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2013-04-01 @ 09:04:08



I recently discovered you from watching your interview with Lilou Mace. I am from Oregon.

My question is: How significant a role do toxins play in blocking and inhibiting access to aspects of our Higher Selves? Specifically, heavy metals and especially mercury. Many chronic illnesses are related to heavy metal toxicity. Help!

2013-04-01 @ 07:46:05


Hello drunvalo,
Thank you for everything. :)

If one learns to live in the heart, will his/her Merkaba activate automatically? Or is the Merkaba meditation the only way to activate it?

2013-04-01 @ 04:38:06


 Hi mr.Drunvalo, first of all thank's very much for your work and assistance. I am at the age of 31, and since my childhood from the age of 9-10 years, I  and my family always under the press of mental in influence through voodoo and other black art. We know that a women that hates us recruit wizards and they often make to me and my family black wizardry. It is a mental attack to us with something pike to our heads, harts, bones, hand other organs, very painful. I remember when I was child often  I sudden awoke up from the painfull headache in the night and began to cry, it was very auwfully. People with extraordinary abilities said to my parents that that was mental attack. The women that makes and order this is very powerfull, she is the wife of our president. From those years till present moment this women recruit wizards, they sit in a group round and make to me  and my family black influence.  Her wizards every minute, every time make those work . It is very difficult to us because we can' to relax , can' t to have a rest. Always they are concentrate to us. We know that she pays a lot of dollars for their work. My family and I very tired from this.  In my meditations wizards  always distrubes  me. I can't concentrate because of  sudden pain in headache and other organs. Last times they make to my womb.
My question is
 Do those people go through ascension in the fourth dimension?
Can they at the moment of my ascension cramp me to enter into the fourth dimension?
What shall I do in my meditations when they disturbs me through the mental attack?

Thank you in advance

2013-04-01 @ 02:26:39


Hi. I had a quick and simple question that you may have answered before without my knowledge. My question is about your book "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol 1". In the beginning you mention a story in the Bible I am very familiar with of Jesus walking on water. However you mention Thomas being called out instead of Peter. Why? -Kansas

2013-03-30 @ 11:00:57


Hi Dear!
in Ancient Egypt Times they traveled interdimension!
And always in egypt drawing they didn't have hairs!
My question is: and will we travel interdimension we will lose the hair or sirian race don't have hair? or in 4 or 5 dimension level won't we have hair??? and did you if the Ancient Mayas travel interdimension as well?

2013-03-30 @ 09:04:13

Caroline Jaeger

Dear Drunvalo,
I just finished "The Mayan Ouroboros" and I was wondering if disasters you are talking about will really come ? Because it is simply amazing !
And it scared me a little (but I try to relax).
However, I am eager to move on to the next dimension.
I would like to thank for all of your information.


2013-03-30 @ 08:14:02


Alberta:Many people are quite concerned about the seizure of bank accounts in Cyprus,a major development with potential worldwide reprecussions. Is this a part of what you had stated in your last newsletter. What is to follow? Have there been any positive developments on the spiritual front?
It would be wonderful to hear an update.
Thank You

2013-03-30 @ 07:58:42


Dear Drunvalo,
I would like to now about the possibility to be assisted in spanish, into a workshop "Awakening of the Illuminated hearts". I will appreciate your response. Thanks.

Canary Islands, Spain

2013-03-29 @ 20:16:24

Margarita Ayala Atlanta Ga USA

HI I feel that the time has slow down for me since this year and I was know somebody else who write to you feel the same way and also live in Atlanta Ga like I am, it is this feeling for every where in the planet ?

2013-03-29 @ 09:22:59

ken salmon

canada, vancouver bc

David LaPoint has recently posted primer feilds part 1,2,3....4,5,6 to come. he forms a mini sun in a labratory setting.
the amazing thing is in the plasma ball feild area, matter organizes in flower of life configurations and you can also clearly see a merkaba pattern. utube the primer feilds part 2. proof!!

