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2012-12-14 @ 05:43:10


Dear Drunvalo,
I am a Dutch woman and live for a few years in Argentina. Could you please help me explane from your wider perspective why my name was changed there. After having been in hospital for 2 month after doing so, I came across a woman with exactly the same name,for the first time in my life. What had Argentina to do with this?thx!Solveigh

2012-12-14 @ 05:22:07

Carolyn Blake

Carolyn Blake from Moldova
As the day approaches I find I am having more emotional anguish than ever. I am afraid Ascension is leaving me behind. All I see is suffering, poverty, and the same cruelty in the world. Where is my joy and freedom.? And that of others? I am still struggling with the same obstacles, within and without.

2012-12-14 @ 05:14:44

Nadia Elizabeth Hakeem HRH

I notified the Catholic church here and in Rome they are to forward you and Frissell any and all you desire via my irrevocable trust with hope that you will continue to teach and reintroduce our ancient lifestyle at this necessary time. If there are any questions regarding this contact Cardinal Spellman in Vatican City.I luv u both so much. The ess

2012-12-14 @ 02:50:18


The 21 december 2012 is so close. Do you think that most of the humanity are not aware of this important date for humanity┬┤s evolution?
How can I help other persons to transform theirs perceptions of the so trascendental change?

2012-12-13 @ 21:44:06


contract stipulates:

2012-12-13 @ 19:58:53


i have been wondering about unconditional love and living in our hearts. i definatly do not find it easy to accept certain people in my life. its not that i hate them but some i really dont want to bother with. something tells me u can still enter your heart even if you feel this way. yet i donno, am i missing the mark ? :(

2012-12-13 @ 17:38:23


If we are passing to the separated conscience to unify conscience or Unity or, at least, we all become aware there's no separation. And i have seeing in many of your speeches that you insist of the male or female way...That separation perspective really can help in a integration mouvement? That not maintain the duality more active?

2012-12-13 @ 17:00:30

Erick Castrejon

Hola Drunvalo,

I'm a flower of life graduate and learned about Zecharia Sitchin work and the Anunnaki.
Mi question is, if it is true that Nibiru is near by again? Are the Anunnaki going to be walking amongst us etc? What do you believe will happen?

Thanks and receive a blue hug!

Erick , Mexico City.

2012-12-13 @ 13:56:23


Hi Drunvalo,

I am extremly tuned into what is going on with the planet right now and lately I've been feeling a profound loss of contact with reality, vivid dreams and depression. I feel as if my body is having trouble accepting these changes. Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy even though I know better. Could you possibly elaborate? Thankyou.

2012-12-13 @ 13:22:58

Tami Canada


In 2010 I woke up in the middle of the night because electricity was entering my feet. I sat up and as I did a green light emitted, from my eyes and it was in an ice cream cone shape so that when I looked into the green shape it got narrower & symbols in black flashed by quickly.It lasted about 30 secs. Was my Merkaba activated? Tks

2012-12-13 @ 04:30:11


Hello Drunvalo,

Is the "18th breath" necessary to fascilitate ascension,
thereby avoiding the reincarnation cycle in the 3rd dimension?

Is it only a means of quickly escaping this dimension?
Permanently? To what effect?

Will it be freely given to Flower of Life graduates, or
must another course be taken?

Please elaborate fully.


2012-12-13 @ 03:53:55

Francy Bacon, Switzerland

You say "There will probably be violence as we are birthed ... nothing we can do about it..." In birthing my children,I found Natural Birth is not violent! The labor is hard work but when not afraid - it is powerfully beautiful; the energy is holy, sacred; a chance to experience the capacity of the body. Are you using human birth as your metaphor?

2012-12-13 @ 00:34:40

Adjana, Austria (Europe)

Dear Drunvalo,
I know that humanity or at least all humans who have got a perfectly functioning merkaba, will take the image of their bodies to the next dimension when the Great Shift occurs. My question is: Will we also take the images of other things than nature - like CDs, cars, computers, books - into the next dimension? Thank you so much.

2012-12-12 @ 19:40:51


Hello! I am just now learning about Merkaba for the first time. I don't want to be left behind. Is it too late? We are only days away from 12.21.12. Thanks so much!

2012-12-12 @ 18:26:54

Lautaro Argomedo

I feel in my heart those changes on earth and in myself. I know we create our own enviroments, however, there are some things that attaches me,like family and friends, wich makes me get stuck some times, because they are not in this frequency i think. Considering this, How could we find and feel these changes in a better way?. Greetings from Chile

2012-12-12 @ 16:28:29


Hi :) I'd like only ask about time of broadcasting on 21/12/12, 11:11 PM what time is it ? is this GMT or USA/Arizona time ? I live in London, please put more precisely information on webside - I think more people has the same question.


2012-12-12 @ 15:57:27


In your book you described beginning and end of continents on the Earth during the pole shifts. First here were Gondwanaland, then Lemuria, Atlantis. What is the next continent that will fall and where do you think new island is going to rise during this pole shift?
Regards and Blessings!
Igor Skalkin from Estonia.

2012-12-12 @ 14:46:39

Daniel da Silva

Its always said that the mayans were deeply spiritual people, but why did they practice sacrifice then? But i really enjoy your videos and thanks for the help.

Daniel da Silva

2012-12-12 @ 13:57:35

Andres End (23)

Hi Drunvalo

I just started to do the Merkaba Meditation one week ago. I got the Meditation from your book. I have litle bit strange question. Is there some new possibility or faster way to activate the Merkaba? I also wanted to say big thank you for writing these books. I just wanted to say that you really help the world a lot.

I am from Estonia

2012-12-12 @ 09:20:52


Hi drunvalo I have only just began my path of ascension.and it will help my under standing with 21st so close .will I and others that are just started be tuned to this new frequency or shall it take more time. Thank you for hearing me out love Alex .

2012-12-12 @ 08:12:09


why did you want this career did find out about the Law of attraction when you did what did you do by kamari

2012-12-11 @ 22:17:30

Marcelo Gigliotti

About Kundalini and earth consciuousness i wanna know if it is something that is here or on every planet that has life, or cappable of, are we special beings for that too? what does have "free will" to do with it? is there any connection?
what is your opinion about "free will" why do we have it, of all living creatures, why us?

2012-12-11 @ 22:01:22

Marcelo Gigliotti

Marcelo, Uruguay
"Kundalini" the planet conciousnes, with all that you mention in "Serpent of Light", everything on that book, i would like to know if it is something that its on this planet from the begining of time or it is something that someone or something brought here in any way
whats your opinion bout "free will" why do we humans have it

2012-12-11 @ 19:25:29


From Diane, Clearwater FL.
Hello, dear Drunvalo.
If our memories are held in our minds, not in our brains, why do we need our physical bodies to move into the fourth dimension? Why would our Luciferian Experiment physicality be needed in Unity Consciousness? Is it because we, as humans, need a transition step?
With deep gratitude & appreciation!

2012-12-11 @ 18:47:37

Julian Bonfiglio

Julian, 19, Panama

1- How does one (in depth, and extreme detail if you could please) die consciously. Please elaborate.

2- If one has connected to all life and nature, has the ability to see and understand and has experienced everything Drun. has explained (except dying consciously) does M.Earth still take you with her regardless or not?


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