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2012-12-20 @ 16:19:23

Roberto Talavera

Hello Drunvalo of atoms of love thank you for everything you do. I wanted to ask you if you heard anzthing about Paramahansa Yogananda recently or if you have some news about him or his teachers in these times of great changes. Thank You om namah shivaya

2012-12-20 @ 16:05:21

xathan stewart

Do you mean the four corners as literally on the four corners or in the area including sedona? im from phoenix and i was wondering where i should go to actually feel the energy?

2012-12-20 @ 15:59:39

Emmanuelle Pries

Dear Drunvalo,
I just listened to the first video and was wondering what you have to say about physical "ascension symptoms". How are we going to experience the transition physically and what will be some of the symptoms before we become the tall beings you are describing. Thank you. Emmanuelle, Bonn, Germany.

2012-12-20 @ 15:47:34


How are going into the 4th Dimension and entering the time of the female reconciled? You said that it takes 9 years for the shift into the female to be completed. In what dimension does that occur?
Thank you.
Los Angeles, CA

2012-12-20 @ 15:24:44

Olivia ManyGuns

Alberta Canada,
I was wondering since i am 6 months pregnant if my baby inside will make it to the 4th dimension if I do try as hard as I can to attempt the Acsension process.
And if I attempt and Probably succeed the resurecttion process then will my child do the same?

2012-12-20 @ 15:24:18


location :

Santiago of Chile

2012-12-20 @ 15:04:52

alexandra underhill

I'm In Los Angeles,Ca
will i be in the realm of the light shower?
I have heard that it only goes as far as arizona.
Thank you and Blessed Be:))

2012-12-20 @ 14:57:26

Jonathan Mullane

Dia Dhuit , Durnvalo

My question is when you say that their will be a dark period coming will their be a mass loss of life during that time ? Also can tell how do we stay in contact with you if we lose commutations such as Tv , radio Internet ?

2012-12-20 @ 14:55:15

Daniel in Sherwood Park

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge & presence with us at this time - I am very grateful for your support!

I feel like you have expressed, and I understand, the simplicity of the resurrection process fully. I would like to understand fully the ascension process, of consciously choosing a moment to ascend, and what is required to do so...

2012-12-20 @ 14:33:55

Kenneth David Gray

My name is David, and I'm from Tyler Texas.

Hi Drunvalo,
I was wondering when you said we have new parents in the 4th dimention, do we all have new parents, like each individual person will have new parents, and so will children?
Also when we do make it there will we all know about our Merkabah, and is it necessary for the shift?

2012-12-20 @ 14:29:53

claire born

GA:Day B4 12-12 my daughter gave birth~I couldn't be physically there, yet I was the ONLY person in attendance at this hospital birth-via phone. Love 2 share story & offer invite 4 all to participate in birth 2 Mother E. & selves into the 4th dimension~in awe & revelation~without pain as Alicia birth Aliya Rose. Vid feed impossible~Allow 2send wds?

2012-12-20 @ 14:29:10

Rona Koot

Dear Drunvalo , thank you for making life a bit easer for all off us.
I saw you're Q&A today 20 12 2012 , I want to ask you !! Please please !! look us in the eyes when you're filmed.It is so much more meaning full and makes us feel what you feel.
Iff you watch us in the eyes we can feel the 4th dimension flow out of you.
Rona Koot Holland Amsterd

2012-12-20 @ 14:18:31


There's been lots of talk about transitioning from 3 to 4. How does one go beyond and beyond and beyond at this time? I mean, why the 4th, why not the 14th or 15th or beyond??

2012-12-20 @ 13:47:13

Rhonda Derue

Hi Drunvalo,

The question I would pose to the cosmos is:

What is love?

We spend so much of our energy discerning the truth of what love is on this earth plane, the vast perspective of the cosmos could impart valuable insight to our journey.

In La-Kesh
all love,

2012-12-20 @ 13:42:16

Miguel Vazquez

Hello Drunvalo,
My question is quick. What should we do to prepare for this change in conscieness?
P.S I reside in New York.

2012-12-20 @ 13:34:18

Carmen - Spain

I feel so pesimistic about the transformation of human beings. with so much malevolence:

- what happens with evil people, with evil nature? is there not a ying-yang perspective?

- what happens with the process of soul evolution (reincarnation..etc) is there no punishment anymore to evil actions?

- when will that huge transformation come


2012-12-20 @ 13:28:14


Hi Drunvalo, Thank you for sharing your wisdom and assistance during these times. I do Merkabah, tiny space of heart meditation. I also practice Maharishi Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Techniques including Yogic Flying. Could you please tell me whether they complement each other. What is your take on practicing both. With love, Seri Brookly, NY

2012-12-20 @ 13:22:03

Greg Collingwood

Hi Drunvalo, it's Greg from NZ

Are you aware of two hi profile individuals on the net --Tolec and Mark Kimmel.

Both say that their contacts from the Andromeda Council (4D and above ETs) advise we will not not die during this process, as they are helping to minimise the earth changes so we can ascend without death. What is your view on this?

2012-12-20 @ 13:17:37

Daphne Rousseau

Greeting Drunvalo,here's my question. For those of us living in 3rd world countries like Haiti and Africa who are so used to survive with so little(electricity, foods, water etc..), I have a hard time imagining things could get much worst for us. How would this shift affect us after 12/21/12??? How would we get through it? Location Haiti

2012-12-20 @ 13:17:06


Cleburne, Tx
Hi Drunvalo! My question to you is what about the loved ones that have already past on. Will they already be there when we ascend or have they re-incarnated into another body and will ascend at the same time? Thank you for all of your work to help.

2012-12-20 @ 13:14:46


Dear Drunvalo, you mentioned again on the first day, the movement of the magnetic field of the Earth to zero. Does this mean that most of the people of the world are going to become insane as this progresses, since most of them never heard of the merkabah? Is this part of the violent time that you said is coming?
thank you,


2012-12-20 @ 13:04:20


Dear Drunvalo, I am still confused about this: how can we go into the next long female cycle on 3D, if the entire 3D universe is about to end (not exist at all) as you have frequentyly explained, and we leave 3D and go to 4D? does it mean the female cycle will occur where we are going on 4D? Thank you and love,


2012-12-20 @ 13:00:09

Sara Victoria

Have you any comments about the 8 minutes thing? Supposedly the intense energies beam in for around that period, which is somewhat varied, depending where on the Earth one is? (Can feel it already, good Lord - it's like a tunnel straight through to God or something. Quite the altered state, and quite delicious) xoxox!!!!

2012-12-20 @ 13:00:04

Anand-Sara Rodda

Drunvalo, thank you for today's presentation. A few questions.
1. When is it likely for Gaia to make the Shift by 2015?
2. What kind of changes 3rd dimensionally might we see between now and the Shift?
3. Will we literally become infants in the 4th dimension? Please explain why we can't be educated while in our adult bodies?

2012-12-20 @ 12:40:13


Hello Druvalo, thank you for all your work. I know most of this information comes from the ancient Mayans, but can you explain why at some point in the Mayan's history they performed ritual human blood sacrifice? It's a little hard to embrace and trust what they are saying now knowing that they committed these satanic acts... thanks, Brandon


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