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All questions will be reviewed for relevancy and when approved they will be submitted for consideration and usage during the filming of a Question & Answer Episode. All questions are subject to review and rejection for relevancy.

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2013-03-10 @ 18:09:55

sandra luiza stocco

i have another question!
it's about the solar disc of Lemurian that THEY moved to titikaka lake!
what's the function of this disc???
is inside of him any memory like crystal skulls or is just a vehicle interdimension??
or inside of him has memories about our SUN?
much love and thanks

2013-03-09 @ 11:13:56


Hello Drunvalo, I have developed what I call a physical third eye, what I mean is that I have developed a bump in the center of my forehead that looks just like the bump on the forehead of the Budha or others of the like.

Can you provide me with any insight that may assist me in understanding this better?

Im in SF CA

2013-03-08 @ 15:34:55


When working with energy beams/halo I see large,dynamic energetic discharges emanating from the ends of the beams. Discharges go out into the universe/disappear. Guidance indicates am doing this to prevent self from accessing true energy levels. Unable to recapture/utilize discharges thus far. Prior experience with phenomenon, pointers?

2013-03-08 @ 05:02:13

Leo Willems

Netherlands, Echt-Limburg

2013-03-06 @ 15:44:07

Marianne Remme

These Do you know how the Fabrinacci Sequence and the Tesseract are connected? I know that the Tesseract is a 4th dimensional representation of a 5th dimensional space- so is observable in the 3D we see here....To access this space, we would need to work energetically by using a meditative state. These are the clues....

Salem, Oregon

2013-03-05 @ 10:34:28

Danny Nielsen

Hello Drunvalo
I have a question concerning emotions and the Unity meditation, i have been emotionally shut down since my early childhood. This life have been filled with suffering, and it is keeping me from feeling and projecting love to my devine mother and father. How can you project a feeling that you cant remember? How can i remember?

2013-03-05 @ 08:53:32


Hey Drunvalo,

Will you share the 18th breath with everyone or only with those you worked through? Why? Does that mean that those who haven't happened to go through this work are meant to stay lobger in this dimension? And what are the sequences of events that we'll go through until 2017? My human-ness tells this is not fair. Ara from Belarus.

2013-03-05 @ 03:13:54

Ben Bailey

Hi Drunvalo, many thanks for the work you are doing. I have a question relating from the RA material. It speaks about those in Service to Self(STS) and those in Service to Others, and Orion energy being in STS. My question relates to the phrase I AM THAT I AM. Is this phrase an Orion distortion of the I AM, and what is your view on the phrase?

2013-03-04 @ 07:31:39


Hi Dru,

Due to trauma, some have extreme difficulty entering the space of their heart. What can be done in severe cases to help free these souls who are so constricted in fear they just can't seem to let go in order to help themselves? Is it best that they realize their method of transition will have to be regular death since trying so hard hurts?

2013-03-03 @ 18:47:52

sandra stocco

Good Night!

i have one question as well!
i want to know how my eyes can see in 4 and 5 dimension!
how they function! is this like one bee see???
for example when i see with my third eye i can see the image and the image has movement, it is not seems stop like in third dimension! and in 5 dimension???? what have more???

2013-03-03 @ 17:26:34


Hello Dru

What I am truly curious about is whether or not knowledge brings an individual any closer to God or a spiritual experience. I believe every fiber of my being already contains this information and my time would be better served meditating. Unfortunately my time meditating has not produced any tangible results so I also remain skeptical.

2013-03-03 @ 16:59:12


Dear Drunvalo,

When we make our leap of ascension, will we have to leave the earth? Many of us have such love for the earth that we would like to stay with her as she makes her transition. Is this what will happen? Or will we be somewhere else? Is there choice?

Thank you for helping us with the tools we need to make this shift.

Tara in Colorado

2013-03-03 @ 14:25:02

Gabi in Colorado

Dear Drunvalo,
Hello, Could you please explain to me about the 3 days of darkness where we are to stay inside and cover the windows. Is this a separate event from the power outage that would be caused through sun flares where the whole world would be black? Would you please give us more information about the Red Star? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TEACHINGS

2013-03-02 @ 05:40:24


Location: Luxembourg

My question is: after the solar flare disaster, humankind will probably go into chaos and a lot of bad things will be happening, killings, rapes, cannibalism, etc. What if one would chose to take their own life when the alternative is horrible, would that person still be able to make it to the 4th dimension? Thank you.

2013-03-01 @ 08:48:02


Hello Drunvalo,

This may be a funny question but anyway let's do it!
I may be wrong but I guess you say that when the ascension is gonna come we would feel like an earthquake or something, correct?
If I'm sleeping in my comfortable bed, will I be waking up in order to prepare the ascension? :)

Thank you so much, Love & Light

2013-02-28 @ 19:18:32


Hi Drunvalo,

At various times since May 2012 I have had tingling sensations on the center of my forehead. If I concentrate on the experience, I can make it grow. When this occurs I feel absolutely present, awake, and clear. Music is sometimes a trigger. Well, I am unsure what it means. Do you know what is happening?

Thank you

Sam in Santa Fe, NM

2013-02-28 @ 19:13:51

ed blood

I am from St Petersburg FL,First Thankyou Drunvalo for coming to us to help us although as a beginner (and slow at that) I cannot imagine my
being any where near fully prepared in the short time we have left. My question(s) are Between physical lives are we in the 4th dem or like
3&a half? 2. Are you saying in 2017 there will be no 3dm man on earth

2013-02-28 @ 13:00:59

Eric Kastanek

hi drunvalo,i'm located in flagstaff,az...in the last 10 yrs the electric force is being discovered to be much more influential in shaping the cosmos from the very big, to the very small. What role do you think electricity plays in our bio-electric acceleration? could cosmic currents be inducing kundalini awakenings here on earth? thank you! eric

2013-02-28 @ 12:03:02


Hello Drunvalo,
I think that an entity belonging to another dimension is living in my body more specifically in my right brain and is causing me a lot of pain and bad thoughts telling me that my mother will die, I followed your instructions but I can't get him back home.
I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, with love Valentin.

2013-02-28 @ 06:23:26

Valentin Dragoi

Hello Drunvallo,
I believe that one of the entities that cause dysfunctional thoughts you mentioned in Chapter 15 of the Ancient secret of the flower of life is living in my body.I approached the spirit with love, I tried to create an octahedron and invoke Archangel Michael to help me but think that he's still here.Please help me
With love,Valentin

2013-02-27 @ 12:01:47


Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer our questions!

My concern is in the process of centering yourself in your heart for the correct Merkaba, how does one continue to stay active in present day society?

How do we stay centered in the heart, avoid losing focus and end up back in the ego?

Jon - Maryland

2013-02-27 @ 11:24:58


Spansh events do you have?

2013-02-26 @ 20:51:40

Danny Nielsen

Hello Drunvalo.
Im sad to see that your global workshops havent reached Denmark. Have any spiritual teacher from Denmark received the training and knowlegde to host a workshop?

With love from Denmark

2013-02-26 @ 13:37:47


I am from Ca. and I was wondering if u have ever studied the Urantia book? U have the name of an important celestial order of beings. And if u have read or studied the book, what your thoughts on it are, and if u haven't would u consider reading it?

2013-02-24 @ 14:08:24

Larry Murov

When we go through the door to a higher dimension, will we retain our memory of this world?
Also, will we be able to be with our spouses on the other side if we choose.

Larry Murov


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