from California, and I have been doing alot of research on Awakening the illuminated heart, merkaba, and opening m 3rd eye. I love reading and listening to this fascinating stuff,and would love to join one of your workshops. But I dont have the means to travel to Arizona. Is there any other way I could learn?


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