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2012-12-17 @ 17:58:16


I live in Doylestown, PA, USA
My question is 'How will all these changes impact those with Alzheimers? or those in the early stages of Alzheimers?

2012-12-17 @ 14:38:01

Maria del Rosario (Charo)

Greetings dear Ones,

Thank you, for your emails and wisdom, you llike to share with us in a very loving manner.

My question is being born on December 22, what would your suggestions be to do on that day. I was born in Peru, live and work in New York. On December 20 I will travel by bus to Florida arriving on 21 at around 9.30 a.m. Thank you!

2012-12-17 @ 12:59:43

Gail Yip chuck

What is the importance of the fluorite octahedral crystal within our light bodies?

2012-12-17 @ 12:34:05

Matej- Slovenia

everything comes from the sacd. space of the heart- isn't then the crossing and how it takes place, a decision I on that level there's no more we- one spirit so it's just me) take in the sspace of the heart? Last days I have a feeling that everything outside of me is just my imagination- so I just have to change the image.

2012-12-17 @ 12:05:42

Matej- Slovenia

Is it possible to do same as you are teaching in the atih works. with the old way if you get to the heart and then go back? What if you just stay in the heart?
Yes- I haven't been to the new workshop yet:)

2012-12-17 @ 11:57:21

Matej- Slovenia

Sacred space
In our workshop(living in the heart/earth and sky combined)- you said what you can do is invite your loved one in it. Can that mess with your life if you break up? It's easy to go apart on the outside(you angry...)- in the sacred space you still love them...

2012-12-17 @ 11:55:10

Matej- Slovenia

You said the energy will come up only in the four corners area and in Guatemala- any particular places?

2012-12-17 @ 11:51:31

Matej- Slovenia

You said a physical preparation(things, food..) is not going to help with what is coming. Do you personally have any food, water... stored for yourself and your family?

2012-12-17 @ 11:48:07

Matej- Slovenia

External merkaba programming
I feel using it is sort of an illusion, but got interested when you mentioned it regarding clearing up the seas. A topic very close to my hart. Isn't using it sort of creating an illusion, since the seas are a part of us as well- so clear the inner seas and the seas get cleared? If not- how to use the ext.m. to do it?

2012-12-17 @ 11:43:31

Matej- Slovenia

Merkaba- programming
Could I program my merkaba to withstand a possible solar flare- i.e. survive in any condition and ascend when I'm ready?

2012-12-17 @ 11:40:27

Matej- Slovenia

Merkaba-how do I program it
I told it to hold me an even 22 degrees c- I work in an environment that can get pretty cold(-15 c). I know it should work since merkaba is a tool, but didn't. what am I doing wrong, maybe the higher self is not allowing it-telling me to change the job:)? Thanks

2012-12-17 @ 09:23:30


2. You once talkt about that everything on Earth/Universe is Perfect and everything is percisly controlled from higher beeings please correct me if im wrong. What about the freewill could you explain us that.
From heart to heart
Remo Brun
PS: wanted to post a video but it didn't worked out with youtube.Thx for answering the questions

2012-12-17 @ 09:10:23


Hi Drunvalo,

First of all i want to thank you for your work and everything you did for the humankind and motherearth it is a blessing.

1. My question is on Dec. 21st at that particular time 11/11 is there something special we have to meditate/visualize about when we are in our sacred space of the heart?

2012-12-17 @ 07:59:42

Jarmo Korhonen

I have been told by the soul of Maria Magdalena, that I'm El Morya, who has been Abraham, Julius Caesar ext. Very soon in this life, which is my last one, my mission is to become the father of Jesus Christ in her second coming. I have the power to choose the mother to her. I have suffered of bad abuse from my mother as a child. Your opinion?

2012-12-17 @ 06:26:05

Rachel Cremnitz

Rachel, England. Why will there be so much violent change in her 3rd dimension body if Mother Earth is ascending not resurecting? Will we have to experience the first cataclym, & witness immense suffering all around (death & destruction) due to earth changes, yet try to remain in our hearts? Will we make the transition together? Thankyou so much.

2012-12-17 @ 02:07:57

Daniela, Germany

Dear Drunvalo, dear Crew,
thank you so much for all the work you are doing. It has been a blessing for our entire family.
Now (from Europe or elsewhere): what could be our inner contribution for the earth during the meditation on the 21st and beyond? What effect will the energy of the alignment have for the whole earth?
Lots of love, Daniela

2012-12-17 @ 00:30:09

grace Liu

Someone said Chinese come from another race which is defferent form the race you talke in the book. Anyway in your description, I didn't see any relation with China. Do you know someting about this?
I just finished a workshop of Merkaba. It is amazing taht all people(110)100% activated their Merkaba.

2012-12-16 @ 22:17:33

pat spitzig

Thankyouforeverythingyoudo. Do you have any helpful insights for people with long term Lyme Disease? There is widespread lack of support in the medical community; difficulty obtaining treatment and disbelief among loved ones.It is real & very debilitating for some. It's an unrecognized epidemic. Educated people struggle; what about those with less?

2012-12-16 @ 18:41:14

Kailen Nelson

Drunvalo, Thank You so much! I have been traveling in Mexico and now Belize. I recently read that the conception can only be felt in the Four Corners area and Guatemala. Can you elaborate on that and let us know where specifically in Guatemala. I would love to be there and feel like I am so close, like a kid waiting to open a present for Christmas.

2012-12-16 @ 18:12:11

Claudia Sedano

Claudia Sedano, Colombia
Dear Drunvalo: One day, while I was meditating in my Heart with the intention to heal some issue related to my Womb, without planning it, I went inside my Womb and I started meditating there. I've had this experience several times since then. What do you think about this? Do you think there is a connection between them?

2012-12-16 @ 17:24:18

Katherine, Mountain Home, Arkansas

I have a question about the ascension, or movement into the fourth dimension. If we are indeed all one, and I believe we are, how can we move into the fourth dimension and leave anyone behind? How can we leave part of ourselves in the third dimension and have part of ourselves in the fourth dimension?

Thank you, Kathy

2012-12-16 @ 16:54:41

Marko Sejdi, Vienna

Hi !
I would love to go to the "Awakening the illuminated heart" workshop in Vienna.
But i dont really have the money for the course. Is there a possibility to learn the teachings for free somehow?
Will there be video instructions before we have to move to the 4th dimension?
Because if not, we who can not afford it are unprepared. (please answer)

2012-12-16 @ 15:29:58

Ewa Roselli

Ewa from Rhode Island
Dear Drunvalo,
You said that children will be fine during transition. What does this mean?
I have a specific question about my 11 year old daughter. She is going through puberty, but did not have her first period yet, probably soon. Is she a child or not? How can I help her with her transition?
Thank you with all my heart

2012-12-16 @ 15:00:03


Why is it that several countrys/people do pretend to be 'selected',
or to have the only special spot, where important things are going
to hapen? Unconditional love pores light to everybody, everywhere!
Please tell me if my opinion should be wrong. Thank you!

2012-12-16 @ 14:13:16


My brother, Michael,whose finances and foods I purchase and provide, is special needs.
Will we both ascend together, or what will become of him, should we be saparated?


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