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2013-02-14 @ 14:19:37


First of all I just LOVE you! I have read the Flower of Life 1&2(twice) but I still don't understand sacred geometry is that something you have to understand completly for activating the merkaba? Thank You!


2013-02-13 @ 07:28:13


Hello Drunvalo, my name is Irina, i live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, recently i saw an old video of yours where you say that we might get confused when it comes to Love because we can "feel" it with our brain but is not really coming from our hearts. My question is: how can we tell?
Thank you!

2013-02-13 @ 06:18:14

Yu k

Is it possible to learn how to connect to the small space of the heart by a video demonstration that's affordable for all who can not pay 400 dollars. There are many that may desire but can not pay the fees.... Are there other options ??
Yu from syracuse ny

2013-02-12 @ 12:53:52

Martin Diaz

Hello Drunvalo
And thanks for all your work you share.
I have ben to the ATIH workshop in Sweden whit Monica. My questian is abaut the meditation when we balanced ying-yang and i meet i women and a man that gave me speciall things, and then we shift hands. I wonder what this tow persons are i relation to my self.
P.s the workshop is the best:)))))

2013-02-12 @ 11:02:24


I was wondering, now that the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 indicate a new consciousness of Humanity why maintain still in your teachings a certain degree of polarity; male and female? Isn't something that can stop you from consciousness of Unity? Because the Heart have no polarity isn't it?
Thank you

2013-02-11 @ 17:28:19

Damian Lamartine

Today in my meditation ( one) I came to an experience where my space seemed to be spinning at warp speed. The spinning was left sided. I felt centered but the sensation continued to almost nausea. I was able to come to a point of rest eventually. I feel that this is not quite in alignment. Damian, Canmore AB

2013-02-11 @ 15:48:31

Mike Goldsmith

I recently come across the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. What is your opinion of them? Namaste! mike

2013-02-10 @ 10:47:03

Helga Rahn, New York

Hello Drunvalo,
Please clarify your view of what happens to the soul aspect following 3d unconscious physical death. You speak of 3d to 4d? My understanding the soul aspect is always reabsorbed into the soul, not moving to 4d? The soul is multidimensional,extending back to Source. Another aspect/multiple aspects incarnate to experince another life?

2013-02-10 @ 10:17:10

Helga Rahn, New York

Hello Drunvalo,
Thank you for your wonderful service to humanity. Could you expand on your view of the Dark Forces (Reptilian/Draconian/etc) as being the controlling factors of the upper most regimes? Is Obama as well as other world presidents, monarchs and the Vadican working for the dark? Will they regress, remain in stuggle on Old Earth?

2013-02-08 @ 19:36:25


Hi Drunvalo
I watched a video where you were discussing the chidren of our time,where they all fall into a catagory of indigo,crystal,ect. Yet I am curious as to the children that seem to have no heart what soever,I have known one for 14 yrs and she fits the form of sociopath rather than anything positive. Is this because they must awaken as well?

2013-02-08 @ 14:06:13

Amara Dreamer

Hi, this is Amara from Bend, Oregon.

2013-02-07 @ 18:51:58


I built a door then a bridge and now I have a key. I only just woke up.


2013-02-05 @ 13:42:57

Aaron Matthew Hogge

Hello Brother, My journey has led me to your books which was of course no accident. However I feel a certain affinity toward your work, so much so, that when I read it I feel a sureal understanding for it, like I have understood it for a long time, sometimes like I wrote it myself. Would you be willing to meet up and talk sometime?DOB: 05/24/84

2013-02-05 @ 10:07:39

Will Oneill- Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Would it be prudent for me to ask if there will be further updates to your complete work of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, considering many years have passed and a great many changes have taken place on our big blue marble of a planet?
Since Dec 21, 2012 has come and gone, where are we situated now with the earth`s Kundalini please?

2013-02-01 @ 16:12:41


Thanks for your consideration,
What is the true purpose of water?
In a vivid dream there was a fire. I was bringing a hose to help and it was taken from me. I said "I wanted to help". The man said "you don't know. I replied " But I want to know". The man then replied " If you truley want to help you need to understand the true purpose of water

2013-02-01 @ 06:20:03

Kuldeep Bora

It is said that civilization in Indian subcontinent was very advance at old times. Also Hindu scriptures say a lot about the world and spirituality. How does Sanskrit language and old Hindu religion (or gods) links with your theories? I watched this video and hence my question. video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAm-kbzT7xw

2013-01-30 @ 18:47:16

Rafael Ungson

What's the best way to reconcile the "way of the heart" and everyday, mainstream living? I've taken the ATIH workshop, got my merkaba, but because of work being slow, my home is about to foreclose and I'm running out of mula... I've tried to talk to God/source, but so far, no response. And as each day passes, the stress takes me away from my heart.

2013-01-29 @ 16:03:22

Elijah Telling, Sydney, Australia

Hi Drunvalo,
I have read stories/ watched videos alluding to an ET ancestry originating from the pleiades. Can you explain (or point me in the direction of further information) about how this correlates to the factual evidence of evolution and natural selection. There appears to be a large contradiction in between the two theories.
Forever thankful

2013-01-29 @ 09:18:52

Matt, holland

Hi Drunvalo, thank YOU for your life and your presence on this earth at this time.

How can I recognize demons and vampires operating in everyday life? People who might take advantage of others' lives to further their own existence and school? Can immortals travel between dimensions? And access 4th and 5th dimensions?

With feeling and love

2013-01-27 @ 16:43:02

Debra Northcraft

Millersville MD

Do you have any information or suggestions for someone who believes or has evidence they are either cursed or has Demons around them or is keeping them from happiness?

2013-01-27 @ 15:54:59

Dana St. Claire

Is there any concern that the secret government is doing anything that would prevent the Mayan messages or forward movement of even your messages? I am asking because it would seem that they would want to prevent ascension from happening.

Thank you

San Diego

2013-01-26 @ 17:36:44

Alexey Yakovtsev

Russian field. My questions are about the Mission of Russian people as spoke a lot of prophecies and transformation of Mother-Earth. Thank you
Could you inform me when Drunvalo's answer will be ready? You see, my readers are waiting for it. Thank you once more
Love & Light for you

2013-01-25 @ 00:58:26


Hey Drunvalo

1. If someone dies before the date of change into the 4th dimention.. Where do they go? are they reincarnated in this dimention as someone else? or maybe already have moved into the 4th dimension?
Thank you for your time Drunvalo

2013-01-23 @ 18:20:32

George Cooper


You said in your last video that everyone on earth is currently living their last life .. you also said Before this that everyone has to live 8 lives on earth and that you are currently only on your second one.

Could you Clarify this

Thank you,


Steven Dott

2013-01-21 @ 11:28:37


HI. I`m KLARA from Romania.In 21 December the meditation was sensational.Would be great if you could organize this type of meditation on-line for those who have been in ATIH schools.We miss you because we can`t meet you (only in our heart) Thank you. Klara


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