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2012-12-11 @ 17:54:33


Kris, Belleair FL
Our pets are impt to us & you say M.Earth will take care of them as she shifts. Assuming that we with active MerKaBas will be able to move into the 4th dimension at will, can we wait until our animals go first or will we seemingly have to "leave them behind"? I know this is not accurate as they will be fine, but it will seem cold.

2012-12-11 @ 17:46:02


From Georgia,Boca Raton FL.
In an earlier Q & A video you say that we'll recall how to take "the 18th breath" if we see a 1000 foot wave coming at us. Can you give us some reassurance that Mother Earth will move us, her children with active Merkabas, into the 4th dimension before major earth changes?
We don't mind being dead, but we mind dying.

2012-12-11 @ 17:01:30


Groovy Day Drunvalo,
Just a simple quick one, how do I know when my Merkaba is activated? I never took the class, but a close friend of mine did & taught me what she learned. I have the Flower of Life 2000+ Workbook and the Audio for the guided mediation with Ron Holt for The Merkaba w/ Unity Breath. I have just rediscovered the information.

2012-12-11 @ 08:18:47


Hello,my name is Anna from London,originally from Poland. I always see flower,lively,throbbing as if pouting babbles,still moving and putting in new sequences.It's very vivid in my eyes when I look at the space,sky,when I close my eyes in light of the sun. I hope that this is something positive. Please tell me what you think it is.
With love...Anna

2012-12-11 @ 02:01:07

Vanessa Lodispoto

Hi Drunvalo,
There is a thing that is not clear to me. It's how to deal with our lives right now. Make planes? Do not make planes? I see that you are building a new studio, so you are making planes, right? How does it work regarding the 21st December? This answer might help me to understand better what to expect.
Your work brought light to my life.

2012-12-10 @ 19:52:00

Sabrina, California

Sorry, one more question. In my meditation I am in a different place, feels like a different universe, strange body - avatarish. In that body I seem to somehow know that not everyone has ascended/come over and the place I am in feels quiet and expanse. Did this happen already? If it has, how I am still here? Can we be 2 places at once - duality?

2012-12-10 @ 19:32:28


if all of life is going to make this .transition and then we proceed on together,why should we bother with our practises such as meditatin, going into the heart etc. If it has no final effect on my individual evolution or of that of life in general. Is it just so that I can ascend instead of dieing and why would that matter

2012-12-10 @ 19:20:37

Michaelangelo Esquilin

Im probably not going to stop sending messages until the 21st to be honest. i know there are so many of you out there who feel the same way i do about the shift. I hope to see all of you during the connection of hearts :) I really want to help in rebuilding Mother Earth along side all of you conscious spirits. I love all of you very very much

2012-12-10 @ 19:13:04

Michaelangelo Esquilin

Drunvalo,Im finding it harder and harder to control my emotions, lately ive been fluxuating between extremes of negative and positive energy, during the morning i feel extatic and full of love and energy, but at night i become hostile in a way, i let my nerves get the best of me...got any tips on how to be less negative and more positive?

2012-12-10 @ 16:52:52

Daniel Ryan Baldovin, Canada ontario

im almost certain this may not have any relevance, but I dont know how to contact you directly. I did my numerology because of my interest in the first language of the universe-numbers. long story short i desperately feel the urge im here for something huge but im having trouble finding my way. my numbers are 11-5-6. i wondered about 11+5+6 = 11-11

2012-12-10 @ 12:55:36

Gregory Charles Taplin


I am wondering what you will be doing on Dec. 21 of this year? I am not planning on preparing much for the coming pole shift, just buying a good wetsuit, life vest, and a quality helmet to protect my head. Will you be staying with us or using your Merkabah to go into another dimension? How can you help those of us who are too late?


2012-12-10 @ 02:09:53

Sabrina, California

New world order. Plans to stop ascension, please elaborate as to whether or not this is happening, how we can keep ourselves safe. What about mass extermination? Nazi repeat?
Also, I feel pain in my heart chakra from a painful relationship unhealed karma, please share how to heal this?

