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2013-01-08 @ 16:22:33


Not a ? D.M . Sat on the edge between buddhist empty mind and creation this a.m., finding realization and control, toing and froing in my sleep bardo.
After 1 hr of experiment, started to see flowers of life, 1000s of small 1s and every other size. They fill with light(colour) and pieces of geom to become the whole of your chosen reality. part 2

2013-01-08 @ 14:03:41

Susan Morrill

Once our dna is activated we feel a bit disconnected to our daily lives - not sure how to 'live' not knowing how to exist I feel stuck between places what do I do with this feeling of void - I do feel love, I am letting go of daily contrast.
I feel the need to throw a back pack on and head out walking, be free and follow spiritual guidance Help

2013-01-08 @ 12:10:23

carolyn kelley

Re the diminishing electromagnetic field on earth. First astronauts, without these fields in space, came back with severe physical effects, %80 bone loss, disorientation... Are these effects causing ascension symptoms and chronic diseases? There are Pemf machines available mainly in Europe to restore emfs. I want to understand this more. NH, USA

2013-01-07 @ 19:24:50

Marina Kireeva

Hi Drunvalo,

I studied Kabbalah for 7 years, my question does Kabbalah wisdom have something in common with your spiritual approach and your teaching about Merkaba? Kabbalah main goal is to elevate a personal and than global consciousness. How can i put them both to work in my spiritual transformation?

Thank you for your amazing work!

2013-01-07 @ 07:32:41

Thomas Harris

I'am retired in gdl.Mexico. I have achieved a higher level thru Hata
yoga .During the Magnetic shift and zero is approached ,how do we stay
sain,and keep our memory .I know i need to stay calm during the physical annomally and adj.But how long do i keep the higher level to
avoid memory loss?
Thomas Harris

2013-01-07 @ 04:11:14

Tiffany Joseph

Hello Drunvalo,
In 2003 I attended 2 of your workshops & learned the Merkaba which i did for many years daily but haven't since 2008/9. From listening to you on Dec 21st I'm not sure whetheito should do the Merkaba now - I thought I understood you to say that the Merkaba can no longer be activated in this way. Please clarify. Thank you. TJ (Canad

2013-01-04 @ 10:58:36

Patty Connally

I am currently writing from Beijing, China. Will you ever tell us how to do the 18th breath?! thanks dood- {^-*}

2013-01-03 @ 14:25:03

Dorothea Beijnes

From Amsterdam, Holland.

With reference to your Q&A session Thursday 20 Dec., you said that everyone will move into the 4th dimension regardless of their spiritual development. As such, I was wondering, why do people need help in order to make the shift?

With love and light, Dorothea

2013-01-03 @ 09:09:03

Hatice (Germany)

Dear Drunvalo,
In the Web I found 2 confusing information:
1. Astronomically the core of the Earth, Sun and the Galaxy are approximately aligned every year (!) twice (!) on the equinoxes - not only once in 25,625 years.
2. The Earth, sun, and galactic center never (!) align exactly due to being "... on different planes".
Thank u 4 enlightening!

2013-01-03 @ 03:32:21

HansPeter Spindler, Switzerland

Dear Drunvalo

According to the 'Manuscript of Magdalena', channelled by Tom Kenyon, Jesus Christ and Maria Magdalena were married and had a daughter. Can you confirm that?

In eternal love, HansPeter Spindler, born 3 years before a certain Bernard Perona

2013-01-03 @ 03:21:17


Hello Drunvalo, first pf all I'm really thanklful for what you do :)
My question is: will we remember this life on the fourth dimension ?
thanks you again!!

2013-01-03 @ 03:20:00

HansPeter Spindler, Switzerland

Dear Drunvalo
After attending a 'Vertical reality-workshop' in accordance to David Wagner, my intuition formed the following picture: The horizontally positioned cones of the chakras will turn for 90 degrees into verticality. Lateron the vertical cones will expand into the Prana-Tube. What is your opinion about this vison?
In lak ech, HansPeter

2013-01-03 @ 03:02:02

HansPeter Spindler, Switzerland

Dear Drunvalo
When I arrive in 4-D with my activated MerKaBa, the very first I intend to do, is to look out for the MerKaBa of my Twin Soul or Twin Flame. Then hand in hand we go to the throne of god (Merkavah in Hebrew), where our MerKaBa's melt together into a holy oneness, a unity of light.
How realistic is this dream?
From my heart to yours, HP

2013-01-02 @ 15:08:04


Salt Lake City,

You seemed very definitive about the 8 year window between October, 2007 and October, 2015. Now that December 21st has passed, I hear you saying quite a bit "If the Mayan's are right".

Are you questioning more whether this is going to happen??

2013-01-02 @ 14:55:35


Salt Lake City,

Are we still looking at going to the 4th dimension Octave 10, 11 and 12 when mother earth starts to make her move??

2013-01-02 @ 14:54:17


You were saying before December 21st that there was an 8 year window for mother earth to transition to the 4th dimension; and that began in October, 2007; which makes the end of the eighth year October, 2015. You now say it until the middle of 2016. Why the change.

2013-01-02 @ 12:28:49


love u for the wonderfull knowledge you have given
Im from india and have been trying different meditation techniquies and reading all my religious book.I found your teaching much more advanced and easy to undersatnd.
I have a question for you "how to regain the lost love inside your heart ?Please answer asap.My love to u and whole infinte universe

2013-01-02 @ 11:45:50

Ruud Mizelmoe

From Holland, Breda
Dear Drunvalo
I lived up to the date 12/21, suspecting to be liberated from the circle of incarnation. Through the years my consciousness is grown and my love for Gaia as well. Regretable I have not felt much this day and is my enthousiasm turned to disappointment. Is it me? Heart is filled with doubt. Future what is to aspect.

2013-01-02 @ 05:20:50

Silvia Teixeira

Is there any way we could help those around us at the very moment of tranformation?

2013-01-02 @ 05:16:57

Silvia Teixeira

Drunvalo, you said that dogs will go through some problems to ascend. What will happen exactly to them and how can we help them as well?

And more: will people that carry in their bodies silicons and prothesis lose these synthetic things at the moment of ascension? What can be done to avoid pain or any other problem regarding this issue?

2013-01-01 @ 20:53:32

Cargo & Jax

We want to be able to travel inter-dimensionally together as lovers like Isis and Thoth. Is there a particular meditation for this?

Thank you
(we are in Virginia at the moment)

2013-01-01 @ 13:08:55


Thank you so much for your work & postings - I am deeply heart grateful. Please could you explain further which crystal to use to telepathically communicate via 3rd eye? I couldn't hear if you said Tourmaline or Tourmalated? If Tourmaline: which colour/size would you suggest? If Tourmalated: which inclusions/what size? And how to choose which end?

2013-01-01 @ 10:45:58


You mentioned the Great White Brotherhood will help us through the transition into the 4th dimension. Since I am coming from this world with it's present state of male domination I don't find this notion very comforting. Why is it called a brotherhood and where are the sisters?
Thank you for all your help!

2013-01-01 @ 08:14:52

Chris McLeod

Hello Drunvalo,

I have 1 question,

I have been trying to do the Unity Breath meditation, but I'm having trouble holding the image of beauty in my mind I can see it very breifly it's almost like I'm flipping through pictures with brain static in between each one rather than seeing something alive and beautiful, Please help


2012-12-31 @ 15:45:34

elise weller

dear Drunvalo, thank y for writing y last book, a gods present..thank y, y write the truth so sincerely..incredible all y have done and y intelligence...gods grace for y, elise


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