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2012-12-20 @ 12:00:27

CD and ET

Longmont CO

In meditation, awhile now, it is challenging b/c I hear collective chitta which is not harmonic. As our consciousness rises and we begin to experience this connectedness, how do we maintain our pers space and communion w/God in Meditation while experiencing the collective - challenging? Or how to we drop a positive seed of balance? CD

2012-12-20 @ 11:57:51


Once we finish our ascension, will the Earth also ascend with us and be detoxified and cleansed anew without all the pollution and harm we have done to her?

2012-12-20 @ 11:53:02

Sergei from Belarus

2 more questions

1. Why do you need spirit guides, ascended masters if you can ask your higher self to guide you?
2. If there is no such concept as time in 4D and upper D's then the earth ascension is already happened and should it be visible from higher D's exactly when it happens in 3D as long as it's not too far into the future?
Thank you!

2012-12-20 @ 11:40:49


Hi Drunvalo,
Thank you for your great work
Lucifer, angels and other types of more advanced conciseness who participate in the Lucifer experiment primarily exist in 4D and up D's and it seems like they still choose to experience polarity consciousness reality.So is it possible to NOT be consciously connected to God in higher D's?
Sergei from Belarus

2012-12-20 @ 11:34:02

Andrei from Romania

Second question:
What happens to karma when we get to the 4-th dimension ? Will we cary it on and resolve it there,will it be wiped, or will it already be resolved at the time of the transition, thanks to the increasingly faster speed at which we get the effects?

2012-12-20 @ 11:30:51

Andrei from Romania

I have 2 questions, but because of the character limit, i'm asking them separately.

First question:
Since we all make the passage together within a small time-frame, who will our parents be in the 4-th dimension ?

2012-12-20 @ 11:30:17


Thank you for support and guidance. I've heard about the 3 days of darkness and the impending cold of 50 degrees below 0. My question is, wouldn't most of humanity as we know it today freeze to death?

New York

2012-12-20 @ 11:23:35

Arthur L Belle

tips on dissolving the ego?

2012-12-20 @ 11:21:31

Carolina B

Dear Drunvalo,I have a question about MERKABA,when using the male way-there is one last breath allowing to move to the 4th dimension.Using the female way,is it enough to have earlier activated merkaba(ATIH workshop), to be in the tiny space of the heart and just have the intention to move to the 4th dimension,after the first sign from mother earth?

2012-12-20 @ 11:21:15


I am from Holland and would like to know what is the best way to prepare for the changes that are coming? What do you suggest to meditate on, or should we meditate more or connect to Mother Earth, or is there a specific way to program you own merkabah, or which type of food to eat or not to eat for example?

2012-12-20 @ 11:21:05

Vision Dancer

Sebastopol Calif You talked about an earth event that would possibly black out the world or "bring the earth to her knees" and that we would have 2 weeks after that....to what? What is the instructions for after the "big event"? Thank You.

2012-12-20 @ 11:20:32

Jose Maeiro

Namasté Drunvalo. My name is José Maeiro, I´m from Azores - Portugal and i´m 41 years old. Some years ago i had contact with Ki Qong, Tai Chi, Reiki and Meditation. Today i´m a level II Reiki practicioner and Meditation practicioner. I´d like to thank you for all your work and to tell you that i´m a "big fan" of you. With Love and Light, Namasté.

2012-12-20 @ 11:16:41

Robert Pastor

Drunvalo I have a question about our karmic debts. Do we carry over
our karma from our past lifetimes in the 3rd level to the 4th level
of consciousness? On the 3rd level it seems logical that we would
but from the 4th level it seems like the karma was acquired when we
were children and "unconscious". Thanks for all your help.

2012-12-20 @ 11:15:43

Arthur L. Belle

Any tips that will help us lefty's with keeping unconditional love in our hearts during the merkaba activation meditation? I got the physical mechanics down and the visualizations r smoothing out. i feel love for all things, is it as simple as concentrating tht love in my christ chakra?
thanks, bro.

2012-12-20 @ 11:15:30

Patrick Moulin

Hello Drunvalo,
being in the sacred space of the heart, one perceives that creation is a projection of our consciousness, similar to a cinema and that we can change anything from the sacred space. If all create the world in this way, do we have many "cinemas" or worlds or do we project collectively to one screen?
Patrick, Switzerland

2012-12-20 @ 11:14:28


Hi I'm from Mexico, Drunvalo thank you so much for all the knowledge you are sharing with us. My question is:

In your last broadcasting you said something about a "decision" that has to be made inside us in order to ascend, can you explain a little more about this?

thank you.

2012-12-20 @ 11:11:20



Hi Drunvalo. I was wondering how it works once we are in the 4th dimension with the people we have released in the 3rd dimension such as divorce or just released them. Also, when you said dogs have a harder time becuase of their closeness with people...what about horses?

Thank you.

2012-12-20 @ 11:08:38

Paula Viana Mendes

Hi Drunvalo,
Today you have explained us on your video about the changes we´re gonna start to go through that we live in an universe that is based on music. Could explain more about that? Is there a universe based on color, for exemple? Thank you very much for everything you´ve been doing to help us,


2012-12-20 @ 11:07:12


After the happenings will it be required of us to help unwind the financial tyranny? i understand that the illuminati/Cabal have a role...and there's no hate within any longer, however, the code for breaking the IRS/Federal reserve/world banks is broken. should we continue to comply/will their NWO be implemented? Love all

2012-12-20 @ 11:05:53

Paula Viana Mendes

Hi Drunvalo, thank you for all the instructions you have given us. What I´d like to know about this ascension process is what is gonna happen to the knowledge we have been learning in this life. If I´m a student of a subject now what will happen when I go to the 4th dimention? Will I keep interested in that subject? Will I learn it automatically?

2012-12-20 @ 11:03:40


Dear Drunvalo, thanks for your presentation today. You said that everyone alive today will make it to this next level. My question is: what about the people who have already died, or who will die every day from now into the near future?
from Shanda
Berkeley, California.

2012-12-20 @ 11:03:36


Macedonia, Skopje
Thank you for everything
I feel I need to ask cause I feel scared from the reptiles that they will hurt me and I really tried to get pass the feeling but it's kinda difficult and I have headaches and I can't do the meditation. So please tell me how to get pass any fear so you can do the meditation and function normally.

2012-12-20 @ 11:03:05


I am presently in AZ. In your presentation today you mentioned how our banking systems will in essence fall apart as will our computer systems. How will we be able to survive with out funds but more than that how can we still continue to obtain guidance from you with no computer system?

2012-12-20 @ 11:02:41

Gabi in Colorado

Dear Drunvalo,
please clear up the talked about 3 days of darkness, and I think to remember that before you talked about that only the once having activated their merkabas will be able to make the shift from the 3 to 4, that they will have to go through incarnations on other 3 rd dementional planets until they are also ready???Thanks

2012-12-20 @ 11:02:41


I will be flying on the 23rd for Christmas with family, some of whom are very negative, focused on the economy, 'the sky is falling,' and think all this is ridiculous. I want to be with family for Christmas. How can we be in the world with those folks, continue to work, and hopefully be able to pay bills, while also staying present with transition?


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