2012-12-10 @ 02:06:00

Sabrina, California

In my meditation around 2007 I have seen us all in oneness together travel in space together to another place. As I watch your first Q&A, nice to hear something familiar to the thoughts you share. I felt alone till now in my thoughts so thank you for sharing - 144 to 145 dimension, it sounds like what I saw or understood. Did this already happen?

2012-12-10 @ 00:50:45

Sabrina, California

Hello, glad to have found you. I am awakening. Always searching & know I am constantly being led. So many answers I have found. Question: I have a memory I am walking through in my physical body into another dimension that looks/feels like clouds/light/lightness & I feel safe/saved & relief. Do I have any karma or polarity issues & how to clear?

2012-12-09 @ 22:42:45


for the last ten years Ive had access to what i call the consciousness internet a place where i can answer Any QUESTON solve any problem and just about any thing i set my mind to do, it came about in a strange way and when i fall asleep its usually gone Ive given this a lot of that and wish to know how to turn it on its like a chainsaw.

2012-12-09 @ 03:53:47


We've been witness of many ET/IT apperences or events since the years 2000.
Are they 3D or 4D, or both? because we see them and then they could disappear in a moment.
If they are 4D and we see them, does that mean that the Earth is already 4D?

2012-12-09 @ 03:52:29


I see many people asking what to do approaching the 21.12.12, or even
who have difficulties to achieve anything (to find a work,to buy a house, to find a partner etc...)
just because they don't know what could happen. So they don't get involved in anything with sureness.
Personnaly I stopped with doubting, and strated to believe in my Heart

2012-12-08 @ 18:36:28

Darcy/ Kelowna

Hi Drunvalo
. When I was a young child I had many visual experiences at night every night,the one I am still trying to understand is I explained it as coat hangers because it was triangles.at night I would see it floating in my room it would be stationary until I focused on it then it would start to spin rapidly to my head.

2012-12-07 @ 22:18:48

James Elliot

My question is something that has always been of a concern for me.
eating meat is it right or wrong.
my dilemma -
a) i shouldn't because i feel connected to that animal.
b) i should because we are animals and its what we have always done.

Its not the best description but i have a feeling you have a sense of what im talking about.
Thank you, James

2012-12-07 @ 22:18:43

James Elliot

My question is something that has always been of a concern for me.
eating meat is it right or wrong.
my dilemma -
a) i shouldn't because i feel connected to that animal.
b) i should because we are animals and its what we have always done.

Its not the best description but i have a feeling you have a sense of what im talking about.
Thank you, James

2012-12-07 @ 17:56:31


hi i'm Terry from Connellsville pennsylvania and was wondring if you are a christian.

2012-12-07 @ 17:14:34


A dear friend of mine is on a path of spiritual awakening. He talks often of ascension and of philosophies that seem very similar to the ones I have read here. However he is very alone, and I feel he would benefit greatly from some sort of physically present support group as he journeys on this path. Where can he go? Do you have any suggestions?

2012-12-07 @ 00:03:12

Melanie Wall

I have read your new book, The Mayan Ouroboros. I heard on talk radio tonight that Cern, the Hadron Collider is going to be fired up full blast on Dec 21, 2012. Thats scary. With all the hard work you have done with the grid, will this negatively affect it? Will this be the self fulfilling prophesy for doomsday? Thank you for your time.

2012-12-06 @ 17:39:16


Honoring your service,

In The Ancient secret of the FOL" you mentioned that to spin 33 times would increase ones chakara speeds. What rotation direction to spin/twirl the body is of healthy use? Is one direction improper(unhealthy)? Is length of vertigo expected after? Does this effect the 34/21 of merkaba rotation?
Peace Be.

2012-12-06 @ 12:43:46

greg ladd

Greg Ladd, Mckinney Tx
In your book living from the heart..on page 106 you said one more level was in the future and that is when true ascension begins...Have you received anymore on that is it any latest book?? Could it have anything to do with crystals?


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