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2012-12-31 @ 11:12:20

Jason Layton

Hazlet New jersey

2012-12-31 @ 09:35:14

Bob from England, UK

Hi Drunvalo

Thank you so much for all the amazing work you are doing.

My question is about the Photon belt. I have just found out about a Photon belt that we are just in the process of entering and this is part of the precession of equinox. I don't think you have mentioned the photon belt before.

Is this a factor in the 2012 scenario?

2012-12-30 @ 21:36:36

Leo Dizi

I again i am LEO DIZI From ANGOLA From the city of LUANDA
The only way I talk to my angel is only when I enter the sacred space of the heart? or the"rs some meditation to help me for this?There are other beings who are also going through this? Ther"s no longer slaves like us?I mean with a story similar to the humans.Thank you so much f every thing

2012-12-30 @ 21:32:41

Leo Dizi

How do I know if I went after meditation in the sacred space of the heart?To enter the sacred space of the heart to what extent should I be clean? I say this because I read that if you have traumatic experiences about love you will feel compelled to go out there when you enter so that means that i need the resolve the past problems too?

2012-12-30 @ 21:30:26

Leo Dizi

Hello Drunvalo
I am Leo Dizi From Angola in the ciry of Luanda and Here are my Q.
I am good or part of it? What should we do now is learn to enter the sacred space or wait until it happens the signal and we should change frequency and going into the fourth dimension?Alien Races that came to enslave us also goona make the transition?

2012-12-30 @ 21:20:27

Angel M. Rivera

Currently, I reside in Louisiana. I have two questions.. 1) What effect if any does the Kundalini have on this process (Ascension), etc.. 2) Have you heard or read about the Book of Urantia, if you have/read this book, what is your view on the Indwelling Adjuster? Thank you once again for attention and diligence.

2012-12-30 @ 16:17:10

Joey Lynn

What I have a difficulty understanding if we are going into a new evolution/dimension, and evolving out of 3D, how does the female on earth take over for 13 thousand years and again the male takes over. And the this cycle continues...how is that evolving??? I thought 3D would no longer be in this Universe. Describing male/female shift does not

2012-12-30 @ 14:27:28

Linda in Canada

You speak of resolving Karmic issues for different tribes. How is the karma of our current Western Civilization going to be resolved? Surely we are in the maelstrom of the greatest Karmic debt that has ever been created........

2012-12-30 @ 14:25:26

Linda in Canada

Dear Folks,

I have a question for Drunvalo from his book "The Mayan Ouroboros".

1) P55: The female orgasm creates life. What about the pregnancy that occurs from force without orgasm (rape) which results in the creation of life? I love your explanation, but I think it would fall on deaf ears with those who have been abused.

2012-12-30 @ 12:33:34

Angelika from Munich, Germany

Dear Drunvalo,
first I have to thank you from my heart for beeing with us.
Please could you tell us more about, how you see enlightenment?
What does enlightenment mean to you? Is it possible to live on earth without kind of ego? Is this the shortest way to ascend and where are we then? Still in our universe ?
heartlights to you :-)

2012-12-30 @ 12:02:56


Are our intentions alone enough to ascend or is really going to be work on our part that gets us through?
P.S. I really hope good intentions.

2012-12-30 @ 11:02:49

Julia Fairchild

Big Island, Hawaii I saw that your "next book" after Living in the Heart was going to be "Tantra of the Heart"....where IS it? I've been waiting and looking for it.

I so, so appreciate all you do give. My heart is opened because of your work. Thank you!

2012-12-30 @ 10:44:40

Mary-Kate, Leeds UK

Thank you for your work Drunvalo.
Please can you describe the most effective way of entering the small heart space you speak of?
Also I have angry emotional outbursts over little things. What can I do to calm these down and have a more consistent peace in my heart?
Thank you and peace to you.

2012-12-29 @ 20:39:16


Hi, Drunvalo,

I was wondering if the axis mundi, astral spine, antahkaran and breathing tube are all the same things, or different? Also, are the toroidal fields generate by the physical heart, or the heart chakra... and the clarify, the sacred space and tiny spaces of the heart are in the physical heart? Thanks so much,

2012-12-29 @ 19:31:10

Christian Philippe Guay

Laval, Quebec, Canada

During a past interview, you said you didn't understand this.

''That matter is a mirror and reflects consciousness, and that the creator of the images of the outer world has cameras, he says, that are located in the blind spots of the eyes.''

Do you now have more information about the blind spots of the eyes?

Thank you

2012-12-29 @ 16:53:35


new york state..
hi drunvalo.. thanks for being here with us right now..
I'm wondering about the connection between our ascension to 4D and the catastrophic event scenario. Why/how are they linked? Do we need an Earth change or some outside cosmic event for our final propulsion into the next stage?
namaste, jill

2012-12-29 @ 16:30:30

nathan dixon

hi drunvalo i was woundering with us going into the 4th dimension i wanted to know will it be possible to insert myself in certain scenarios like my favorite tv show and create the chracters in other words can i put myself in my dream worlds and experience them in the 4th dimensional reality.

2012-12-29 @ 11:08:47

Max Margulis

Hi Drunvalo,

Can you please comment on the following video:

Thanks Ahead,


2012-12-28 @ 22:37:43

Valerie Telford

Provo, UT Is Claudette's workshop that was scheduled close to your March workshop canceled? I sent an email about a month ago asking if I could still get into your training program in April even though my 2nd workshop will not be until March 2013 but have not heard back. My first was workshop was Nov. 2012.

2012-12-28 @ 20:39:10


Hi from Phoenix! You mentioned there is a female way of activating the merkaba but that you teach the male way. Now at the rebirth of the feminine, could you access that info? Do you think women would find it easier than the male way and that it will now come to women? You also mentioned that Feb 19 was significant somehow....

2012-12-28 @ 18:05:12

philippine hoeneveld

Thanks for coming in my sight at this time. Although I have a lot of questions and storys I will ask you the question that impulsed me to write you.When I found out that the holografic proyection of me - what in my explnation means that there is a connection - is in the atlantic on the ecuator - I asked myself what that might implicate. F

2012-12-28 @ 16:22:19


James from Mt. Shasta, CA area. Are you looking for people who feel drawn (have pre-dispositioned DNA, Soul contract, etc...) to being a part of your continuing "illumined heart" program as a participant or a 'subject' - as it were - in a bohdisatva way on behalf of Self & humanity during these times of the quickening? What are the next steps?

2012-12-28 @ 13:55:07

Salvador MATUS

Hello Drunvalo,

I live in Guadalajara, Mexico. I was wonder if you came to the conclusion that Thot, Hermes Trimegistus, Ningizhidda (Son of ENKI) Quetzalcoatl, Mikael of Nevadon and Jesus are the same Consciousness. Is Metatron the same? or do you not agree on this topic.

Thanks in advance,

Salvador Matus from Mexico.

2012-12-28 @ 13:28:56


So now what?

2012-12-28 @ 12:17:20


You mention our Father, the Sirian Race has turn on a hologram in 1996 and that is about to turn off and we will soon be on our own and deal with the expanded Sun. Can you tell me when is this hologram going to turn off and what exactly we are going deal with? Are we going to know there is a difference other than energetically? ~ thanks! Hugs!


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