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2013-02-24 @ 05:59:23


From Gesves (Belgium)

Hi Drunvalo,

I was wondering what, during one's ascension process, to his/her belongings like house, garden... or even clothes :o) Simply put: what do you bring with you ?



2013-02-23 @ 19:34:48

Al in Canada

Dear Drunvalo!
I have a question that is bothering me for long time and can't find logic and answer to it,and that is why there is continues slotter of dolphins in Japan and wales around the world and nobody is able to stop this slotter? Much Love and thank you Al!

2013-02-23 @ 12:47:39


I recently took the ATIH course in Kansas City and at the end didn't complete the process of getting out my Mekaba. Of course I am continually doing it but can you give any tips as to how I can fully complete the switch. I'm not seeing the mist really and not sure if my eyes are going up enough. Or maybe it's that since it's usesa sexual system?

2013-02-23 @ 09:28:41

Maricarmen Santiago Casenave

Hello, I'm from Spain. Some nights I wake up seeing symbology, and I don't know what is happening. I'm asking you for some help. Thank you.

2013-02-23 @ 07:33:47

Karen Colenutt Canada

Who am I? I am 57 years old and have been seeing without my eyes since as long as I can remember, communicated without speaking and just not fitting in with the norm of human life. Dreams are what guide me they did tell me I am from the planet with three moons and I have been there. My experiences with other dimensions have been magical.

2013-02-22 @ 16:30:34

Lamb from NY

On 2/19/13, I discovered you on youtube for firt time. Heard you talk about 2/19/13, but video was filmed awhile back. My ears started ringing and I had "Kanashibari", and entered into repeated out-of-body experience throughough that night. Did the shift happen on 2/19/13 ? I haven't had OBE in over 5 years & was shocked at all these coincidences.

2013-02-22 @ 10:57:37

Anthony Bell

Hi I stay in Atlanta, GA. 2012 was a year I'm trying to understand. At certain times in that year. It felt like time slowed. A few hours of sleep felt like 8. From that year on I started seeing things for what they are. I wonder if anyone else experienced the same thing. Just want to know what was happening. Thank you

2013-02-22 @ 06:48:01

jakline de France

Bonjour, je ne parle pas anglais et je voudrais suivre l'école en achetant vos vidéo, et je voudrais savoir si vous les fournissez en français.

2013-02-21 @ 19:18:56

Gustavo Medrano de Luna

Hi Drunvalo my name is Gustavo and I am here to share info about a place in Mexico where continuous sightings for many years have been happening and there's a doctor that has been having contact for 18 years . I have gone to this place for 5 years and this last time was very exiting , I have amazing material that I would like to show you thanks.

2013-02-21 @ 03:48:08


Hi Drunvalo,
Do you believe your birthday has anything to do with your life path such as numerology?
And what is you birthday? Both when you were born into your now body and when you entered into now Drunvalo?

2013-02-20 @ 22:33:19

Richard Sanderson-- Maine

Dear Drunvalo-- I have heard you point out the importance of connecting to our Higher Self in our sacred heart chamber. Could you please describe what steps or preparation can assist in this process as it seems central to our spititual growth? Thank you. Richard

2013-02-20 @ 16:57:16


hello drunvalo,
i asked this question before,
would you let us know when you will have interview with beings inside the earth, i guess you mentioned this over a year ago, there will be an interview.


2013-02-20 @ 15:38:22

Alexander Papadopoulos

Hello Drunvalo, i just read your book "the ancient secret of the flower of life vol.1" so i am new in the merkaba and the secret space in the heart.So is there any secret or any way to visualize better when i meditate all these fields and energies around and inside my body and around the earth?And if its important to have clear images of them?

2013-02-20 @ 05:28:02

Hatice (Germany)

Dear Drunvalo,
I think, once you recommended to die consciously and to take one's body with oneself?!?
Is this also true for the case that one is extremely ill and weak (e.g. due to cancer)?
And also true for any time from now on or only during the (three?) days in future of Mother Earth's major transformation?
Thanks from my heart!


2013-02-20 @ 00:56:23


Dear Drunvalo,

In the february leter you said that you would provide the necessary information on Mer-Ka-Ba by the end of February for those who are familiar with either of MKB meditation in order to enter the 4th dimension. 18th breath.

Will you share it publicly with everyone or only those you are guided to?

2013-02-19 @ 17:57:54

Lisa Whaley

Hello Drunvalo...I just received a copy of the interview you did on the children who don't get sick. I was Dx with cancer almost 3 yrs. ago. I have come to believe this is a spiritual journey and am extremely interested in knowing more. I am in Denver, CO. Is there any way I could work with you on this or come in contact with one of these peopl

2013-02-19 @ 17:15:08

Linda Williams

Fox Island, WA
I just read the Feb 13th posting and you said for us to get up to speed i.e. meditation. I listened to Dec 20-22 and have been doing the Unity Breath since also am rereading Living in the heart and truly understanding the meditaion even better. Question will I be able to partake in your new lessons that are coming soon? I hope so.

2013-02-19 @ 13:30:05

Diane Tremblay

I am from Quebec, Canada.

Hi Drunvalo. I am a Reiki Master and I recently heard that the Reiki symbols were contaminated by the force of the Shadow. Is it correct to say that this practice is no longer in the Light and with changes in energy we should no longer provide treatment using Usui Reiki. I'm a little confused about this.


2013-02-19 @ 12:54:06

Christopher Ciprian - Pompano Beach, FL

what are your thoughts on Ormus and its supposed aid to accession?

2013-02-19 @ 12:15:56

Christopher Ciprian - Pompano Beach, FL

please excuse my ignorance, I am progressing spiritually and have become obsessed with the Merkaba . from your videos i understand that it starts from the heart (large and small) and the connection of your heart with the brain. but i cant find any actual detailed meditational instructions on how to achieve this. is there a "Merkaba for dummies?"

2013-02-18 @ 19:52:34

kena maria urzua

Hola,las sensaciones en la piel como "piel de naranja" o piloerección,en cualquier parte de mi cuerpo,de manera espontanea es debido a la carcanía de un ser? La sensación de que una energia fluye a través de mi pie, durante horas o días es por la kundalini? La necesiadad de viaje astral de mi cuerpo astral, sin que yo me prepare premeditadamente?

2013-02-18 @ 13:36:55

Arno Vroom, Holland

Dear Drunvalo,

You said in one of your interviews that Tourmaline helps by Telepathie. You have different colors of that crystals. Which specific color of that crystal do you mean? And can you describe how to use the stone for telepathie?

With kind regards,


2013-02-15 @ 09:33:22


Hello Druvalo,

Could you please comment on the meteorite shower over Russia on February 14, 2013? Does it have anything to do with the window opening on February 18, 2013?

Thank you in advance,

Moscow, Russia

2013-02-15 @ 09:29:08


Hi drunvalo.I look to you for most advice and wisdom i have recently come across the work of George Kavassilas. he insists that kundalini and the chakra system are false light programs that imprison us humans and it does us no good having them. in fact he advises people to get rid of there chakra's and the pineal gland is an implant. is he disinfo?

2013-02-15 @ 08:56:39

Roberta Collier-Morales

Dear Drunvalo,
I think you mentioned in your Serpents of Light book that the crystal skulls were going to be brought together around the 12/21/12 date. Did that happen? if so, will any insights or information be made available to the world? Also, any more information about the area beneath the Sphinx? Thank you, Roberta


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