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2013-05-15 @ 04:56:11

Michelle, Switzerland

Dear All, can you please tell me from whom the delightful music in the background of this wonderful meditation is? Thank you so much for letting me know and for this heart and mind opening meditation. Lots of Love, Michelle

Guided Meditation by Drunvalo Melchizedek, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iqAariX50I

2013-05-14 @ 22:01:03

Daniel from México

Hello Drunvalo
Whats does it mean that when my eyes closes, only 3 times and while i'm bathing… a light appears like a big yellowish eye with a blue point centered glowing, it keeps in the same place…but it banishes if i try or force to keep on seeing it. the first time it wasn't completed was like 3/4 of it but now is the hole. what is it?

2013-05-14 @ 17:08:30

Clay Brunken

Pflugerville TX

2013-05-13 @ 03:03:34


Have you read Edgar Cayce's work from the 1920s-1940s available at www.edgarcayce.org. If you have what do you think of them? Edgar Cayce used to give readings after falling into deep trance state and is often called the sleeping prophet. His readings were on health matters and it was documented that a lot of people were healed from his work.

2013-05-12 @ 21:48:27


What do I need to do to become your student? I would like to learn personally and later help other people. I´ve been working on "esoteric" subjects since i was 12 and now im 20...i feel very close of something big, like my mind sometimes goes away and i have weird sensations like if i was about to see something extraordinary. i live in mexico

2013-05-11 @ 16:17:23


Hello Mr.Drunvalo ,
I am suneelsamrat from india ,i am a doctor i want to know what is my life purpose on this planet and about how many days it will take to complete this cycle for me in my life?i am right now in the process of transition and is there any timeline within which one has to complete this cycle especially for me,thank u awaiting reply

2013-05-09 @ 01:58:07


Hi from Bay of Islands New Zealand,

Well I was just wondering how we can get more involved. Personaly I think your job is pretty cool.Traveling and getting to understand different things that about shifting, history, how do you do, what you do as a job? many thanks
sarah-jane fogel

2013-05-08 @ 13:58:26


Re/Merkaba programming: Please talk more about the Neutral Way mentioned in the ATIH Workshop. Some are resonating with the Truth of this way, and would love you to share more of its beauty. With Gratitude and Peace

2013-05-06 @ 15:29:59


I live in San Diego California, US. I have O Negative blood and have been very curious as to where O Negative blood comes from. I decided to look it up on the internet and have found some very interesting theories that boggled my mind. So I was just wondering if you know about the origin of O negative blood, Or the Negative RH factor especially.

2013-05-06 @ 12:29:50

Kamalla Garnier, Oregon

Hello, I am wondering how being pregnant during the shift/ascension might effect the process? Thank you!

2013-05-05 @ 13:55:44

Sue Collins

Hi and thank you for taking the time to read this , I am very new to the awakening and was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to help open my mind heart ect. As I don't know where to start . Thank you so much sue xxxxxxxxxx

2013-05-04 @ 22:28:59


from Bend, OR:

In your Feb. news you state that you'll be putting up merkaba instructions on the internet asap due to immediate need for anticipated earth changes. It's May and I don't see any links. What is the status of this?

2013-05-04 @ 05:48:33

Daniel Koch

Q: I have researched a lot about ley lines and also the grid of consciousness and have found this a positive global grid. What are the reasons behind the 'banksters' and 'global elite' propagating events such as: 9/11, JFK killed, MLK killed, sandy hooks, Boston marathon bombing, titanic, Aurora shootings ON THESE LEY LINES!! What can they achieve?

2013-05-03 @ 17:27:45

Justin King

From: Kingsland,Texas

You describe early life in the fourth dimension as being a child all over again, with new fourth dimensional parents... well, does that cause me and my parents to become siblings? or will we be given different parents? will it be as if giant people are suddenly living in our house with us??

2013-05-03 @ 15:53:53


Hey Drunvalo,
I have been practicing going into the sacred and tiny space of the heart. I feel like I may have gone in but I have never received light or felt the vibration. This makes me believe that my ego is trying to replicate the experience. Is this true? And if so, how can I overcome this problem.

2013-05-03 @ 15:03:40

Katie Saunders, London UK

Whilst in a light meditational state, I had a flash vision of a sign that clearly said "Mexico City". I'd previously had a vision of being in a peaceful forest with very tall trees (rainforest ?), bright sunlight shining down on me. Do any site's come to mind that you'd recommend for a spiritual visit. I live in London, with no known link to Mexico

2013-05-03 @ 06:36:40

Simona Chirca, Romania

Hello, I want to know, after the first big global transition events like when the electric grid around the world fails and people will begin to die, if I choose suicide instead of waiting to be killed, could I then still have the chance to do my resurrection? Thank you!

2013-05-02 @ 13:58:06

Quincy, Idaho

I've done research but haven't be fully satisfied with the write ups about Simian Lines. I understand they're extremely rare to have on a single palm. I have one on each hand. What's even more strange is my cousin / close friend for many years, also has them on both hands. We only recently realized this. Any information you have is appreciated.

2013-05-01 @ 21:16:46

Lydia Lewis

Roanoke, TX.
I have many questions for you pendiing as of now..... I want to know about someone like me that has gone into a small safe place within the heart to find refuge from the world. I can't come back out....

2013-04-30 @ 12:21:09

Diana Szilagyi


Would you know about these spheres ?

Thank you ~


2013-04-29 @ 22:21:23

Jon Jacoby, Mammoth Lakes CA

Thank you for your work. I recently learned of geoengineering. It disturbs me and I wonder is this and attempt by dark forces to slow the unfolding of unity consciousness? Should we do something, ignore it or is it the last act of desperate people trying to stay in power?

2013-04-29 @ 06:56:58

Daniel Koch

I have found a lot of connections through earthquakes world wide mathematically through the golden number, pi and 188, they also map out a ley line grid involving giza. Many occult rituals have also occurred in this number/grid manner. Are they trying to make a DIFFERENT consciousness grid? connections between 9/11, MLK, Kennedy. What do they want?

2013-04-29 @ 05:04:04

Jeong Ho, Kim (from South Korea)

Hellow Drunvalo
Many thanks to your kind work. I've read your book 'Living in the heart' and I try to meditate following your guide. I just can't find my sacred space of my heart. There must be light in there and I should meet my higher self but the only thing I see is blurry images...What do I miss?

with love

2013-04-28 @ 10:54:23

Chance Nobra

Hello my name is Chance, I've been going through most of your content and it's some really amazing stuff but why does every come with a $ attached to it? Can you please explain where our money goes when we purchase your content? I mean no disrespect but every time I try to explore my spirituality I find price tags not answers

2013-04-27 @ 14:38:08


Drunvalo, there is no more time for us to ascend, right? After we get to the third dimension, will we be able to come back to try to ascend? From what I have learned, ascension is only possible in the third dimension, or is it possible to ascend in other dimensions? Great love to all of you!


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