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2012-12-25 @ 20:44:28

Adam Loch

Dear Drunvalo,

I understand that I have to enter the sacred space of the heart (so seemingly simple but something I'm still working on) but in the presence of my family and friends, how may I integrate this wisdom into my life and maintain my sanity in the 'modern world' while sharing the potential beatitude of our near future? Thank you

2012-12-25 @ 17:47:43

Rich Richardson

Hi Rich from Idaho i followed your three day event and was woundering if you were going to share the Galactic Message?

2012-12-25 @ 17:41:58


Coeur d alene Idaho

2012-12-25 @ 15:16:41

Daniela, Germany

Dear Drunvalo,
here comes the X-mas Question :-)
Is there a correlation between the last 2000 years of increased decay of the male circle you mentioned and the birth of Christ in a human body 2000 years ago?
Thank you very much for everything you are doing and giving to mankind!
Love, Daniela

2012-12-25 @ 14:01:25

Missy Galore

in Hopi prophesy, I hear some people call it the beginning of the 5th world age and some the beginning of the 6th? also You talk about a shift to the 4th dimension though some refer to it as a shift to the 5th? which is it?
is this related to the vibrational frequency of earth shifting up to the next level in the Fibonacci sequence?
thank you

2012-12-25 @ 12:26:56

Louis Brown

I just read your book living in the heart and i was thinking about how you cleared the air with intension, detoxifying the air with vibration. Today i watched a video on Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Experiment, I was wondering if you could possibly figure out how to detoxify rivers and oceans on earth with intension? is this already done?

2012-12-25 @ 09:37:41

Santiago (Colombia, S.A)


First of all thanks for your teachings. My question has to do with The Mayans, Aztec, Incas and similar cultures. All these cultures lived in fear and practised human sacrifice in their ceremonies and still it is said that they ascended. I can't understand this or is there something in the picture that I'm missing? Could you explain please?

2012-12-25 @ 09:37:36


Greetings, Drunvalo.

Thank you for allowing me to reach out. My question is in regards to the meditation we performed together on the morning of 12/21. Would you be able to explain to me why I became so emotional, as well as why my heart felt like it was physically expanding and beating stronger/harder than ever?

Love and wisdom.

2012-12-25 @ 09:01:36

niki Manavi

Hello and Thank you, Can you please explain why you say we are Not in the 4th dimension. A lot of info is out there saying we are already in 4th and we will move to the 5th because 4th is "Time" and we are in time. I also heard people are confusing 4th dimension with 4th density. Can you please elaborate what are the differences between them?

2012-12-25 @ 08:55:14

Niki Manavi

Hi Drunvalo, Thank you for everything! In Reading your Living in the heart book it mentions that the Kogis thought their prophecy of Earth Changes would happen in 1999 and because of our lightbodies it altered the outcome. Could the Same thing happen with the Mayans regarding earth shifts by the end of 2016? Could Nothing Change because of that?

2012-12-25 @ 04:18:40


My question is about people who are life sustaining medications...how will they transition their bodies when the body or brain is attached to what it's been taking?
Thank you,

2012-12-25 @ 03:05:21


Rancho Cucamonga CA i teach martial arts to children ages 3-14 i have begun using meditation with some of the more advanced students with surprising results. could you share some basic methods i could use on younger/newer students to introduce an understanding of the spirit or energy, and/or a non-offensive way to introduce it to a religious person

2012-12-24 @ 18:51:57

Julian Bonfiglio PANAMA

6.5- everyday I just keep learning more and more, and I don't know what to do with it all. I'm getting head aches almost everyday, have been since I was a kid, stopped for a while and feels like it's back. Ringing in the ears almost twice a day. Any insight on this?

Thank you again

2012-12-24 @ 18:46:04

Julian Bonfiglio PANAMA

5-I haven't been eating a whole lot. people always say I'm thing I need to eat more, but I simply don't feel like I need to eat. My stomach tells me he's hungry but I just don't feel the necessity. Any insight?
6-I'm feeling a rapid blast of info is thrown at me every second and I understand it all. Everything you have mentioned, it makes sense.

2012-12-24 @ 18:40:49

Julian Bonfiglio PANAMA

3.5- I can't sleep either, the whole night I'm answering questions and having epiphanies. What does mean? I only remember a big glowing yellow light the whole night.
4-you've connected to your heart,you've awoken, you remember things and re connect with nature,you know your purpose,but are still unsure about the it all, what do you do?

2012-12-24 @ 18:35:56

Julian Bonfiglio PANAMA

Hi Drunvalo,

Thanks for being who you are and for helping me find myself. I love you very much.
1-when will you teach the 18th breath?
2-I finally tapped into my heart but can't get back in?
3- almost every morning I wake up as though I've been swimming with God. Having the sensation of knowing everything, like I was bathed in light.

2012-12-24 @ 11:10:35

Temur Chitishvili

Hello Drunvalo, I am from Republic of Georgia, and I have a question for you. I have been trying to enter my sacred space for a long time now, but for some reason I can not do it, I guess the reason is that I can not move my spirit throughout my body, or I am not feeling enough love, I think it's either of those. What can I do? Thank you :)

2012-12-24 @ 09:56:47

jeff knox

Hello Drunvalo,

Namaste and thank you for your work.
I tried that updated technique you gave in your December 21/12 Galactic Message - it opens up my Tiny Space of the Heart toroid field, I noticed - I could tell because I had spontaneous thoughts and actions. Am I on the right track, doing it this way ?

Jeff Knox, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2012-12-24 @ 09:12:19


Hi Drunvalo! My name is Agustina and I live in Argentina, Buenos Aires and I am dying to take one of your workshops. I would love to participate in your ATIH workshop but ther'e no one to teach it here! :( Could you please send somenone? Also, how can I find my way to my tiny space of the heart on my own?

Thank you! Love you very very very much!!

2012-12-24 @ 09:10:47

Rita Leckrone

Have you been communicating with the Hopi since the winter solstice? I am wondering what the Hopi, other Mayan descendents, indigenous peoples are saying now that we are past the 21st. What are their observations, inner visions, etc. Thanks Dru. Love you!

2012-12-24 @ 08:34:13

margarita rosa ayala

i am from Colombia but i live in atlanta georgia usa.
we going to pass to the four dimension, what happen whit the third dimension? it will disappear
thank you for to you and all people around you for be here we me [us]
whit love Margarita Rosa.

2012-12-24 @ 08:31:38


Hello, Drunvalo.
Thank you for being here and holding our hand through the days ahead.
My question is regarding the coming shift into the fourth dimension... does this mean that the Lucifer Experiment is over? that Lucifer is going to return to Unity Consciousness and that he has ended his competition with Source (aka God)?

2012-12-24 @ 07:07:28

elizabeth, germany

hi drunvalo, thank you so.
when I learned to go into my heart in your workshop in kissleg there was a sound. the last years were really very hard for me. So I felt not being very spiritual, but was always keeping connection with the mother and father sky. when i go into my heart now: there is absolutely silence, vibration. whats whats do? love li

2012-12-24 @ 06:34:04


From Diane, Clearwater FL.
Hello, dear Drunvalo.
If our memories are held in our minds, not in our brains, why do we need our physical bodies to move into the fourth dimension? Why would our Luciferian Experiment physicality be needed in Unity Consciousness? Is it because we, as humans, need a transition step?
With deep gratitude & appreciation!

2012-12-24 @ 03:26:37


When I meditate on the heart and ask for light I almost always only get shades of grey and shadows? Is this normal ? Am I doing something wrong, I do feel and hear vibrations that get quite load during meditation but I don't see much other than occasionally bright golden light but nothing else?


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