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2013-04-12 @ 14:15:38


I love how you always help people understand by giving good information that is translucent yet mindboggling :) I have watched Steve Richard's videos on youtube and the Holographic Kinetics seem to be a good way to deal with trauma. Have you ever heard of this Aboriginal modality? Also There is BioGeometry the work of Dr Karim. Is this familiar?

2013-04-11 @ 17:15:09

Len Michael Romero

Greetings Good Teacher,

I am the only person that I know who is (newly)spiritual in this Oil industry driven area of the USA. The world around me makes spiritual growth very difficult. I am very protective by nature and could never leave those who I love to seek out other like souls. I cannot even meditate without being accused of avoiding them

2013-04-11 @ 11:34:28


Hi Drunvalo. In one of your recent vid. with Lilou Mace, you mentioned a Nano silver sheet which could be plucked to some sort of a power connector which then will give the body the same as sleeping on the earth. My questions is where is it possible to buy it and what is the brand name that you recommend?

Thanks in advance and lots of love

2013-04-11 @ 10:51:06


Hi Drunvalo, this q has to do with myself.ever since i was little i can see places in 2 diff..realities?ie: i see my surroundings like they are,then i can see the same surroundings, but as if its a diff reality. ?can u explain y this happens?sometimes when i go to new places i feel like im seeing it in the wrong one.is ne1 else like this? Bahamas

2013-04-10 @ 20:47:03

Michael McDonald

Regarding the Y2K fix. It was not a single French man who fixed it. It was a legion of computer programmers (me being one of those) who changed the code running on the computers to store 4 digits instead of 2 digits so that computers would not get confused when 1/1/2000 rolled around. :|

2013-04-10 @ 20:45:39

Michael McDonald

Just read the news post on the Y2K issue that was averted. My questions is that wouldn't the water and food still be delivered if the Internet were to go down right now. The truck drivers know where the water and food should be delivered, as they have been driving the routes for years. So I'm a little confused :|

2013-04-10 @ 14:03:57



I have seen many references to the 13 informational systems contained in the Flower of Life, and your books have explained a few of them, however I have been unable to find a complete listing of the information systems and how they are derived. Is that something that can be provided, or must it be found? Thanks!

-Keith, Greenville, SC

2013-04-09 @ 10:24:22


Aloha Drunvalo,
thanks very much for your service and your work.My question is on new borns babies and ascension. I understand that new born children are advanced on various levels(DNA...), so If a new born child's parents decide to stay in the 3d, what happens to the child? will he/she stay on the 3d earth replica besides his/her 4D/5D quality?THX

2013-04-09 @ 09:12:10

Ed Carp

From Sedona, AZ:

Hi! Please note that your most recent blog post, you referred to solar cycle 24 as being "the most active in history". NASA has since revised downward their estimate, and now are predicting the least active cycle in the last 100 years (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_cycle_24#Predictions).

2013-04-09 @ 06:55:20

Gloria Gullatte

Joelton, Tennessee

How does having a heart transplant change access to the spaces in the heart? What would be the differences between one who accessed spaces before vs after transplant? Some transplanted hearts make neurological connection with the vagus nerve and some don't. Does this make a difference? In deep appreciation, Gloria

2013-04-09 @ 03:32:52

Struan Douglas

It has been said, "Thoth was an emerald covenant speaker, and he broke the emerald covenant,"

What are your remarks on this?

Warm regards

2013-04-08 @ 06:42:10

juan carlos. Bogota,Col

Dear Drunbalo,I have watched your fascinating interview:Mayans and 2012 with Lilou Mace on Youtube.com,Part 1 to 3.Congratulations and please tell me HOW AND WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE ON THE ""QUARTS CRISTAL ASCENTION METHOD & THE OPEN HEART MEDITATION METHOD""that you mention to take your body to 4D completely conscious without loosing mamory.

2013-04-07 @ 22:44:28


California..Where do i start? Your stories have made me cry. Such beautiful experiences you had. I will dedicate my life to God, to loving all things and to helping all. Thank you sooo much for sharing these experiences they truly inspire me. I feel a connection to you although I don't remember meeting you,Thank you :)

2013-04-07 @ 16:43:24


Dear Mr. Melchizedek,
My name is Adelina V. and I live in Serbia, Pancevo.
Kindly ask you to tell us more about Shesat( Toth's wife)and her ancient texts. Are they translated yet? Is there maybe a book we can also read as Emerald tablets? I find it quite interesting to strike a balance between these two (m/f) views of the Cosmic Orders.
Thank you.

2013-04-06 @ 19:25:42

Bonnie ODonnell New Zealand

What will our lives involve once in 12th overtone of 4th dimension? I realise we will evolve even past our own ability to understand the answer to this and it will be so totally different (thank goodness) and there's no need to worry as it will all make sense and is very natural, but just curious, what will we be doing?
Thanks, Drunvula <3

2013-04-06 @ 07:56:56


Hello Drunvalo and All
I just read the article concerning the grids around the earth that can be wiped out which may ultimately put us all in the dark ... I had a vision earlier this year of the whole planet being out and some men were able to get it turned back on it was the weirdest feeling because the stars n moon were out too... Can u explain

2013-04-06 @ 06:40:57


I have seen many videos on the internet about The Illuminati They say Illuminati want to rule the entire world by keeping the masses in ignorance.The Illuminati symbol is however an all seeing eye on top of the Pyramid This means that the Illuminati should be working towards making the people ascend spiritually.I am confused.Are they bad?

2013-04-05 @ 07:05:33


Информационный сайт, который посвящен различным новостям и событиям

2013-04-04 @ 20:20:50

Diane Perry

Can you tell me anything you know about the growing epidemic of Autism in our children? What is it's purpose and are they experiencing reality on some other level?

2013-04-04 @ 18:35:47

Max Wilson

New Hampshire

2013-04-04 @ 13:54:15


Hello drunvalo I have watched some of your videos and I'm still new to ascension so don't know where to start I been meditating for 5 years now but where do I start with ascension? And how can I gain my own knowledge from source? Also I'm on medication so how would I heal myself I've been diagnosed with a mental illness, I want to be part of this

2013-04-03 @ 18:10:01

William Blue

Namaste Drunvalo,
I was wondering if it is anything wrong with the process in which I try to follow your teachings because I can feel the divine love and feel my pineal gland & all chakras awakening but yet I see nothing. I am 19, &everything you say resonates with me. Im trying my best but is there something wrong if I have no visionary responses?

2013-04-03 @ 18:04:55

William Thomas Blue

Greetings of Peace and love Drunvalo,
My name is William Blue. I am a 19 yr. old college student who is on the path to ascension. I am one of the youngest ppl to stumble upon your work (that I know of). I really want to know how to know the difference between being awakened and jus thinking your in an awakened state cause belief can alter reality

2013-04-03 @ 02:45:01


I think I had experiences, few, when I was a child of like the ones mentioned regarding children. Hopefully we all can find our way to get into our hearts and help us oneanother. Meanwhile I like some guidance regarding this. And if you can guide me towards this knowledge shall thank you.I am in Mexico City. Thanks. bless us all!

2013-04-01 @ 13:36:03

Isabella Ramirez

Hello Drunvalo.
For the past year, ever since I became spiritually aware, I felt like I lost my sense of meaning, only to live a simple, emotionless life. Is there any reason for this? I thought becoming enlightened would help me, but I'm putting walls between me and my family. Please help.

Michigan City, Indiana


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