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2012-12-22 @ 11:17:35

Barbara Galbraith

Barbara Galbraith Nashville LOVE 2U Dru, I'm Jim Davis' widow. Did dolphins/FoL/Earth/Sky w/you. You helped Jim transition 10 yrs ago. If not in my heart yet, I worry re: physical pain/suffering/starvation 2B endured B4 ascension as earth changes.I did ATIH; don't feel I connect yet. Any outer physical preps 2 lessen fear as I try 4 sacred/tiny sp?

2012-12-22 @ 11:08:47

müjde fildişi güler

I've just watch last webcast.I saw sadnessof your eyes and forget my disappointing and remembered awakenings after my past disappointings. I know but cant remember but Iknow from deep of my heart,beyond believing.we all miss home much. love from şirince-izmir turkey.

2012-12-22 @ 11:05:56

Gael Pereksta

Long Island NY-Please help! I have repeatedly tried to find my way into my heart & am left feeling so sad. There's nothing I want more than to remember this. Please help me understand. I feel it's kind of like trying to explain the color blue to a blind person-Me.I've been trying so hard since your Living In the Heart Bk/CD came out with no luck♥

2012-12-22 @ 11:05:35


Thank you for your Q&A session on 22.12. during which you described how we can use a tourmaline crystal to make contact with others. Can you please share what kind of tourmaline crystal is required (color, size, shape)? xoxo

2012-12-22 @ 10:59:03

Surge Francis

Hello Drunvalo, my name is Surge Francis from Abbosford, British Columbia, Canada. My question Is, is what can I do to prepare for all this, you say its easier for young people (I'm 16) to coop with all this but I find it very difficult. I concentrate so much but I've been raised in a world where nobody cares around me so its very hard to understan

2012-12-22 @ 10:57:48

Sara Victoria

1) From what I understand (remember!)you have said that with the teachings of Living in The Heart, the techniques related to Merkaba activation are rendered unnecessary? Can you elaborate on this? Love,Praise and Gratitude to You <3 Deep Bow. (PS - my own sources say no major physical pole shift for 50/60 yrs, but little shifts ongoing.

2012-12-22 @ 10:57:48


Will you be making a video of the meditation about how to find your way to the tiny space in your heart ?? Thanks !!

2012-12-22 @ 10:56:51


Hi Drunvalo, I'm in the UK. Thank you so much for your loving support. If we are all creator Gods about to realise our true nature, and all time is simultaneous, then may be it's possible that we have all already created an outcome of the Ascension that must play out in parallel universes?

2012-12-22 @ 10:54:27

savitz edna

Are there any teachers in Israel who are certified to teach me how to get into my heart?I did a workshop with you Drunvalo in Israel in the 1990's and since then feel very connected to you and your way .Would you consider coming back to Israel at some point for further teaching?Thank you so much for your wonderful presence at this time .

2012-12-22 @ 10:53:53

GinaMaria Opalescent

Oshkosh, WI BLESSINGS Drunvalo,
Don't post this or answer it on video but, I need an answer. I applied for teacher's training, was not accepted. I'm not worried, concerned or upset. However, I have 6 people are asking me to teach them these teachings and meditation. I want to stay in Integrity. Suggestions? They can't attend ATIH, 2 are in prison.

2012-12-22 @ 10:53:23

Adam Delgado

From Southern California

Dear Drunvalo,
How would you get rid of a very negative spirit in your home?

2012-12-22 @ 10:52:11



if I may ask, how the special alignment day was for you, what was your experience during and/or beyond the broadcast time - if it's not to personal.

Thank You!

2012-12-22 @ 10:51:33


dear Drunvelo,
When we ascend into the 4th dimension, will Mother Earth also be pure and cleared of all the harm and pollution humanity has inflicted upon here.
Golden, BC, Canada

2012-12-22 @ 10:51:15


Hi Drunvalo, thank you for all you do! When I'm in the sacred space and then try to get to the tiny space, I see worlds, crystals, entities of non-human form and a lot of people wearing white long robes...I'm known for having a wild imagination. How can I know when these things that I see are images of the brain vs images from the heart? Thank you!

2012-12-22 @ 10:50:24


Glastonbury, CT. Where can one get the kind of crystals that Drunvalo mentioned on 12.22.12 broadcast, that could or can help us to communicate telepathically with others? I remember that the crystal should be placed on our third eye. Thank you for your valuable time! NAMASTE. DEMiSDETi.

2012-12-22 @ 10:49:50


Blessings Drunvelo
I took the Living in the Heart workshop in Oct this year. During that time I was seeing some small 'et's'. Now each time I go into my sacred space the first thing I see are the small faces of these et's and cat like faces. Any insights into this? It doesnt frighten me-it seems like they are visiting. thx!

2012-12-22 @ 10:44:29


I am in the sacred Space of my heart...Thats no Problem..but in the tiny Space...there is so much Fire...I cant go in. what to do?

2012-12-22 @ 10:43:53


Glastonbury, CT. Blessed be all you great spiritual beings! More than a question, I want to address my concerns. Is there anyone out there, that speaks Spanish, with the same or similar supportive teamwork than our beloved Drunvalo, to reach the Spanish speakers masses? Is it part of their karma being unable to receive this Wisdom?

2012-12-22 @ 10:43:18


Dear Drunvalo,
What can we do to help bring light into the sacred space of the heart?
Thank you so much for everything you are doing for mankind..
Ardavan, Iran/Italy

2012-12-22 @ 10:41:40

Erec Smith

(Philadelphia, PA) Hi. I'm wondering how to interact with others now. I have a job interview, current co-workers, friends and family who do not know of the shift's significance. Do I take this consciousness into my interview? Do I avoid those with negative energy, or do I try to somehow convert them. I often want solitude; is that okay? Thank you.

2012-12-22 @ 10:41:23

Christine from NY

Hi Drunvalo,
Thank You for your service and I have one question.
I am "practicing" the universal breath and finding the tiny place of the heart. My intent is clear . Is intent enough? I do not think I have found the space yet. ( brain talking still)
Thank You

2012-12-22 @ 10:40:59


hi Drunv., I'm from Belgium. In june, I did a 6 days course 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart' with Donna, 1 of the teachers from your website. Although I was really passionate about going into the sacred and tiny space of my heart, it just didn't work for me. I kept on trying regularly until september, but nothing.
How come ? What can I do?


2012-12-22 @ 10:38:53

Diomira DAgostino

from Roswell, GA USA

I am having trouble getting into my heart. I have taken the workshop (ATIH last May) and have practiced all 3 ways to enter. I am constantly practicing the Unity Breath and almost always trying to live in that state of connection. I have done extensive healing work on self, but still cannot make it in. Please help.

2012-12-22 @ 10:38:20

Caroline B

Dear Drunvalo,
my question is about Merkaba. There is 18-th breath in the male procedure. Could You tell us more abt this, and how it is with the female way? I is enough, after the Motehr's Earth signs, to be in the tiny space of the heart having active mercaba (ATIH workshop) + the intention to move to the 4-th dimension?

Thank You

2012-12-22 @ 10:38:10

Margot from France

Hello Drunvalo !

First of all, I want to thank you, and every person working with you, for your generosity and for trying to help us all on our way to ascension and into our hearts.

I just wanted to know if there happened to be a crystal that could help finding our way into our hearts.

Thanks again, you are awesome !



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