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2012-12-22 @ 22:56:31

Scott (Tigard, OR)

Hi Drunvalo, It seems like every time I try to enter the heart and leave the brain, I get stuck in my throat. I feel a pressure and I cannot push through it. Do you suppose my throat chakra is blocked? How do you think I should fix this?

2012-12-22 @ 16:04:55


Gold coast, Australia

Drunvalo, when I first began my journey it was so easy learning new processes like the MerKaBa and excepting new challenges like giving up old friends etc. But after so many years of searching, learning and pain it seems like I'm getting tired. I wanted to know how you rejuvenate yourself in hard times. Thank you

2012-12-22 @ 15:40:04


In Lak'ech

Drunvalo, first of all I would like to thank you for all that you do
Your work is very much appreciated

I have a few questions about out of body experiences

What are they all about?
Where do we go during them?
Is mastering this art a good thing?
Is there a best method?

Some info on this topic would be very much appreciated

Thank you

2012-12-22 @ 15:35:09


Hi Drunvalo
I just feel all my awareness is located in my head, i can take it to my heart, whole body,etc but then my 'seeing' takes over and i feel i'm back in my head again??
Does this awareness exist outside the body?? if so how to expand this sensation of awareness outside the body?
Is the seat of consciousness in the body in crown chakra?

2012-12-22 @ 15:04:05


Dear Drunvalo,

considering all the suffering of the animals in the world being exploited for the meat industry, isn't it crucial to become vegan in order to allign with the heart consciousness?

Thank you for your great work :-)
Raffaella (Italy)

2012-12-22 @ 14:53:04


Dear Drunvalo,

Somehow,I have the sensation that I have at least perceived the sacred space of my heart, however when I asked for light I couldn't see anything. How can I now that I really got there if I can't see? Does light always come when you ask for it if you really got in?

All my gratitude and love for you.

2012-12-22 @ 14:39:03

Jana, Czech Republic

Hi Drunvalo,

thank you for the hard work you are doing educating all of us.

Just one question. You mentioned that during your meditation on Dec 21 you will connect to the Center of Galaxy and will ask for a message for us. You planned to share with us on your video from Dec 22, however there was no word about that.Could you please share? Tnx:o))

2012-12-22 @ 14:12:15


Drunvalo, if we will all be moving to the 4th dimension here on earth, what is the role, if any, of current attempts to be more environmentally sustainable in this 3rd dimension? Are efforts to be more sustainable useful or not?

2012-12-22 @ 14:07:38

oliver murillo

hey drunvalo please please bring someone to do a work shop here in Ensenada Baja California Mexico or Tijuana or tech me and i do the workshops all the work shops in mexico are in the central country or the east side in Cancun and im here alone and without money to go that far so please please the next year or when you can do this :)<3

2012-12-22 @ 13:56:38

Marie from Munich/Germany

Dearest Drunvalo, even though i know that I am in my tiny heart space and have the most incredible conversations and insights there, sometimes i find myself doubting.. as if I make it up. could you please help me here?
I love you and love you...
Marie, Germany Munich.

2012-12-22 @ 12:50:57

Sam (from Holland)

Dear Drunvalo, I've been on some kind of quest for life's answers, for as long as I can remember. Lost my way for a few years but found it again and found you. Thank you from the heart for your work.

I've been having vivid impressions lately of what it's like to go threw ascension. It's like I remember. Is that even possible?
With love, Sam

2012-12-22 @ 12:27:21

April Joines

Dear Drunvalo,
Thank you ! I just asked about immaculate conception because it was mentioned in the first FOL workshop I attended, I remember this being mentioned from Egypt, can you please explain ?. I know we are always birthing new worlds and realities in our inner dimensional worlds, and was just curious about this ! Thanks! Bless you


2012-12-22 @ 12:23:26

April Joines

D r u n v a l o , t
Thanks so much for the videos and being who you are!The flower of life teachings, books and workshops, are a tremendous blessing to my life and many people too!
A question , I was wondering about immaculate conception you mentioned this before in your books or video, it may be from Egypt, can you explain what that was about!

