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2013-03-23 @ 01:50:33


much <3, a few ?s. can the merkabah only be activated with a fully awakened kundalini flowing through shushumna nadi to ajna chakra? if so, the body would involuntarily turn into light, no? are you able to turn yourself into a merkabah, and make a crop circles, like the white orbs of light i have interacted with that are merkabahs upclose

2013-03-22 @ 11:06:32

Stephen Elliott

Maryland. The first time that this happened i was in my bed sleeping. I woke up to the feeling of my whole entire bed shaking like an earthquake, not vibrating but shaking. Once happened while i was WIDE awake and in a room full of people, I got really scared and didnt move or even talk for over 30 minutes. Help me to understand what is happening.

2013-03-22 @ 06:45:31

Frances Borges

Dear Drunvalo,
On Feb 13th, you said hopefully before the end of this month, we will release special instructions for those who know the Mer-Ka-Ba on exactly how to move from the 3rd dimension of Earth to the 4th dimension. Sadly we have heard nothing since, can we hope to hear soon, or maybe some Q&A
Love & gratitude from your devoted student Fran

2013-03-21 @ 09:13:42


I'm in Florida but I grew up in Canada. I grew up on a farm. Sometimes, I used to walk barefoot in the grass. It felt good. But now, in Florida, I don't dare walking barefoot because of fire ants and other hazards like prickly plants. I looked into "earthing". I think the best way of getting earthing benefits without the hazards is through water.

2013-03-21 @ 03:20:52

John Sweeney (San Diego)

Hi Drunvalo,

Thank you for all that you do. Much love, much appreciated.

I have a couple of questions: there is lots of fear and confusion in the world today, things are starting to go a little crazy. Should we start preparing by gathering drinking water, food and provisions?
And...are there any safe zones to migrate to?

2013-03-20 @ 17:12:08

Giddiani Albuerne

I recently read your new book "The Mayan Ouroboros" you said that we will need to shift into the next level of awareness which is the 4th after the solar flares, how can we do this? I am meditating and i wanted to focus on my merkaba field. i am doing it by myself, just from reading.also are crystal spheres good to work with for my merkaba field?

2013-03-20 @ 12:47:37

Carla van Zanen

Hi Drunvalo, iam Carla from Holland, i have 2 questions.

in the 6th q&a you told us about the expended sun, can you tell us more and what can we expect on earth ( and the hologram).

the second question:
you've told about an iceage to come,but last year
in an interview with Lilou you spoke about solar flares and a hot period.

Thank you, love.

2013-03-19 @ 17:05:56

Joy Herhold

My emotional center is strong and often keeps me separate and in reaction. If I cry i feel a sweet release but not a resolution or connection. My question is how to utilize and respect this emotional center. I know it doesn't go away or can be surpressed, but how to use it for ascention of vibration?

2013-03-19 @ 02:07:24

Karen Simpson

Sunshine Coast Australia,
Hello Drunvalo,
Many Blessings to you & for reading this.
I have been Intuitively doing the beams of light to my clients for over 1 year now. Prior to this my own beams of light were activated.
I now see my heart beams and my root chakra beams activating .
Can you explain a little more about this please.

2013-03-16 @ 20:10:25

Joshua Mark Hawkins


I am wondering; Spirit of Earth, the Divine Mother, like a young girl, and the Cosmos, Divine Father our sun or the central sun or the hue nab cu (center of the universe); an old wise man; then, does every planet have a unique spirit and trinity relationship? How does this very from individual sun to divine father?

2013-03-16 @ 05:48:05

Erik Huijben

Hello Drunvalo,

I would like to propose a world wide event by You, done everywhere at the same time going into our Hearts and send Divine Love to the people of the world. It would be better to invite other White Light networks to join like Little Grandmother. Because of time differences maybe smaller groups should be assigned.

