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2012-12-14 @ 12:07:37

Kamalla Garnier, Oregon

Mayan Ac Tah I thought said alignment starts mid day on the 21st & ends on 23rd & that in the middle of that time is when 8 min. window is -mid day on the 22nd. Also, in an interview w/ Drunvalo I thought he said alignment starts at 11:11 pm in Chitzen Itza, Yucatan. Wouldn't that put it at 10:11 pm mt time? & wouldn't that be on the 22nd instead?

2012-12-14 @ 12:00:22



2012-12-14 @ 11:54:50

Barbara Ann

Barbara Gillies, Canada. Were we gentically created by the Annunaiki? If so, how will they react to their flock being removed from the 3rd Deimension on earth? Do they have any power to stop this?

2012-12-14 @ 11:48:12

Barbara Ann

Barbara Gillies,Winnipeg,CANADA. For many yrs 80% of 'spiritual' events were attended by women. Most women on a conscious-spiritual-path that I know(including myself), are without partners. With the coming of the ~Feminine~ that you speak of ... will we see a change? i.e. Is there a chance we will finally find essence-based partners?

2012-12-14 @ 11:11:52



2012-12-14 @ 11:09:36


Hi Drunvalo,
Careena here from Idyllwild, California
Is there something I can do, a way to be of service, to help humanity, the whole, Mother Earth, with the ascension other than being in my heart and creating the dream of equality, peace, love, balance and respect for all life; or is this the act of service?
heart to heart, love and gratitude

2012-12-14 @ 11:09:22

Abhinav Ahluwalia

Abhinav Ahluwalia
Hi Drunvalo.. Is it possible that a persons merkaba is active without their knowing about what it is? A lot of people have the experience of the spirit in their own way, through music, art, and other types of meditation and have gr8 qualities like honor,respect. Wont they know how to do their own thing whn the time comes?

2012-12-14 @ 10:32:48

Jens Glende

Jens Glende, Germany
You write on your website re Dec. 21th, 2012: "Humankind will begin to change in deep inner ways that will culminate over a nine-year period of time in the Birth of a New Humanity ..." How does this fit to what you were saying before: That the window of time for the ascension of humankind will end beginning of 2016 latest?

2012-12-14 @ 10:19:46

Kim Hutchinson

Dear Drunvalo,

Will the ascension guides (i.e. interdimensional starseeds) shift with humanity or return home? Can they re-ascend instantly or is it a gradual process? Do they need to be connected to this Earth and Sun or to their own? Is the MerKaBa the right ascension vehicle for them?

Thank you!

Love and light,
Kim (New Brunswick, Canada)

2012-12-14 @ 09:59:40

Julian Winter

Julian Winter, Massachusetts. How should one prepare oneself for this change, and importantly, what is our role to assist our fellow beings as the change occurs, especially those with no awareness it is occurring? I feel a responsibility to help others, but don't know what I should do. Namaste.

2012-12-14 @ 09:39:12


Hi Dru:

You say this galactic event (connection) can only be felt and experienced in Guatemala and the Four Corners, which describes a 2-pointed linear (non-dimentional) space. Logically, since motion is generated viz triangular forces (DELTA), where is the 3rd vertex located?

Thanks for being here for us!

2012-12-14 @ 09:24:06


Hi Drunvalo, thanks so much for all of your great work all of these years and during these times.

What should be done with crystals during these magnificent days in December?

Light and Love...

2012-12-14 @ 09:18:56


Beautiful day to you Drunvalo,
At the Crystal Skull gathering autumn 2011, you shared about the 1000 or so "new" Mayan codicies rediscovered in an L.A. museum. Has there been any progress in documenting them? Have Humbatz Men and/or other elders been able to have access? If so,is there anything you can share about the ancient wisdom therein?

2012-12-14 @ 08:45:52


Does the new geometrical shape in the grid of the planet relate to this alignment on the 21st of December?
Does the energy coming out of the three hearts will create a field that would allow for the whole humanity to tune easier to their hearts?

2012-12-14 @ 08:10:08

jojean andromeda

I am Rev. JoJean/Andromeda I live in Ohio, I would like to know if creating Sacred Sites assist the Energy Grid, I have one here and feel it does, just wanted your imput..thanx JoJean

2012-12-14 @ 07:42:54


Hi I live in South Australia,I would like to know what time I should be ready to synchronize with the broadcast that you are going to do.Thanks my blessing

2012-12-14 @ 07:32:04

Jana Stewart

A comment & question combo. Pls address this as foundational NB -
Feminine being a state of perfected balance - divine feminine/divine masculine energetics = androgeny.
Analyzers'll be perceiving via separation rather than Divine Unity consciousness, tending to 'flip' the concept as old either/or duality polarization.
Just sayin'

2012-12-14 @ 07:13:48

Belinda Frank

There are so many people telling us what is to come. The problem is none are alike. I resonate with three groups in particular. They talk of certain years after the solstice, some three, some eleven and now you at nine. Why is there such a difference between you all? Thank you

2012-12-14 @ 07:04:05

William Thomas Heaton

Why do you ( the flower of life organization) only teach the merkaba to wealthy people? On the FOL website there was a note that said if you couldn't afford the training a discount could be granted in exchange for community service, but when I checked with the person who teaches in Cali, he said No. I am on disability and barely get by as it is.

2012-12-14 @ 06:52:59


Kahlina, Florida
Is there a difference between using Slim Spurling's gold globe for agricultural clearing, and just creating a surrogate merkaba to improve the high crime environment of a group home?

2012-12-14 @ 06:41:02


What is the significance of the white mist on the outbreath prior to your meditations?

2012-12-14 @ 06:23:47

Mella Martin-Hewitt

Hello Dru from Northern Australia, Darwin.
My name is Mella and my comment is about the Mayan elders (men) ruling the scene and how are we to reach into a new future during these three days without the Mayan women having their input? As we say in the classics it takes two to make three! ~ smiles ~

2012-12-14 @ 06:23:05

Michelle Frankie

Ive taken AIH w Ron Searchie and I still dont get it..are we just waiting to at this moment in time to ascend to 4d I feel sort of like im in limbo and like saying goodbye in a sense to 3d and wondering how im gonna f eel 14ft tall and my cats what about my cats are they coming? Are they like five feet in 4d..I need a visual a grounded picture

2012-12-14 @ 06:22:32


I live in Michigan, I intend to attend your live 3 day events, however due to volunteer services & obligations I currently have I might miss parts or all of the 1st & 3rd days. Will these events be recorded for later access? I so appreciate what you are doing for all of humanity.

Love & blessings to you.

2012-12-14 @ 06:00:20

Harriet (redhawk) McMahon

During the ascension process hoe does that affect those who have recently transitioned. Can we also support our family members through this process if they haven't fully awakened yet to this shift (in other works they are still in fear or denial).
Harriet redhawk McMahon , Columbia, Maryland, USA


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