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2012-12-19 @ 22:32:53


What do you think of the idea of terraforming mars?

2012-12-19 @ 21:36:30

Sharon, Toronto, Canada

I am submitting a website that depicts what is going on now with the wind and showing a large, specific vortex in the U.S.


Can you please comment on this site and if there is any significance to the upcoming dates of Dec.20,21 and beyond. To say it is an anomaly almost seems dismissive at this time.

2012-12-19 @ 18:06:30

tessa kirk

Shopshire England, your knowledge insights fear, however you inspire me and I have grown through your teachings. Each of us needs to hear that by working on and loving ourselves and others, we too can surf this wave of consciousness. Speak of how all might survive, I have little intellectual knowledge but I am here now and need confirmation please.

2012-12-19 @ 16:03:16

jeremy wilson

i was wondering at any point after the the period of december 20th to 22nd our beings can ascend into 5th level conscienceness?

2012-12-19 @ 12:51:55

Kurt Hubmer, Austria

Hi Drunvalo,
I have a question about our merkaba-chakras. As I heard in the ATIH, the 1st chakra is spinning to the left(from the back) and lies horizontal. And the next 10 chakras are standing and also spin leftwards. Do the standing ones rotate for 90 deg. one after the other(2-forward,3-left,4-backward,5-right,... like in FlowerOfLife-Book 2)?

2012-12-19 @ 12:00:36

B. Brundege

What are some practical daily things to do after the ascension date?

2012-12-19 @ 08:38:19

Gail Yip-Chuck

Hi Drunvalo:
I was wondering what should I (and others) do during 21st - 23rd? The Hathors say that during 21st through most of 23rd to contemplate one's life, patterns, past/current/future lifetimes, our personal history, who we are, and the evening of the 23rd to create. Do you agree? or should we create daily? What is your guidance?

2012-12-19 @ 07:48:49

Brian from Naramata B.C.

I use sacred geometry in my work. Do the current changes affect any of the principles or orientations of sacred geometry?

2012-12-19 @ 06:40:31

elise clancy

NSW Australia, near Byron Bay.
If Karmic duties are being released during the shift, what happens to births of babies after this? There will surely not be anyone having to karmically return? Who will the new babies be?

2012-12-18 @ 21:03:43

Keith Saunders

My wife and I have a friend that is studying to become an Inca Shaman. Can you explain how the light workers fit into all of what you teach and the benefit of the energy gifts?

Also, how can I learn my purpose in this life?

Thank you for your answers.

2012-12-18 @ 18:55:19


Indianapolis, IN
Drunvalo, At the Gathering of Light Workers in Sedona March 2011, you spoke of solar flares coming late in 2012 or early 2013, and the potential for these to disrupt our electrical grid system. I want to ask if you have any updates on this issue including probabilities of occurrence. I so appreciate your perspective and work!

2012-12-18 @ 15:15:51


Hi :)
If some rize to a higher level of consiousness/ascend, does this mean we will have life in our bodies with our memories (a better version of) and whoever we know prior our ascension - that didnt rize themselves - we will still interact with in thier higher consiousness anyway - simply because on some level of their reality they did?

2012-12-18 @ 14:49:18

Thomas Kriczky

Phila. Pa
In light of the New Age transition is the wearing of Jyotish gems according to ancient Hindu tradition still relavant?

2012-12-18 @ 14:45:43

Thomas Kriczky

Phila. Pa
1. When we shift into 4D will we automatically lose all 3D Karma? Is there any Karma in 4D?

2. How will 4D people interact or experience 3D people, will we coexist togehter? If we do not coexist together is there a physical death for those who remain in 3D?

3. Is the magnetic pole shift a certainty?

Most Grateful
Thomas Kriczky

2012-12-18 @ 08:35:35

Tom de winter

I am live in Istanbul giving a Atih workshop people are trilled to watch you life, it will be a part of the workshop. Maybe can help us to understand why there is such a demand for workshops in Turkey in the moment. Something is unfolding right now. You have some guidance for us here?

2012-12-18 @ 06:22:10


I've seen pyramids used with the word "template" lately. The pyramids have been in my dreams, visions, and aura. In one vision, hundreds of golden rectangles were perfectly aligned inside a pyramid. In the next vision, the rectangles were being "unpacked."

What role are pyramids or geometry in general playing in this new era?

Daniel, NC

2012-12-18 @ 02:05:29


1-I've heard about the Cities of Light on Earth. Are they 3D or hidden from us? Can we join their people, and so find a safer place on earth to grow?

2- Whats is the "photon belt" of the Galaxy?

thank you for answering my questions!
*with Love & Light*

2012-12-17 @ 21:55:01


Hello Drunvalo! Thanks for all the wonderful work you have done on this planet.
How are the earth grids connected to our merkabah? is this how she will anchor us into the new earth frequency & how do we change as the grids adjust? Also will parts of us fully "ascend" & others stay tuned here or is that not possible because of the shift

2012-12-17 @ 21:22:50


I say "Hola Drunvalo" from my heart.
My question is: If we are leaving an ascention process, and if these is a natural stage to finish our learning of the separation from the source, so we can be consciens and compassive,may people just want freedom and it has to be a simple way to achive the ascention. Please answer : How to do it in a simple way.

2012-12-17 @ 19:33:57


Hi :)

How can those without an active merkabah protect themselves from and get rid of dark entities/energies?

Thank you

2012-12-17 @ 19:30:07


Hi :)
Doesnt the collective consiousness of the ascended masters, angels, beings of love aand light and all these humans that come together to aid the transition - even otimists have the power to alter, even bypass natural disasters and intoduce new loving outcomes/possibilities other than those predicted? Arent we co creating as we go along?

2012-12-17 @ 19:22:41


Hi : )

How can we handle loved ones who dont want to know? Should we persist or detatch, leave them alone and focus on our own well being as much as possible and get on with our lives?

Isn't there a chance that some people's merkabah might automatacally activate on its own through the shift of conciousness?

2012-12-17 @ 19:18:28

B. Brooke Peterson

Hello Drunvalo...I attended one of your first flower of life workshops in NM years ago. Will divine PURPOSE be revealed, and will prosperity consciouness manifest globally during this time? I work in the field of health...what about disease? Will it stop?
B. Brooke Peterson, Loxahatchee, Fl.

2012-12-17 @ 19:10:09


Hi : ) Is the ascension to 4d goin to happen before 2015- or is this the pole shift/change of conciousness to unity conciousness - or all 3?
I feel like there is a timer set and that there is no point in persuing my goals and dreams. I am afraid to leave my parents and brother or to fall in love. I have dropped everything and am preparing myself

2012-12-17 @ 19:01:13


Hi : )
From what I understood the pole shift is due too happen some time beteen 21 Jan -Feb '13. Whoever doesnt have an active Merkaba will lose thier memory, thus go insane?! Arnt the changes that our bodies have been undergoing preparing us to cope with zero magnetic field unharmed with or without an active merkabah? what should we expect?


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