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2012-12-22 @ 10:37:06

Cecile Petra

Dear Drunvalo:

Thank you SOOOOOO much for your 3-part video series from Dec 20-22 - I feel so uplifted! My question is this: what is the spiritual significance of a black hole, specifically the one at the Galactic Centre?

Much love and blessings to you,

Cecile Petra, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

2012-12-22 @ 10:36:05

Tami Canada

Hi. During a full moon in June 2010, in the middle of the night, I woke up because electricity was coursing up my body, through my feet. When I sat up, a green neon light opened up in my vision in the shape of ice cream cone. As I looked down into the narrowing cone, black symbols were flashing very fast. What happened? Did my Merkaba turn on?

2012-12-22 @ 10:33:59

Magnus Lindblom

I am fron Stockholm, Sweden.
I sometimes have trouble staying in my heart because strong energy coming from my feet ( passing up though my body ) will push my spirit out from the heart. How can I stay in my heart in these situations?


2012-12-22 @ 10:31:23


How will we know when the magnetics go to Zero Point. Where can I find this information because I'm not a scientist and I don't have access to scientific data.

2012-12-22 @ 10:31:07


I sensed during the meditation that the Triangle between the Mother and the Father and the divine child transformed in one

2012-12-22 @ 09:15:16

Julian Winter


I've listened to you describe the coming shift in consciousness. I don't recall you describing the scale or scope of it. Does it affect just Earth, what about the rest of our solar system or our galaxy i.e., is this localized within the Universe and now is our time and later some other part of the universe has their "ascension"?

2012-12-22 @ 08:44:42

Paul Wells, Dallas TX

Hi Drunvalo,

I am humbled by what you do for mankind and have been profoundly impacted by you.I recently stumbled across someone talking about decepeption using false and synthetic light programs, New Age teachings of the Chakra System, channeling with Angelic/Interdimensional beings,etc. What is your take on this?

Thank you,for your service.

2012-12-22 @ 07:34:43

John Pronchik

From Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Can you clarify the how the following events tie together and would be experienced by me.

Ascension to 4th dimension by 2016 and the end of 3rd dimensional life on earth.

Transition to higher dimensions after a two year period on the 4th dimension

The current 13,0000 year cycle of feminine rule.


2012-12-22 @ 06:53:01

Rositta Virag

Beloved Drunvalo

The Transmission and your love touched our hearts deeply.
We had the feeling of being one with everyone and everythning.
We feel deep peace, silence and satisfaction within us.

Greetings with our Hearts from Mondsee, Austria

2012-12-22 @ 06:47:17


Hello Drunvalo! My question is : went we go to the next dimension, you say we gona be like baby! Do you think is gona be like here? Like a new born baby? Dont remember How to speak! Read, walk, etc? For this new Life! What is gona be? Those we work? Meditate ? Explain if you no how Works this new realite!
Merci! Thank you so much to be LOVE Steeve

2012-12-22 @ 06:45:21

Rafael Ungson

Hi: I'm in Seattle, WA.

Can you please clarify how one knows whether they're truly in the "heart" state or in the "mind-heart" state. I've been told that fear and doubt is from the mind, the rest, from the heart. And how can one achieve being the heart permanently? Thank you.

2012-12-22 @ 04:36:06

Sybilla-Elderiel Bader from Germany

Dear Drunvalo,
I´ve momently no question.I just want to say THANKYOU so much.I´ve no more words in this speech.I only could sing it in the speech of my real beeing.Thankyou for your beeing in this world, together with many others,thankyou for sharing your Love to all who feel invited to feel and listen, and for sharing it for all beeings. Sybilla

2012-12-22 @ 03:46:35

winnie huie

Hi Drunvelo,
i hv just attended the workshop led my Judith in BJ, what if i can't see the green light when doing the 3rd eye meditation? and didn't see anything in the tiny sacred space of the heart? my merkaba is activated, verified by using the dowsing rod, infact 106 peoples' merkabas are all activated. so, what is your adv to me at now? thks!

2012-12-22 @ 03:09:33

Lucas Buchholz, Germany

Dear Drunvalo,

thank you for your work! This is my video question for you :)

2012-12-22 @ 02:35:51


Hi Drunvalo,

My question is about ascension. Firstly, you said that you have seen three people ascend, was this during this lifetime? Secondly, can we choose ascension at any time, or do we have to wait for Mother Earth to say "This is the day"? Lastly, how do we proceed, I am ready now!

Thank you so much for being with us at this time


2012-12-22 @ 01:06:55

Norbert Egger

Dear Drunvalo

What must still happen, until our familiy from Agartha or the universe may join us visible? How short / long do we still have to wait for this wunderful moment?
Thank you from our heart what you have done for mankind.

Norbert Egger

2012-12-21 @ 23:33:39

Daniela, Germany

Dear Drunvalo,
thank you so much for yesterday and for everything.
Who are those who spoke through you? Could you please translate the "Central Council of the Galaxie" into a more classical language for us, are they part of the angel hierarchies like archangels, archai, exusai, etc.? What I experienced was an incredible warmth.
Love from Daniela

2012-12-21 @ 22:54:53

Jesus Christ (zjhaur-omeai Christos) (Jeremy Christopher) (Christ of her)

Ok. Yes and...

So. Do you go back home or something?
Or do you want to continue playing here?

If you do, you have to work with all of us.
And we need to build things.

If you need to fully integrate or you are having any blocks, please let me know, I may assist you; now on the 3D.

Other than that, please, start building; we have lots of work.

2012-12-21 @ 22:28:31


Since(in Truth)there’s only One Eternal-Infinite Perfection,isn't All already entirely PERFECT IN REALITY? I ask because waiting for new things to take place can suggest that what IS isn't good enough,& it will get better when certain changes happen. But,if we realize Oneness Reality, then what's to wait for, no matter what seems to be happening?

2012-12-21 @ 22:07:15



I am very disappointed that nothing has happened yet and I fear that all of mankind will continue to be reckless and full of hate, this truly breaks my heart. What went wrong?

2012-12-21 @ 21:25:45

Leigh Russell

What is your definition of enlightenment, and how important is it to pursue it verses ascension.

2012-12-21 @ 21:24:03

Leigh Russell

Is the human aura. or light bodies, a 4th dimensional aspect?
I perceive the aura as a reflection of physical, mental and emotional processes which create fields of colored plasma. Light bodies are still a mystery to me, but I perceive them as clear.

2012-12-21 @ 21:09:48


Aloha Drunvalo,
Today I felt a sensation from my heart to my head it was very firm & solid. My tongue moved back to the roof of my mouth,just past the little bump where it's really soft.My tongue began to pulsate my heart was pounding my body tingling!I thought I was dying/ascending; I got scared & stopped. Is this normal? thanks from Santa Cruz,CA

2012-12-21 @ 20:29:35

Darlyne, Island of Kauai, HI

First.. THANK YOU, Dru & friends... invaluable Transition Prep.

1 What about Free Will? I heard that those who really want to keep playing old games of Control/Selfishness etc can-just somewhere else.

2 In my dreams, New World looks 16century style (ie simple dress/low tech) but w/ evolved conscious loving humans-"Happy Village" style. Thoughts?

2012-12-21 @ 20:21:55

Tony Geist

Hello Drunvalo, I have a very personal question. I have never been in love with a girl, I have never kissed a women & had any sexual relation even though I am of appropriate age. I understand that it might not be important. But I truely disire to expience that intamicy with a women before the shift in frequency. Is this desire relevant at all?


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