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2012-12-20 @ 11:02:37

Villette White

From: England,UK

I have no questions, but this seems the only way to contact you.

So, just to say, thank you Drunvalo for your video today of information and quidance. i shall go with the flow ....

God Bless you

Villette White

2012-12-20 @ 11:00:11

Donna Stonebrink

For the ascension 12-21-2012. After viewing the first session 12-20-12 I have a question about what happens to those loved ones that have already passed over to the afterlife dimension. Will those in the afterlife dimension join us in the 4th dimension and what dimension are they in now?

2012-12-20 @ 10:58:51

Louise Havell, London UK

Hi Drunvalo,

Thank you for this wonderful support.

Please could I remain anonymous if you do read this question out? I've been suffering from an eating disorder for the last 18 years. Sometimes I feel very lost in knowing my life's calling or have little confidence in following my talents. Will these difficulties shift and how do I help this?

2012-12-20 @ 10:58:51

jermy wilson

heyo, drunvano, i had a question obut our consciencess percieving reality, if everything is connect and is one,and in this reality our conscience creates this universe am i really just talking to myself? is me listening to you and everyone just hearing,thanks you so much,and just be. Hamilton,Ontario

2012-12-20 @ 10:58:09

suzanne riordan

Santa Barbara, CA

How do we get into our heart?

2012-12-20 @ 10:57:05


From Los Angeles:
1. If we all will most likely ascend through some form of death in this process, is there any reason to protect against danger -- for example, to evacuate if there is a solar flare and power to nearby nuclear reactor created danger of a meltdown?
2. What will happen to Earth? Is there reason to ramp up efforts to save/heal Earth?

2012-12-20 @ 10:56:02


Hi Drunvalo,
This is Len in Vancouver BC Canada. When we re-emerge into 4D will we have all the same memories as we do now? Will we have all the same friends and family just at a higher vibrational level?

2012-12-20 @ 10:54:42


Hallo Drunvalo
is it possible to translate the Webcast of 20. 12. 2012 in to German Language? Perhaps a short summary of the content. Thank you a lot. Best regards Bealina

2012-12-20 @ 10:54:30

Jennie Lee

1. Will your sessions be recorded for later viewing?
2. Where is the best place on earth to be on the 21st to help with ascension?

2012-12-20 @ 10:37:54


hi brother,

ive asked questions on vids and had no response..so im goin to ask u here...my name is sharlee-lee..and im wondering if u know where ive come from and exactly how long ago ..thanks deeply

be love and light

2012-12-20 @ 09:55:04

Pablo Ferreira

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi, how is going to happen the ascension of the entirely Universe after the ascension to the 4D? And how long it will take?


2012-12-20 @ 09:30:08

Eva, Bahrain

Dear Druvalo,

Thank you in advance for your time.

According to Nasa.org and livescience, the planets are NOT in alignment. However, when we look at starwalk on our ipad, we see the planets in alignment.

I guess we will see what you have to say about the planets being in alignment. Perhaps the question is irrelevant to you. Thank you.

2012-12-20 @ 09:19:41


Thank you so much for sharing!!!!
Is the webcast on yet? How do I attend . I have not received a mail after I submitted?

2012-12-20 @ 08:59:28


From uk. I have seen your meditation video and have tried to connect to mother earth but I did no feel anything. Is it not possible that I may be in the same situation on the 21st. If so is it going to affect my conciousness change? I am 16 year old male btw.

2012-12-20 @ 08:37:40

Glenn Deabner

What happens if you haven't awakened before the 21st and how will it effect you if anything?

2012-12-20 @ 07:32:04


Queensland, Australia

Hi Drunvalo, Im sure you are aware of DMT and the pineal gland.

I'm Just wondering what you have to say on 'DMT entities', or as Terence mckenna refers to them the "Self transforming Machine Elves' that inhabit those dimensions.

2012-12-20 @ 07:02:02

Yakova Devi, San Francisco

An open third eye w/o connection to heart results in a god-like ego, and we are seeing that manifest in the leaders and structures of the world now. I believe that the few who know the truth about who we are&our power are trying to keep humans ignorant. This is falling apart finally but should fight these structures/or how will they fall?

2012-12-20 @ 07:01:05

Tom Atyeo

Q: is the timing of the galactic alignment/conjunction globally at 4:11am MST or does it occur more like NY Eve traveling across the earth as it spins?
Thank you.

2012-12-20 @ 05:45:41

Alejandro Luna

Hi this is Alejandro from los angeles ca.

2012-12-20 @ 04:41:27


Carlsbad CA

HI Drunvalo,
Does receiving training in and accessing our own MerKaBa guarantee our shift into the 4th Dimension?
If we have not learned the MerKaBa meditation before the major Earth shifts, is there a way we can 'wing it' to transmute into the 4th Dimension?
During the shift, are we fully aware/conscious of the process? Thanks!

2012-12-20 @ 04:29:45

Ffransis Morgan

Greets, been experiencing time portals when doing critical reality decision. ie 11.11 14.14 17.17 and so on, my partner and eye have experiencing it for a year now. Are these matrix time walls and a test? also we both had love ones pass away this year, 1 month from each other and had a pregnancy a week later. fear changed life

2012-12-20 @ 04:22:38

Ffransis Morgan

Does the memory download happen gradual, or will we be in a state of flux over the next month.
Our sun is active, but is our sun really in a red dwarf status and are we really living in a holographic shield... in this case, tomorrow the shield is meant to be down?
in true alignment with a central galactic point, will this be 8 mins long?

2012-12-20 @ 03:29:59


hello drunvalo, its honour to speak to you. do you teach your teachings in australia.blessing

2012-12-20 @ 00:54:04

Lori Aletha

What about the 3 day void. Will we have it at this time and How will it affect us?

Are we also due for a Pole Shift now and what would that do to us?

Thanks, Do love all your info and help. Blessings, Lori

2012-12-19 @ 23:14:58

Mark Alahumbra Courtman

Near Taos, New Mexico

I heard you say this solstice is when the guard changes from the masculine to the feminine. I deeply trust your spirituality and I was hoping this time was about the healthy marriage of the masculine and feminine working together. Would you through some light is happening in our reality where both of these events are true?


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