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2012-12-15 @ 10:16:11

Walter Unterluggauer, Vienna

are there any news about the current progress of the serpent of light in Northern Chile? I have heard about a prophecy of Tibetan origin, that in current times the energies of Tibet, the roof of the world, will shift to "the land of the midnight mountain" in southern Germany, near Salzburg(Mount Untersberg, Dachstein area)

thank you

2012-12-15 @ 09:09:46

xavi gutierrez

i am taking what you are saying the shift from masculine energy to feminine energy literally. that on dec 21 my outlook in life is logical on dec 22 my outlook will feel feminine. in other words to be more in touch with the changing atmosphere i will need to feel my way through life rather than look through the logical lens in my mind, right?

2012-12-15 @ 07:52:01


Dear Drunvalo, You have explained many times that the entire 3-D universe will soon cease to exist ("not even the Mayans understand"), as we move to 4-D. How will we enter into a period of 13,000 years of the female cycle on 3-D Earth, if the Earth on this dimension is not even going to exist? I am having trouble understanding that.
With love, R

2012-12-15 @ 07:43:38


Dear Drunvalo,
Is what you was saying about final time of axis shift and dimenions merge and then transit fromm 3rd to 4d going through the black of void, still going to happen? Are we going to go through "3 days of darkness" whatever that means, and come out in the new reality when we can create the new world around us?

2012-12-15 @ 00:54:04

Minny Purinton

You have mentioned the shift will occur between now & 2016. We will go into the 4th dimension over 3 day period.Our physical bodies die,resurrect,or ascend.The Spirit of Maat page regarding this forum states this shift will take place over 9 yrs.The 4th dimension is timeless but 9 years alludes to gradual "timed" transition. Please clarify. Thx.

2012-12-15 @ 00:29:09

Jeremy M

Dear Drunvalo:
Many of us know we have soul origins beyond Earth, like yourself. What are some Galactic-Intergalactic-Universal responses to seeing Mother's human inhabitants transition after Dec 22...are there "higher responders" as part of group/family soul activity or soul contracts to help starseed and walk-ins in Mother's Birthing "Team"?

2012-12-14 @ 23:03:35

Alex from Lubbock, TX

Hello Drunvalo, I have read much upon the state of the spirit after death, yet have not seen anything relating to what happens when one commits suicide, yet comes back to life. Any information that could be shared would be appreciated it, as this happened ot me and...certain aspects of things that happened confuse me.

2012-12-14 @ 22:51:10

Mary Gabriele

Mary Thorn, Cottage Grove, OR.
At the end of the recent Coast to Coast interview you started to say something about having "14 minutes..." But the show ended and you never got to finish that idea? What were you going to say there?

2012-12-14 @ 20:13:12


I just got news of 26 people shoot at an elementary school including 20 children.In places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Gaza, and Syria you hear of the killing and suffering of civilians especially children.

My question is; How should one respond to such devastating, heartbreaking news. Should one pray, act, analyze, or acknowledge, and move on?

2012-12-14 @ 18:56:11


Hi Drunvalo,
I started spinning my Mer-ka-bah using the FOL method in 1996. I have read Living from the Heart book and used the meditation along with the FOL method. I have not taken any classes with Living from the Heart. I want to know which part of my tongue do I use and where do I place my tongue inside my mouth?


2012-12-14 @ 18:51:13


I'm very attached to my dog. I can't stand the thought of him passing. Will I be able to be with him forever and how will I experience that. In spirit form. Or a formless awareness. This troubles me deeply on a daily basis. As he's been my main love in life.
Could u explain some of the perceived formles state.. Must we dissolve into that way.

2012-12-14 @ 18:17:42

Ana Marija Trbic

I'm Ana from Serbia,I've started to learn and about meditation few months ago,and I'm not doing any progress because of a great fear and panic every time I feel something is about to happend while meditating.Is it normal,and how to overcome that?
Also,I would like to know what will happend with animals during the changes that are about to come?

2012-12-14 @ 17:11:15

Johan Bouwer

Thank you Drunvalo.

Will Ascension be sudden or will it be a gradual process?


Elora, Ontario

2012-12-14 @ 16:51:37


Cathy Vermont

First, thanks for this opportunity to ask.

My life, like others, is full to the brim with work, family, and daily living. My heart is full too,& I've been cultivating my
spiritual life for some time. Again, like others, my heart is open,but my schedule is full. Are there simple
ways to participate, and work with the earth Herself?

2012-12-14 @ 16:27:31

Jonathan Gilson

Jonathan Gilson
San Francisco Bay Area, USA

1. Is it possible that certain members of a family, living in the same house, will ascend while others will not, given that each person is vibrating at a different frequency?
2.Please comment on Nibiru, which has been seen on cell phones around the world in recent months, and how it may affect ascension

2012-12-14 @ 16:24:46

GinaMaria Opalescent

from your School of Remembering, I know it is important to release all trauma to get to the tiny space of the Heart. I am presently working with a prison inmate. How can he shed 20+ yrs. of prison illusion?

2012-12-14 @ 15:16:20


Hi Drunvalo,

Can you explain how is it like to live in the 4th and the 5th dimensions and what will happends on the third one while we are going to shift? Do the earth will be seen in the 3rd dimension anymore? If so, will she look like the same as we know her with trees, birds and animals?

2012-12-14 @ 14:58:11

Jason Hill

Jason Hill, Cary Illinois

I watched one of your interviews with Lilou on YouTube and you were talking about an experience you had with IT's bringing you to the center of the Earth and using it as a portal, you said they brought you through the portal, back to Earth, and back in to your body. I'm curious to find out what you learned by doing that?

2012-12-14 @ 14:45:09


ACourse in Miracles states. Anything in the universe.. Percieved in form is dualist in nature and is subject to ego, that the universe is not our true home but a mistake an illusion we made up. We are subject to pain and suffering until we choose again the true awakening unity consciousness in a formless state. Forgiveness is the path back home.?

2012-12-14 @ 14:37:56

Gustavo Revoredo

Dear Drunvalo,
Are there any psychotropic drugs that can help you in ascension?

2012-12-14 @ 14:12:35

Michael Levenson

Michael Levenson from Encinitas, CA

As we transition into the age of light and balanced feminine is brought into the foreground - I was wondering, as a male how can I assist? I think (not sure) that feminine energy is to be encouraged, with love and heart, to fully open. Should this continue to be my focus or is no longer necessary??

2012-12-14 @ 14:07:51

Deborah, Arizona

Will there be an online support group or chat room etc for Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop graduates? Are there plans for an advanced workshop?

2012-12-14 @ 13:41:06


Hi Drunvalo,

What is the best response to the chaos and tragic stories of loss and violence happening in our nation and around the world? I wish to listen and respond to the news but not merge with the fear and grief. How can I best be of service?

I bless you.

Chicago, IL

2012-12-14 @ 13:00:11


Dear Drunvalo and Melchizedek Order,
Many thanks and gratitude for your help!
I have learned MerKaBa technique with different teachers. Though there stories about people who are actually able to perform MerKaBa while residing in 3D, like most of the students, I have never seen such people (teachers included)
May we ask you to DEMONSTRATING MerKaba?

2012-12-14 @ 12:12:02

Melissa Gerrard, Denmark

I hope I have activated my merkaba (at your workshop),but wonder if perhaps I didn't manage to do it,as I still experience negative feelings and my heart meditations don't seem to progress.I long so deeply to find the tiny/sacred space - can some people just not do it?Is it normal to experience turmoil,chaos and extreme emotions at this time?


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