Erik from Holland

2013-03-15 @ 15:13:58


Hi Drunvalo,

I read your concerns about Solar cycle 24.
Also according NASA and other sources, this will be the most calm one ever measured!
Scientist also expect that after 2016 there will be no Sunspot activity for decades!
The Sun will be asleep for a while.
So i do not understand all the fuss about it.
Greetings from Holland, Devapath.

2013-03-15 @ 13:24:29

Itzel Maliachi

Hi Drunvalo! my question is: is there a connection of me loving the dolphins and swimming to where I come from? (as I understand dolphins came from Sirius) just an interesting fact is that back in 1994 I swam in Xcaret with dolphins and it happened to be that one of them was nammed exactly like me: Itzel!...I'm from Mexico city! with love:)

2013-03-15 @ 12:04:53

María Gabriela Casanova

From Caracas,Venezuela

Dear Drunvalo

How angels can impact on human beings and how they can change the Earth vibration? How they do connect with us?
Thanks :)

2013-03-14 @ 22:20:36

Itzel Maliachi

Dear Drunvalo, I am requesting on behalf of all of humanity for you to put out a FREE Merkabah activation course. I'm from Mexico city and I've reached one of your trained teachers but the course goes simply way out of my pocket (at least basic instructions please)

2013-03-14 @ 17:30:57



2013-03-14 @ 13:57:41


Hi Drunvalo, I loved attenting your training, but uneasy about self-focus of some. You have spent your life in service,& I would love to see that taught. We live in a sea of energy, sending vibration of tiny space in heart with intent by practitioners, out to the world, would this make a real difference to consciousness of planet/humanity. much lov

2013-03-14 @ 09:21:53

Amir Orr Ahamanata , Oaxca Mexico-Israel

hello there beuatiful beloved freind Master and brother,Dear Drunvalo, what about the First contact form our extraterestrial ansectors,I have seen them more than once and realy have this blessed connection with tham.when are the landing down here on earth more publicly.when do we get to fuly reconnect and fly with the ships?I am ready.thanks shalom

2013-03-14 @ 08:00:14

Sylvia Meadows

Have one question about the Pineal Gland regarding your Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop. There are poplulation issues having calcification of Pineal Gland by dental products, food and water pollutants. Will the activiation after your workshop become temporary since having yrs of exposure to mercury/fluoride and other toxins?

Ashburn, VA

2013-03-14 @ 02:19:25

Jérémy Calbert (Belgium)

Hi dear Drunvalo.
I already asked this before: Don't you think that the 3 days of darkness ARE 3 days that may occir at a personnal level, that we can experience in a dayly human life.Just as Jesus Christ did when He died. And does it have to happen in a global level too?
Thank you for answering. With love and respect. Jérémy

2013-03-13 @ 21:19:07

Cathy A. Corn

When doing massage/bodywork, I use the image of a pink lighted sphere around the two of us for protecting energies. Would the merkaba also do this, do it better? Would it help me retain a good energy level after work?
Would love to meet you since your work fascinates me.
Much gratitude from Cathy and the faeries in Pittsburgh

2013-03-13 @ 16:55:48


I took the Awakening workshop last summer and would like to know if I am suppose to keep pulling out my beams of light? I thought I understood that once they were out they were out, same with the sphere, is that correct?
Thanks for being there :)

2013-03-13 @ 16:45:46

Catherine Ann Abel

I have a very dear friend (male) who has read most of your material, is very spiritually minded and wishes to ascend using the Mer-Ka-Ba HOWEVER he still includes meat in his diet, smokes cigarettes & other recreational substances and drinks beer. I'm concerned about how much success can be achieved but need your advice on this. In La'Kesh

2013-03-13 @ 16:42:38


If I want to pull out the beams of light on somebody, do I need their permission? I would like to pull out my high school student's beams? thanks pam california

2013-03-13 @ 08:39:10

Kaitlyn Furey

I'm a 17 year old girl from Maryland. In Novemeber 2012 I became very spiritual and knowledge and experiences have just been thrown at me since.
I meditated for my first time outdoors today and I was told to contact you. Is there anything you can tell me or give me? What is my next step?


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