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2012-12-21 @ 19:11:27

Duane Doucette

From Canada:

Has anyone given birth to a large disc shaped object from their mouths in dream state,then once the disc was fully removed being awakened to the chanting of these words "Hunab Ku"? The chanting came from a very deep place inside me. The disc looked solid like silver or gold metal but also felt like the shape of a spiral galaxy.

2012-12-21 @ 17:57:09


I feel stuck at times because the society we live in makes it much hard to live freely &spiritually.Because of my financial obligations, I have to continue working in a job I no longer want, because of how invasive it is and how much negativity surrounds it. I feel like we're program to function this way. Any advice to break free?

2012-12-21 @ 17:20:03

Aurora Koning

In your book, The Mayan Ouroboros, the date 12/21/12, 11:11 pm, Chitzen Itza, Mexico is given as the time of the alignment. Yet, the alignment was earlier on the morning of the 21st. Is this location the Heart Chakra of the Earth. Is there another alignment for the arrival of the feminine energy? I am in Plantation, FL. My love to you, Aurora.

2012-12-21 @ 15:39:26


How will people deal with their current need for medication, during the times of change?
ie: diabetics, MS, transplant recipients and many others with confusions of the body.
Thanks for all your work,

2012-12-21 @ 12:59:21


hello I am Zülal from Turkey. Will all people in the world go in to the 4th dimension? or are there difrent systems among societies or humans?
And can you actually deny that there is no god council, no judgement, no heaven, no hell... etc?
and will we remember anything after the ascension anything in this life or others?
thank you very much <3

2012-12-21 @ 12:59:12

Alan Muhunthan

Hi, loving the videos including the unity meditation one yesterday; I was just wondering how are you supposed to know if your merkaba is actually activated, or if your just imagining it.

Thank you

2012-12-21 @ 12:52:21

Stephen (Toronto, Canada)

Hi Drunvallo, As I feel myself growing more conscious and connected to my light body each day, I'm finding it harder to focus at work. I understand that this must be a natural part of ascending from a polarized consciousness, but do you have any suggestions for finding "balance" for the time being, as others may not be as consciously aware

2012-12-21 @ 12:47:28

Helene Gonella

Hi Drunvalo, I have a question abouth the reptilian. I red the chronics of Girkù and I want to know what do you think about the reptilian. In those books, Anton Parks sais that they were our geneticists and they used us as beasts. Is that true? If so, were they the authors of the failed Merkaba experiment?

Quebec, Canada

2012-12-21 @ 12:38:33

Elizabeth Bak- Uruguay

Dear Drunvalo, first of all thanks for your support!
I heard that we need as human kind, a critical mass of human beings, that have the concieusness appropiate to ascend, if not, we can't join the process of Mother Earth. How can we do as human beings, to increase the critical mass to do the ascension? How do we do that What will happen if we can't

2012-12-21 @ 12:19:09

Richard Scott Roberts/Bahadur Singh Khalsa

Where does the mayan codices fit into this equation?

2012-12-21 @ 11:51:35

Dillon From Pittsburgh

Are psychedelic drugs frowned upon in regards to spiritual progression? Like marijuana or mushrooms or LSD? Some people tell me that such drugs interfere with our energy flow and create an imbalance in the chakras. Others tell me that they enhance the spiritual journey and give us access to hard to reach places within our subconscious mind.

2012-12-21 @ 11:32:26

dawna masters

i am from salt spring island, canada
I want to know where we start consciously in the 4th dimension? For example those suffering with addictions, phycological problems, mental problems, do they arrive whole, balanced and in health? how do they transition those characteristics that they have here in the 3rd?
thank you from my heart.

2012-12-21 @ 11:15:53


Mexico City

2012-12-21 @ 10:46:54


Hi Drunvalo I am from czech republic. Today on 11:11(cambridge time) I
do ceremonie and after that I meditate. Pleas tell me what hapens now?
I understand change is mi goal and I do for me anything and for us too.
But how?

2012-12-21 @ 10:20:09


Fort Collins Colorado - Please share the VALUES of Morals, Principles and Ethics relative to Universal Laws as we move forward! And/Also how Humans and the Universe/Heavens work/interact with SYMMETRY?
THANK YOU - In Light :)

2012-12-21 @ 09:30:02



2012-12-21 @ 08:36:59


I think you need to clarify something from the first q & a. You speak of 3 ways of ascension, one being ressurection. Are you saying choosing ressurection at the time of natural death, or that some people will choose ressurection, as in choose death and kill themselves? Dean manitiba canada

2012-12-21 @ 07:37:43


hi Drunvalo
thank you so mach for your broadcast.
I was wondering what will happened to pregnant women as the transformation takes place?
as my wife is pregnant at the moment and about to give birth on July...
will the baby be born on the next dimension, if the mother is pregnant?
thanks again
love and light
from Israel

2012-12-21 @ 07:28:45


I´mnot sure if I´m really inside in heart,although I feel everything very intensely and have visions,sometimes I´ve dream of someone learn me,forget almost everything,I can feel love very much,I´ve so many visions Metraton,angels,animals,planets,cosmos,etc,feelings that I´amnot sure,is this the right direction.Is there something you want to tell me

2012-12-21 @ 06:36:18

Nadia Elizabeth Hakeem HRH

Is the hix boson "God particle" the force or initiate to spirit for motion? I see the eye of Horus rotating like a compass from left to right at the north and south poles bringing motion, thus light. Is this force of energy created at all dimensions and at all centers wherever/whenever the golden angle equal is present? Then simply say so. NE USA.

2012-12-21 @ 06:29:44

Nichole M

Lubbuck, TX: been reading your book "Living in the Heart" and struck by way I have been, in my life. How can I, with such innate empathy and compassion for many, be dominated by my male mind... i.e. upon a gut feeling(new pressing idea/plan), I over-think the idea,living in my brain? Thought video below might be relevant to living in the heart.

2012-12-21 @ 06:09:03



2012-12-21 @ 05:20:29


how can i see you en do the meditetion with you now

2012-12-21 @ 04:58:52


I don,t know how to do any of this embedding stuff, but my question is just on the 3 days of darkness, & do you still think it will happen, aswell as anything unnatural disintegrating? eg...our homes etc...................... Also, how do you know if you are in your heart ?? Probably a silly question to you, but I have no idea! Luv, Nicole S xxx

2012-12-21 @ 04:35:44


thank you for taking me home. I love you. Thank you


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