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2012-12-16 @ 13:28:55


Gregory, Pasadena, CA. Hello, Drunvalo. If the entire solar system is moving into the 4th dimension, does this mean that the Lucifer Experiment is over? That Lucifer is rejoining Unity Consciousness ending his competition with God? Many thanks for being here to see us through the shift!

2012-12-16 @ 12:41:41

Laurie Cornell

Laurie Cornell, Canada.

Here is the video that goes with my question about the particle Decelarator, just found it, sorry.


2012-12-16 @ 12:36:57

Laurie Cornell

Laurie Cornell, Canada.

I watched a Mayan youtube video, the Mayan man is talking about a particle decelarator that would extend the time of the energy from 8 minutes to 3 months and it would be felt around the Earth. What do you think about this?

2012-12-16 @ 07:55:36

Matt Poniatowski

Hello Drunvalo, this is matt from canada
I had just listened to the november 22 episode of coast to coast and you said the russian astronaut lost his memory when leaving the earths magnetic field and they solved the problem by putting a device in the suit that mimics the earths field. could this be used to preserve our memory while the poles flip?

2012-12-16 @ 06:53:16

Colleen McMurray

I've made a connection between the 3 days of darkness you talk about resulting in our becoming blind, and the ability to see w/o eyesight that the pyschic children have. In LITH you say the children are helped to learn to see this way. How can the rest of find help to learn to do this? It isn't happening for me w/ the meditation alone. TY!

2012-12-15 @ 22:52:55


Hello Dear Drunvalo:

Can you please explain the spiritual meaning/significance of black holes, specifically in reference to the large black hole at the galactic centre?

Thank you!

Cecile, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

2012-12-15 @ 22:51:43


Emma, India.
Will we be able to experience the 8 minute transition, activation here in India as well?
You speak of only in Guatamala and 4 corner area.
If not elsewhere, why is that than impossible?
I thought the whole world would be able to experience it.

Thank you!

2012-12-15 @ 21:48:28

ann c

Will I reconnect with my family and children who are not ascending? I have a young son and he is innocent and I want to be available to him where ever I am. Is the shift a perception shift or an actual physical reality shift?

2012-12-15 @ 18:05:28

Kamalla Garnier, Oregon

When entering into the heart during meditation are we supposed to imagine ourselves becoming smaller to get into the tiny space or are we just supposed to enter into the torordial field & shift our awareness to that place? Thank You!

2012-12-15 @ 17:45:50

Kamalla Garnier, Oregon

Where exactly on the roof of our mouth are we supposed to place our tounge during the meditation? Thank you!

2012-12-15 @ 17:43:23

Kamalla Garnier, Oregon

Are there supposed to be 3 days of darkness during the alignment & if so when exactly does that start & what causes it to happen? Thank you!

2012-12-15 @ 16:28:31

Joe Antony S.

Hi Drunvalo!
Thank you so much for all your work and your amazing books!
I have so many questions.... one just pops to my mind, just like the reminder I had set in my calendar... on the 12.12.12 you write in the second FOL Book..page 312where you talk about a test that will take play reg. Merkaba.. can you give us info on they! thanks!

2012-12-15 @ 15:47:00


Hello dearest ones !

I am wondering if you know something about "Eye Floaters" ?

Fortunatly one dear Galactic friend (Ishuwa) finally identifyed what was that I kept noticing in my eyes, I tought I'll find some more info with research, but not much available at this time. Would you please give me a hand ?


2012-12-15 @ 15:24:24

patrick aubichon... O-BE-SHAWN

hey drunvalo, i wanted to know if you could fill me in about what you personally think will happen 21st of december. will there be this 3d earth after until 2015. and do you know where thoth went because he says he reincarnated on earth as eligah green. here is his email. elijahgreen486@gmail.com he is living through this shift he claims.

2012-12-15 @ 14:44:51


Monica, Italy. I am shocking to' know the eclipse timing because every single day since3 or 4 years ago I look at my clock and it's 11.11. It's a message for me? I am asking why because it's really amazing. Someone else have had the same experience? I'm leaving next Monday and December 21 I will be' in Thailand. Thank you bless you

2012-12-15 @ 14:16:52


Dear Drunvalo:

You spoke on Coast to Coast recently that the Mayans feel a responsibility to disclose the TRUE Prophecy related to our current time and what is soon to come. Did they share with you when they will disclose this information to us?

Thank you so much for all your assistance!

2012-12-15 @ 14:00:11

Andreina Perez

Hi Drunvalo,

How does one know for certain one is at the sacred space in the heart and not imagining things?. How do I know my Merkaba is activated and not me think it is? for all I know I could be going insane.

Many thanks in advance.
Andreína from London.

2012-12-15 @ 13:58:03

Shawna Kareen

Tibetan monks, in The Book of the Dead describe dying and reincarnation. A English version by Sogyal Rinpoche exists:
ISBN 0-06-250834-2

After 12-21-12 how will the process of human dying and reincarnation be affected? Can those of us who know we are galactic travelers opt out of reincarnation on earth and return home?

2012-12-15 @ 13:24:40

Drunvalo, Sedona, AZ USA

This is a test.

2012-12-15 @ 13:13:35

Jane Smith

How do you get into a Tiny Space of the heart?

2012-12-15 @ 12:58:15

Oya Yansa

Oya Yansa, British Columbia, Canada
Sun Salutations Drunvalo and team,
Your free gift of presence with us on these auspicious days
deeply touches my heart. My question is: As we unfold
into the center, what are the tools which we must never
release so that a steady maintainance of play, unconditional love,
and wholesome guidence is by our side?

2012-12-15 @ 11:43:35

Peter Nussbaum - Toronto Canada

Please provide the times for Drunvalo's broadcasts on Dec 20 and 22. I understand that on Dec 21 it is going to start at 3:40 AM MST. Thank you for these broadcasts. Peter

2012-12-15 @ 11:18:25


Hi Drunvalo!
Thank you for giving me the instructions for creating my Golem!
You've had him blasting out blessings on YouTube behind you during some of your broadcasts. It made me very happy to see that.
I've had him woven since making the Living in the Heart updates.
I would like to snail mail the updated canvas and the woven throw. Should I?

2012-12-15 @ 10:23:50

Walter Unterluggauer, Vienna

why are people like you or e.g. Sai Baba or Babaji incarnating on a backward planet like earth? Given the hardship of living on earth with all that negativity (poverty, aging, desease, death, famine, war, crimes ...): why going to the slums if you could have a better life elsewhere?

2012-12-15 @ 10:18:18

Walter Unterluggauer, Vienna

is Earth somehow unique amongst the many planets in the universe or is it just a speck of dust in the middle of nowhere? If yes, in what ways is it unique?


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