2013-03-28 @ 16:51:41

Kim Godfrey

I mean no disrespect but why does it appear that you are the only Melchizedek teacher in this time and space?...due to the nature of the biggest experiment declared by God, why would only one Melchizedek be on line? where are all the others of your kind so that we..well I can have physical access to the teachings? You are like no other.

2013-03-28 @ 13:41:36


Hello Drunvalo, I´m from Brazil and I´m a fan of yours since the first video I saw you and felt your big heart presence. I would like to know what are your thoughts on Ayahuaska, known as the Santo Daime here in Brazil. Is it a good tool for consciusness ascension? Does it accelerate the spiritual progression?

Thank you!

2013-03-28 @ 01:45:46

Kathryn Hewitt

hello and blessings Durmvalo. I see energetic symbols codes and shapes that have no particular form all day and at night. I have asked these to teach me while i sleep. Ever since I have ben tired all day. Is it too much for me and can I filter the learning so I can have more energy?

2013-03-27 @ 01:17:47

Raye Williams

Dearest Drunvalo Melchizedek,
It took almost an year and a half to get your name exactly right. Your name was provided to me in my dream state. The very first time I saw you on youtube, it was as if i have always known you as my father. Dear Father can i activate my merkabah on my own as i have not enough money and am far away from you. raye india

2013-03-26 @ 06:44:13


Would there b a benefit in doing the 1st 6 breaths (of the Mer ka ba meditation) just by themselves? I'm in the process of learning abt entering thru the heart. Thank You Tx.

2013-03-26 @ 06:37:10


Hello Drunvalo,
I've been experiencing Dizziness & ringing in the ears. Dizziness abt 10 months ago for about a month then it went away & now its back. Ringing has been constant the 10 mos. Some people say its due to the magnetic field shifting etc... Do you have any information on this issue? Why it affects some but not everyone? Tks, F/W Texas

2013-03-26 @ 06:21:31


Dear Drunvalo
I work as a doctor in an ER in Brasil and most of the time I can´t act from my heart with patiences because everything is so chaotic that I"loose"my center and I have no choice than put numbers and name diseases to those persons.Im getting very frustrated.I thought to join doctors wtihout borders,is it really helpfull to human kind?

2013-03-26 @ 01:52:04


who is this guy Danny Searle and how valad is his views on ascension?
Also, what about remote viewer Major Ed Dames and his predictions?
John (San Diego-CA)

2013-03-25 @ 06:49:10


simen from holland here,
in your flower of life books I red about a green light that will appear in yout inner vision and spiral to a gland. how does this fit in the story of the meditation with the beams of light?

2013-03-25 @ 06:22:04


Hello Drunvalo,

Thank you for the meditations and wisdom you share! They are very helpfull in my daily life! I life in Holland and I would like aks you if you know à Senia Melchizedek as one of the five on this planet? I don't have à good feeling about this and I wanted to check before taking à course.
Lots of love and light!
Moonflower, Holland

2013-03-25 @ 05:58:37


my name is simen and i cant shot a video
I would like to know more about the tongue. his role in the connection of the heart to the brain. and what I schould do with him to let him forfill his role. a bit more specific:)
love and stuff like that

I am from zeeland, holland. it's the best ;)

2013-03-25 @ 02:38:59

dr.nadahalli ravi

Dear drunvalo greetings

I mus first convey my thanks for all the knowledge u have given to the human society.
My question is nothing has happened either on dec.21st 2012 or march 21st 2013.u have mentioned about the window period on your website which has started & likely to end before june.
What all could we expect now?
Thanks agn

2013-03-24 @ 13:17:58

Linda Wright

Rogers, Arkansas "Was the meteor that exploded over Russia the red star Kachina?"

2013-03-24 @ 11:29:26


Hi Drunvalo :)
Can you tell us something about sferic Merkaba? What is the diference with the clasic one?
Thank you
and all the best...for all...

Dana from Romania

2013-03-23 @ 17:48:56

William Coker

Since I was little I knew and felt mine coming in from my back around the right kidney area. Sometimes when I am meditating just right I can reach back and touch it it feels like cool flowing water and my body looks like gold energy. Until you, I have not run across anyone talking of energy coming in at that point. Can I control this energy?


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