2012-12-22 @ 12:07:38

jacqueline conquest

I am spiritually connected to the Sacred Wolves &ALL innocent,defenseless beings. Psychically i communicate w/them i feel pain of their terror, suffering & genocide, inflicted upon them from the very disturbed dark humans.What more can i do, besides being in my heart, ¬ n the thinking brain how can i vibrationally energetically help them.Oneness

2012-12-22 @ 12:07:23

Andrew Holman

This is coming from Missoula, Montana. I would like to know if you could offer a more in depth and slower meditation for entering the sacred space of the heart. I have found that coming to your other mediations with little experience has made it hard to keep up with how quickly you go threw the visualizations to enter the heart. Thanks for all <3

2012-12-22 @ 12:04:31

Daniela, Germany

Q3: It was a wonderful thing to go into the heart meditation on Friday and we are deeply touched by the galactic message. Who are they who spoke through you? Could you please translate "Central Council" "Collective of all life" into a more classical language (perhaps Archangels, Archai, Exusiai etc)?
Thanks again&lots of love, Daniela

2012-12-22 @ 12:04:24

Daniela, Germany

Dear Drunvalo,
Q1:You often emphasize on how lucky we are to be alive at this time-what will happen to those who already died a normal death when the living ascend?
Q2:Having done the ATIH I would still be very grateful if you spoke about some of the tools like using the Akasha, the higher self...

2012-12-22 @ 11:59:55

Judy Kumar, Vancouver

Thank you so much for providing much information about the upcoming earth changes and the shift from the third dimension to the fourth dimension. What happens to unfinished third dimensional karma in the fourth dimension?

2012-12-22 @ 11:42:35

Rose Wood, MSW

Aloha Drunvalo, my name is Rose Wood, from Grass valley, California.

My questions is: What will happen to the 3rd dimensional world once we
have asscension. Will there be any form of life left here? You spoke of many dimensional worlds that we will experience, was three one of the many?

Thank You Drunvalo, I continue to work on my meditations

2012-12-22 @ 11:34:03

Max Margulis

Hi Drunvalo,

One more question, you said http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HqwVdI9G48 09:36 to 09:51.

So can you kindly please explain why were we chosen by GOD ?

thanks A-lot for your amazing work and contribution to humanity,


2012-12-22 @ 11:31:36


Is me again,
I want to know if your wife (School of Remembering) can teach some of her seminar over the internet as well. I always dream of attending the seminars but money is always an issue for me

Thank you very much for every thing.

2012-12-22 @ 11:28:14


Hi Drunvalo,

First I want to thank you for being here at this special times.

My question is can you teach us over the internet how to get into our hearts? Are you going to do seminars this way? or do we have to go to a teacher and learn it that way. I will love to be able to do that and to teach it to others.

2012-12-22 @ 11:25:07

Annegroe A. L. Møller

Hi Drunvalo. Have really enjoyed your informative and loving broadcasts the 20-21-22/12. Feel much more calm about the process. My 3 kids; age 19, 23 and 26 know nothing of these event. How can I bring this knowledge to them the best way? Without scaring them, confusing them, boring them - in a simple accesable way. With gratitude - from Denmark.

2012-12-22 @ 11:24:12

Max Margulis

Hello Drunvalo Malchizedek(In Hebrew it pronounced as Malkizedek - מלכיצדק but i think you already know),

I've looked at Certified Teachers Global Calendar and there is no mentioning of Israel in the Country ListBox , so im asking are there any teachers certified by you that live in Israel and continuing your work and teachings ?

2012-12-22 @ 11:18:02

Suni Pele Nelson

i'm above San Francisco,CA. I've seen round rainbows going across the skies,on Doves, cloud shape spheres etc since 1999; photod & drawn them. Saw the 2 SunDogs either side of SUN atop Hill behind me 12/8/12!! Am clairsentient, clairaudient, precognitive. Thx for explanation Drunvalo! What to do w/ this Mayan Connection now? In holistic health


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